Sales Copywriters

Sales Copywriters

Build Up Your Sales Volume with Sales Copywriter Services

What impact does your sales copy have on your target consumers? Does it drive them to actually place a call through to your sales team, or do they walk right into your store and pay you for helping them solve their problem? If this isn’t happening, then you need a writing agency that can turn things around.

Crafting high-performance sales copy is a skill Daily Posts has built over decades while working with top brands across different countries. Our copywriter servicesnot only pitch content to the consumer but sells the content. All of our sales copywriting professionals are able to handle any form of promotional material you may have, whether on the web or in the print media.So, if you are looking to mail a sales letter that is compelling and solution-over-need driven, or you simply want web content that is more In tune with your brand identity, we can provide these and many more.

What Type of Sales Copywriter Do You Need: Good or Stellar?

It’s simple assumption to think that good and great, work on the same semantic level. However, many of professional copywriting agency knows that there is a difference between writing good sales copy and great sales copy. The discrepancy between the two is found in perspective. For the good writer, he is passionate and harps on a product or service. Also, what it can do when a prospect uses it. On the contrary, the stellar writer goes beyond writing about the product or service ad nauseam to writing copy that talks about the challenges and needs of customers or prospects. This is called rebalancing perspective.

As a sales copywriting company, we know that marketing campaigns work to a spin of large sales volume when the ad message isn’t written from your perspective but from the angle of those you want to sell. That means, trying on the shoes of your customers or prospects. To add to this knowledge, our copywriters possess the set skills that are unique towards writing any type of offline or digital promotional material.

So, would you choose the good sales copywriter or the stellar copywriter? Our guess is the stellar. Already done with your choice? Then click here to watch a snippet of our production model.

Effective Sales Copywriting Strategies

Just as the saying goes: “Too many cooks spoil the broth”; the same is true for sales copywriting – fluff and drivel spoil the copy. These slights of marketing take place when the copywriter isn’t sure about the brief, or the brief does not come with complete information to work from. In addition, tackiness can find its way into the sales copy when the writer loses control of himself and writes as if he owned the product or service. However, at Daily Posts UK, our professional copywriters will always try to avoid these mistakes by using the following strategies:

  • Ask for a comprehensive brief for projects, and invest time in studying it.
  • Spend time crafting headline that is not bogus but accurate.
  • Cut out all crappy phrases from the content.
  • Use specific numbers when making claims.
  • Use clear call to action (CTA) links.
  • Avoid prattling with adjectives and superlative words.
  • Write content that resonates with the identity of the brand and needs of customers.

While doing all of these may frustrate some other writing agencies, especially when copy volume hits a gamut 5,000, it’s a challenge our writers wrestle to the ground. So, whether you want a couple lines of sales message, or large volume offline magazine or eBook, our writers are able to give you value for your money.

Daily Posts Copywriter Template

At Daily Posts all of our writers form a variegated enclave of the writing profession. We have expert journalists, marketing professionals, researchers, writers of different sorts (niche and generalist), and editors. While working with us, each of our writersis trained to build a pyramid of skills that are relevant to today’s copywriter. Below are some of the set skills:

  • Writing offline-based and online-based content
  • Experience in SEO link building
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Research and Internet sourcing
  • Landing page content creation
  • Sales copywriting
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies and product review
  • Content for press releases
  • eBooks

Now, it’s easy to see why we make bold claim that Daily Posts is the preferred writing agency in the world. With these skills, our writers have a tighter grab of different types of content, and can easily produce copy that is informational, focused and valuable to print and digital users. However, we always assign projects requiring specific industry approach to our niche writers. For example, we would designate projects on the financial sector to one of our specialist business writers. This ensures that your marketing content is specific in language, audience-appropriate, and sure on trends.

What’s more, our bespoke virtual office insures and smooths the production model. That means that we are able to smash deadline, overcome writer’s block since writers can swap projects, and always keep you in the know about the progress of your work.

Keep Your Business Engine at Top Speed

We both know that your business goal is to create inroads in new consumer demographics, poach customers from your rivals, and assure your employees that your business is profitable. So, we have taken time to explain to you why Daily Posts UK is the preferred writing agency for big brands within the UK, US, Canada, and Australia.

In the preceding paragraphs, we revealed some of the effective strategies our professional writers use to create sales content. We also let you in on the emotive angle we use for winning prospects for our clients. In addition,we presented to you some of the skills all of our writers work with. Then, we showed you that our virtual office ensures that people and processes work together. These form the bases of The Daily Post Way, which guarantees that your sales copy will make money.


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