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What impact does your sales copy have on your target consumers? What does it take to create a great sales copy? How do you write a web copy that convinces a prospect to not only make a purchase but look forward to the next sale? Why isn’t anyone listening to you when you speak?


Build Up Your Sales Volume with Sales Copywriter Services

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Whatever type of business you operate, the end goal is to make profit. Think of giant corporations such as Nike, Apple, Uber and Coca-Cola. These are companies that have created timeless copies people talk about today.

A sales copywriter is a charmer. They know what’s on your mind, your hidden desires and the thoughts that keep you up at night. They pull all their knowledge of your pain points and their perception of what will give you the most pleasure to create a copy so good, you have no other option but to take action on the spot.

They know exactly the right words to make you look their way, scroll down the browser page and sit on the edge of your seat. Above all else, they get you to make a purchase.

Crafting high-performance sales copy is a skill Daily Posts has built up over years, while working with top brands across different countries. Our copywriter services not only pitch content to the consumer but sell the content too. All of our sales copywriting professionals can handle any form of promotional material you may have, whether on the web or in print media.

Who is a Sales Copywriter?

On a basic level, a sales copywriter writes copies that promote a business and sells goods and services. They work for online businesses, retail stores, large corporations, blogs, ad agencies and any business that involves sales. Individuals who work in direct marketing or email marketing also refer to themselves as sales copywriters.

The difference between low-level copywriters who call themselves copywriters and a Daily Posts sales copywriter is that our copies lead to sales. We persuade your reader to take a specific action.

How? A Daily Posts copywriter doesn’t believe in guesswork or writing without the proper research. We try to understand your target audience and provide sales copies geared to meet their precise needs. That’s not all, we go beyond offering benefits to establish your product line as the ultimate solution both now and in the future.

A good sales writer must be able to think like the buyer. How else will they write a personalised copy that compels the buyer to act? Stringing words together that are fun and engaging but don’t convert isn’t sales copywriting. Our writers speak the language of your reader without losing your brand voice. We force them to take action.

Think of the snake charmer and how he charms the snake to be docile before you touch it. You want that same power in your sales copy. Your desire should be for an enthralling copy where the reader is calling your sales line without giving conscious thought to their action. That’s who we are. It’s what we do every time we write a sales copy. It’s not a skill you can teach. It’s a gift that takes time and practice to master.

What Type of Sales Copywriter Do You Need: Good or Stellar?

It’s a simple assumption to think that good and great work on the same semantic level. Professional copywriting agencies know the difference between writing a good sales copy and a great sales copy.

The difference is found in perspective. For the good writer, they are passionate about a product or service and what it can do when a prospect uses it. On the contrary, the stellar writer goes beyond writing about the product or service to writing copy that talks about the challenges and needs of customers or prospects. This is called rebalancing perspective.

As a sales copywriting company, we know that marketing campaigns work to create large sales volume when the ad message isn’t written from your perspective but from the angle of those you want to sell. That means walking in the shoes of your customers or prospects.

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Increase revenue with our proven sales formula

A few of our sales copywriting tricks include:

Getting to know your customers

The first trick of copywriting is to identify your target customer. it’s easier to convince someone to buy a product when they are already interested. Selling with words is challenging because you have to understand human behaviour to identify their motivations and problems.

Our sales writers make deliberate efforts to persuade your readers to adopt your perspective. We want people to believe in your product/service as much as you do. The influential copies we write increase the value of your product and make it easier to sell more.

Sell them on the benefits

A feature is one part of your product that provides value, such as a specialised hand washer with a motion sensor. Benefits go further to help the audience understand the value of the feature in their life. For example, the benefits of buying a specialised hand washer with motion sensor would include: no worries about germs or bacteria, getting clean hands even when you’re too lazy to turn off the faucet, saving money on water bills and reducing waste.

Survey your audience to determine what’s next

Our job doesn’t end with one product. We want to help you make incredible sales forever. A survey is like holding on to your customers even when they’re not with you. What has changed in their preferences since the last time they made a purchase? Do they like things exactly as they are? Is there an upgrade they want in the next product?

Your email list is a good way to get feedback.  The more we know, the better we can help you create a copy that sells your product.

Build trust in your copy

No one is going to make a purchase if they don’t trust you. Our sales copywriters use every word to compel the reader to believe you are trustworthy. We instil authority with every sentence by delivering quality content, showing the success of the product through case studies, avoiding plagiarism, jargon and errors and incorporating genuine testimonials in your copy.

These mistakes could be destroying your sales copy

  • Failing to start with a compelling headline
  • Not tapping into the target’s emotional side
  • Not telling the audience why you’re better or showing proof
  • Closing with a lack of confidence and passivity
  • Prioritising features
  • Spending all your time on the headline and the hook
  • Not making the prospect’s pain more obvious before offering a solution
  • Writing like you’re talking to your mum instead of using your audience’s language
  • Being too aggressive with your reader
  • Making promises you can’t fulfil

Effective Sales Copywriting Strategies

Just as the saying goes: “Too many cooks spoil the broth”; the same is true for sales copywriting – fluff and drivel spoil the copy. These slights of marketing take place when the copywriter isn’t sure about the brief, or the brief does not come with complete information to work from.

Tackiness can find its way into the sales copy when the writer loses control of themselves and writes like they own the product or service. However, at Daily Posts UK, our copywriters avoid these mistakes by using the following strategies:

  • Ask for a comprehensive brief for projects and invest time in studying it
  • Spend time crafting a headline that is not bogus but accurate
  • Cut out all subpar phrases from the content
  • Use specific numbers when making claims
  • Use a clear call to action (CTA) links
  • Avoid prattling on with adjectives and superlative words
  • Write content that resonates with the identity of the brand and the needs of customers

While doing all of these may frustrate some other writing agencies, especially when copy volume hits a gamut 5,000, it’s a challenge our writers wrestle to the ground. Whether you want a couple of lines of sales message, or a large volume of offline magazines or eBooks, our writers are able to give you value for your money.

Daily Posts Copywriter Template

At Daily Posts, we have a huge variety of writers. We have expert journalists, marketing professionals, researchers, writers of different sorts (niche and generalist), and editors. While working with us, each of our writers is trained to build a pyramid of skills that are relevant to today’s copywriter. Below are some of the set skills:

  • Writing offline-based and online-based content
  • Experience in SEO link building
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Research and Internet sourcing
  • Landing page content creation
  • Sales copywriting
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies and product review
  • Content for press releases
  • eBooks

Now, it’s easy to see why we make the bold claim that Daily Posts is the preferred writing agency. With these skills, our writers have a better grasp of different types of content, and easily produce a copy that is informational, focused and valuable to print and digital users.

However, we always assign projects requiring a specific industry approach to our niche writers. For example, we would designate projects on the financial sector to one of our specialist business writers. This ensures that your marketing content is specific in language, audience-appropriate, and sure on trends.

What’s more, our bespoke virtual office insures and streamlines the production model. That means that we are able to smash the deadline, overcome writer’s block since writers can swap projects, and keep you in the loop about the progress of your work. 

Daily Posts, writing sales copy that sells

When writing a sales copy, our writers create hypnotic value propositions that reel your prospects in. We make your product sound superior and convince your audience that you are better than everyone else out there.

We tackle any objections the buyer might have and use our secret techniques to make an instant connection with your audience. We’ll justify any price you put up because we understand how humans make a buying decision and can get them to rationalise paying a high price for a premium product or service.

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