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Sales Copy

The growth and sustainability of an organisation largely depend on its ability to make a profit. A major determinant of financial gain is sales. So, how can your brand generate more sales? Daily Posts can show you how.

What Is Sales Copy?

The internet has provided an efficient way to reach a wider audience in little time. A sure way to reach the target audience is through online marketing and the success of online marketing which translates into an increase in conversion rate depends on sales copy.

Sales copy is written content that persuades the reader to take the desired action, which could be to make a purchase, sign up for a course, provide email details, get a gift or download a document. More often than not, sales copy is written with the intent to sell a product or service.

Types of Sales Copy

The purpose of copy and the media channel to be used often determine sales copy used by a brand or an organisation. Sales copy is created for online and offline advertisements, some of which include web pages, websites, emails, social media, blog posts, resumes, sales letters, brochures, postcards, business cards, product boxes, billboards, newspapers, whitepapers, commercials (television and radio), speeches, and mini-ads (YouTube, Hulu and any PPC style Ad).

How to Identify Persuasive Sales Copy

Having established the value of sales copy to your brand, how can you identify the right agency for the job? How can you tell that copy will be effective? Why should Daily Posts be your go-to copywriting agency for sales copy that will close the deal?

Here are some principles we follow:

The choice of words: Our copywriters understand the art of communication. Daily Posts content writers use their creativity to weave choice words systematically to connect with the target audience.

A catchy headline: Although a headline often comprises a few words, it is the most important part of sales copy. We generate the headlines that arrest readers’ attention by ensuring they see the content through the search engine optimisation techniques that increase web page ranking.

Clarity: We create content that is clear and easy to understand. Daily Posts copywriters understand the use of right lettering and font size to appeal to an audience. Rather than focus on how long or short copy is, we provide the prospective clients with adequate information about the brand that will convince them to click ‘buy now’.

Credibility: Humans respond favourably when there is trust; sales copy is only as effective as its credibility. We make it our duty to generate content that web users and prospective clients can trust. We apply different methods to represent your brand in a manner that will appeal to the target audience.

What Are the Benefits of Great Sales Copy?

While the ultimate target of sales copy is financial gain, there are other benefits it can provide.

What do you gain when Daily Posts creates your brand’s sales copy?

Increased brand awareness–Some conversions are not immediate. In some situations, the hesitation of web users to take the desired action may be due to a lack of resources or an unidentified need. An awareness of the product or service will probably translate to sales when the conditions become favourable.

Communication of the benefit of a brand to prospects–Most people would not make a transaction without knowing what they stand to gain. The more benefits a brand can offer the more valuable it becomes. Thus, we make it our business to showcase all the benefits a commodity has to offer.

Persuasion to make a commitment–We are skilled in the art of persuasion. Without being in their faces, we use carefully crafted words that will convince the target audience to choose a brand.

Establishes an attachment or relationship to the brand–We understand that emotions play a vital role in decision making but we also cater to the role logic plays. By creating the right balance, we make the customer feel good about their commitment, such that it brings them back.

Continuity–Loyalty is a virtue that keeps on giving. A loyal customer means guaranteed sales and is likely to be one that gives referrals. When we do our part to convince prospects to make a commitment and they enjoy the benefits the brand offers, we build an environment for continued transactions.

Wouldn’t you rather build your business with a copywriting agency that genuinely cares?

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