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The market for articles is huge, with the accessibility of online articles creating worldwide readership. Quality articles are much sought after, with editors of online and offline magazines and newspapers alike, desperate for engaging writing to fill their pages.In marketing, content matters. Quality industry and magazine articles are a big step-up from guest posts.


Quality industry and magazine articles – the perfect sales tool

If you too are after a slice of this market and require a top-quality industry or magazine article, then the Daily Posts writing service is the answer to your prayers. We have a wealth of talented writers, with years of experience in constructing compelling articles, which can promote and highlight your business.

Daily Posts’ writers are fully qualified to construct high-quality pieces of industry related material which will make your company stand out as an authority in your field. They may contain infographics, comments from respected authorities in your industry as well as topical, in-depth analyses. We conduct several industry interviews with key figures, and craft the articles to incorporate your company with the right emphasis for the publications being approached.

Why Entrust Daily Posts With Your Industry Articles?

At Daily Posts, our writing follows any and all guidelines that you require, whilst making sure that your article includes:

  • Adherence to the style and brand of your business
  • Concise, compelling and informative content
  • Facts that are meticulously checked
  • Audience engagement
  • Promotion of your business

A picture paints a thousand words, which is why our writers include relevant and appropriate imagery to add quality to your articles for example, videos, illustrations, graphs or tables. It’s all part and parcel of the writer’s remit.

Informative articles are a powerful means to enhance your brand. The quality of Daily Posts’ writing services can have a positive effect on search engines, as their algorithms recognise that an article contains excellent, high-quality content. Furthermore, top-quality articles can also link readers to articles on your own website, which can aid site-traffic and increase readership.

James Cummings on Financial Copywriting

James Cummings, CEO, takes a look at product descriptions and e-commerce.

If you need help writing e-commerce categories and descriptions, or with e-commerce content strategy, then get in touch or register with Daily Posts to discuss through our virtual office.

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US (646) 679-7971

Quality always wins

Daily Posts is a professional writing company, with a wide range of contacts throughout the industry. Working with us will enable you to connect with online and offline magazines, as well as authority websites, which can improve your company’s reputation.

As a premier writing agency, we always begin by understanding your audience. Identifying your target demographic and speaking directly to them–right from the beginning of the article–is the most important step. Audience engagement is the key to success in the digital age.

At Daily Posts, all of our writing strives to engage every single reader and subsequently encourages them to share the material through their social networks. We never underestimate the power of ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing and neither should you.

Daily Posts’ writers measure the quality of content, as well as the length, to help strike a balance between the two. Formatting the article with user-friendly sub-headings to break up the text, and creating clear, concise paragraphs, will engage your reader’s interest from the outset.

Don’t just take our word for it; find out for yourself, by browsing through some previous examples of our proud work within the industry.

Creating articles with action

A poor finish can ruin a great article, just as a fantastic finish can seal the deal. The quality of Daily Posts’ articles means that we always give the reader something to think about, by ending on a ‘Call-To-Action’ note.

This final incitement, the final hook to grab your reader and turn him into a paying customer, is made possible by fleshing out the main article content with several industry interviews (with key figures). This helps to establish the end goal of the article and create an air of credibility that generates trust and interest from the reader.

As a hugely experienced online writing company, we know that keywords should be used with consideration and that it’s the quality of the article itself that will rate the page–not the frequency of particular words. After all, search engine algorithms reward quality content with a better ranking than poor content stuffed with keywords.

Articles for top authority websites, magazines and newspapers

Our industry articles are extremely high-quality pieces of industry related material that truly make you an authority in the field. Articles are a powerful means to enhance your brand. They also have a positive effect on search engines, because the search engines recognise that you are producing content that is high-quality and dense.

Search engines can actually decipher whether your content is of good quality or not.

Many of our customers use our articles as sales tools in their sales process. They refer prospects to articles on their website, promote articles on social media and even link to articles in email footers.

The majority of our customers use these top-quality articles to connect with magazines and authority websites. In order to secure a place on the best online and offline publications, you need to offer the absolute best content. That is exactly what we produce.

The Daily Posts Approach to Crafting Brilliant Industry Articles

Daily Posts specialises in writing quality industry articles. Our pool of professional writers and SEO specialists work hand in hand to provide you with content that advertises your business in a manner that incites customer action for your business benefit.

As a writing company, we achieve this by:

  • Providing you with quality content that raises your search engine rankings and drives traffic to your site.
  • Making sure that your web copy meets SEO requirements, so that it is visible to your online target audience.
  • Producing high-quality content that conveys your company message in customer-friendly language.
  • Applying copywriter advertising techniques that increase your conversion rates and cause your customers to take action.

At Daily Posts, we believe that when it comes to copywriting industry or magazine articles both online and offline, success involves an all-around approach. A website that ranks high on search engines does not guarantee sales if the content is poor or does not appeal to your target audience. This affects your chances of making sales and promoting your business.

Remember, we will go the extra mile with you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. We’ll proofread content and apply any changes (though this rarely occurs) you may require. Relying on the ease and convenience of our virtual office, client work structure and best-trained professional copywriters, our writing agency will transform your ideas into a finished and perfect product in no time.

The approaches which we implement to obtain maximum efficacy includes:

Article writing that is well-researched

The key to the success of any great industry article is research, research and more research. Sounds repetitive, but it is true. You can never overestimate the importance of in-depth research when writing industry articles. You want to appeal to the audience and talk to them in a way they can understand without sounding like a novice who did a quick Google search to impress his audience.

With us, you can be sure we will not leave anything to chance. We are accurate with our information and articulate in our communication and writing style. Not only do we research all relevant topics and ideas, we also thoroughly research the target audience to help craft content in the right language, tone and nuances that strike the loudest with the audience.

Article writing that is of high quality

Do you know that the higher the quality of your web copy, the higher your traffic and vice versa? Search engine bots can recognise copies that have high quality and they reward them with a higher ranking, which translates to more traffic.

At Daily Posts, we have professional industry writers that specialise in high-quality copywriting and deliver well-written content that converts. Apart from our copywriters, we have in-house editors who go through the copies with a fine toothcomb, meticulously poring over it to be sure it is of top quality before they are delivered to you, the client.

Article writing that is adapted for the client

Our writers use language that sells and persuades customers to act. We believe that communication should be focused on the customer. Once we conclude arrangements with a client, our writers begin researching immediately. We find out all we can about their products or services and the intended audience. We also create an online profile of your typical demographic–their language style, mannerisms and general interests. We make it a point of duty to produce fresh and creative content, conveyed in an easy-to-understand language that promotes your business to customers.

Article writing that communicates your company message

As a professional writing agency, our article writing involves communicating your company message and promoting your business to clients through well-executed copies.We aim to communicate authority and clarity. Our professional writers are able to craft copy that appeals to the target audience and enables them to act accordingly without compromising on your business’s tone of voice. We still ensure the message retains all the values it represents.

Article writing that covers all topics

Whatever your industry is, at Daily Posts, we have a writer to suit all categories. Regardless of your niche, preferred angle or selected topics of interest, we have many years of expertise in writing jobs that grip and lock down the attention of the target audience. Our writers are well-versed in various writing fields and will deliver premium content that will make your article informative, yet gripping.

Article writing that is perfectly formatted

When you hand over your project to us, trust us to deliver not just great industry articles but an all-round service guaranteed to give your article that edge that it needs to become a huge success. We know and implement the success-proven format that best fits your industry article. At Daily Posts, our copywriters have honed their skills for fluid, error-free writing and unique writing techniques that convert readers to loyal customers and make the client an authoritative industry voice.

Frequently Asked Questions on industrial articles

No. Industrial articles are aimed at both web and print. You can target your intended audience and advertise to them via the Internet. You can also print in magazines or brochures and physically share them directly with your audience at business meetings, sales presentations and sales shows.

The same basic marketing principles are applied in copywriting, irrespective of your line of business. Therefore, we can deliver a custom-made copy for whatever industry you are in, including but not limited to medical, financial, legal, entertainment or fashion. Of course, we will diligently research about it, familiarise ourselves with the terminologies and ask you questions if need be so as to produce a superior copy that your business deserves.

In the case that you do not feel totally satisfied with our copy, we offer amendments, taking into cognisance all your directions and specifications. Using your feedback, we create a rewrite you are going to be happy with.

Yes. Daily Posts copywriting services cut across national boundaries. We work for clients all over the world and we employ the best copywriters from different parts of the globe so as to give our copies a native touch, if need be. All our correspondence and orders are via phone or email so distance is not a barrier.

Would it not be cheaper to write the industry article by myself?

Technically, yes. Every literate person can write to some extent. However, creating an engaging article that attracts the attention of the reader and motivates them to action comes with years of knowledge, precision, and practice. Also, there is SEO to be considered and the endless hours of rewrites and proofreading. Whatever little you save would seem negligible compared to time wasted and at the end of the day, it would not be the same as a professionally written copy.

If you have any further queries or want to kick-start your initial consultation talks, then contact us today on (US) (646) 679-7971 or (UK) 02380 970 979 or get in touch by emailing or signing up for your Daily Posts account.We can’t wait to get started!

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