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Why Hire A Professional Writing Agency?

As tempting as it is to do your own writing yourself or to outsource it to a writer friend in order to save a few bucks, there are many reasons to consider hiring a professional writing agency. Hiring a professional writer is a worthwhile investment which will pay off in the long run. Professional writers know how best to create appealing and engaging content which will boost your traffic and convert that traffic into paying customers. Here are  more reasons why you need to hire a professional writing agency.

Make more time for your business

Your business needs original content posted regularly to maintain its position as an authority in your niche. However, as it grows, it gets harder to produce content and attend to other obligations at the same time. Daily Posts professional writing agency can help you maintain a steady flow of quality content to make your voice heard online.

Produce professional material

At Daily Posts, writing is our craft. It’s what we do every day. We have the passion and knowledge to create any kind of content for any kind of industry. We also understand communication and will present your business content in the most professional way possible.

Enjoy improved search rankings

Our professional writing suite comes with SEO-enhanced services. We have conducted ample keyword research to identify words relevant to various niches. Our copy contains both vivid language and select keywords, blended to enhance search visibility.

Increase web conversion

With growing traffic comes higher conversion rates. As original content continues to attract more visitors to your website, the chances of recording increased sales, more sign-ups or subscription rates also improve. Our professional writers infuse strong ‘Call-to-Action’ statements in your content to motivate next-level action.

Daily Posts’ Approach to Professional Writing

The Daily Posts way ensures you get a copy that communicates all necessary features to engage and motivate your audience. If your website becomes a trusted source for valuable information, people will continue to return and also refer their friends and colleagues. A website with a high volume of returning visitors indicates trustworthiness and reliability.

Google algorithms take note of these numbers and improve your rankings because of the site’s high trust and citation flows. This automatically places your business ahead (in terms of search positioning) when people use certain keywords related to your business when searching. Our approach towards writing is systematic and thorough because we believe your business deserves nothing but the best. This is how we go about it:

We write professional copies for real people

Of what use is an SEO-rich content which does not appeal to readers? A lot of writers make the mistake of putting search engines first at the expense of the reader. This results in drab and mechanical copies which are repetitive and do not interest the reader.

At Daily Posts, we focus on real people. We craft copies which are primarily targeted at the customers. Well-written content must appeal directly to your audience and engage them from the very start. Unlike some agencies that rely on automatically generated lexicon, we write using traditional every-day language. Our work communicates empathy and leads readers to take the desired action.

Our professional writing communicates for businesses

Professional writing must communicate authority and clarity. When we are assigned a high-priority project, our writers begin researching immediately. We find out all we can about your business and its customers.

We also create an online profile of your typical audience demographic – their language style, mannerisms and general interests. Using this information, our professional writers are able to craft copy that appeals and enables them to act accordingly. However, we don’t compromise on your business’s tone of voice, because the message retains all the values it represents.

Professional writing that is versatile

We’ve worked with start-up companies and established businesses. We’ve also provided copy for digital creative agencies and food blogs. At Daily Posts, our professional writers are as diverse as they come. We have enjoyed writing about the benefits of health and safety, employee engagement, as well as skill and diversity for large corporate organisations. Your business can also gain from the experience we have gleaned, communicating to the general public online. Whatever your business niche is, we have a variety of professional writers who will attend to your needs.

Professional writing that communicates authority

Research, write or edit – we provide a range of content production services to make your business an authority amongst its competitors. Professional copywriting for websites and social networking platforms should be incorporated into your overall marketing strategy. It’s not only vital for your search engine ranking, but also creates a huge impact on customer conversion rates.

Having persuasive and effective copy on your website is essential. Without well-crafted copy, your chances of online success are reduced. To communicate authority, your professional writing must be original, factual, direct and clear. It must also be consistent across various online platforms.

Professional writing services we offer

Daily Posts is a world-renowned professional writing agency and we offer a wide range of writing services, guaranteed to make your business more visible to your web audience. Our professional writing services include:

  • Blogs

  • Business landing pages

  • Websites

  • Newsletters

  • Email campaigns

  • Content Marketing

  • SEO copywriting

  • Feature articles

  • Periodic reports

  • Articles for magazines and blogs

  • Business intelligence reports

  • Newsletters and factsheets

  • Case studies

  • About Us pages

  • Internal communications

  • B2B and B2C websites

  • Product descriptions

  • Content strategy

  • Commercials

  • Digital Ads

  • Social media strategy

  • Whitepapers

  • FAQs pages

  • Magazine articles

  • Customer guides

  • ‘How-to’ manuals

Why Choose Daily Posts?

Daily Posts assures its clients 100% original content and exclusivity. Your work will exist only on your website. Our rates are also very competitive, given the quality of content we provide. We always put our clients at the centre of project activities. Our professional writing services take into cognizance all the aspects of your business and researches ways to present it to your target audience in a way that they find irresistible. We study your market and we know best how to reel them in. These are a few tactics that give us an edge in the professional writing business:

We are adept in writing for different English-speaking markets

At Daily Posts, we communicate with your target audience using the language and vocabulary best understood by them. That means, we are proficient in writing a copy for the British market using British English, expressions, colloquialisms, vocabularies and spellings and doing the same for a copy which is meant for the American market.

Studies have shown that consumers tend to trust a brand which speaks to them in their own language more than brands that communicate using general, non-specific languages. Therefore, in order not to alienate your intended audience, we produce superb content in different forms of English and for different markets.

We understand the importance of headlines

Your headline is the first thing that catches the attention of the visitor and if it falls short or disappoints, you will lose a lot of visitors. A recent web study showed that 8 out of 10 people will read headlines, but only 2 out of 10 will finish the rest.

At Daily Posts, we are aware that no matter how great a content is, a bad headline can make it flop. One-liners are like hooks which can reel in your target if they are sharp enough. Because of this, we avoid writing click baits or using controversial headlines that promise false guarantees or court controversy. We endeavour to craft compelling headlines for your posts so that your community of readers and even random web-surfers can fall in love with your content and your product.

We deliver longer content of high quality

What is the ideal length of a copy? What length do search engines prefer for their first page results? This may probably shock you, but according to a study, the top-ranked pages on Google have content lengths of 2,000 or more words! Amazing, right?

However, it is not just about the length. The content itself has to be of top quality. Now, here is where we come in. We can deliver premium content of any length, from 500 to 50,000. A superb content, which is SEO-rich and has an ideal length of 2000 or more is a search engine trifecta guaranteed to shoot up your ranking and your traffic. At Daily Posts, our SEO copywriters keep this statistic and similar ones in sharp focus when drafting your marketing content copies.

We craft powerful Call to Action

Apart from our ability to write fascinating copies, we craft a commanding call to action by creating a sense of urgency for your visitors, convincing them to take the action you want; be it buying your product, subscribing to your service, or switching to your brand. We have years of experience under our belt and we know how to get these visitors to believe you and persuade them to take the necessary action. All these add up to you beating your competition and setting the pace in your niche.

Frequently Asked Questions on professional writing

What is professional writing?

Professional writing involves writing texts, articles or copies that promote businesses. It is also known as copywriting. Professional writers who engage in this practice are known as copywriters.

What will it cost to hire your professional writing services?

At Daily Posts, we offer different packages all at highly affordable prices, so you can get the professional writing service which suits you best without exceeding your budget. We have worked with both individually-run businesses and larger organisations over the years and they were able to choose the package which was most fitting for them without breaking the bank.

What are your specialities when it comes to professional writing?

Daily Posts specialises in all forms of copywriting services including but not limited to Search Engine Optimised (SEO) copies, promotional copies, ad copies, direct response writing, web copywriting, blog posts, B2B and B2C copywriting.

We also create content for both online and offline magazine and newspaper advertisements, direct mail, websites, sales letters, press releases, catalogues, scripts for television or radio commercials, taglines, case studies, social media posts, web pages, online advertisements, white papers, newsletters, brochures, broadcast messages, and other marketing communication.

If I hire your professional writing services, when will I see results?

Professional writing, especially for websites and online businesses is not a one-time thing. It is a continuous and never-ending process. With patience, consistency and hard work, you will observe significant changes with time.

With Daily Posts, you can catapult your website from the shadows into the limelight, surpassing your competitors and enjoying top ranking. Sign up at Daily Posts today to enjoy the very best of professional writing and improve your visitor conversation rates. Get your business ahead with Daily Posts’ professional writing services. We are only a click away. Call us today on 02380 970979 let’s get started.

What is professional writing?

Professional writing which has a formal tone is a form of writing that is mostly used in a work environment or context. It also refers to writing as a profession. In whatever case, it involves the use of clear and unambiguous language to pass across information that can be understood clearly and less likely to be misunderstood or misinterpreted by the target audience.

The purpose of professional writing, depending on the context involved, could be to persuade, inform, instruct, and encourage action or simply share information. Professional writing applies to a wide range of industries. Basically, if the information has to be precise and totally understood by the target audience, professional writing is most likely the solution. It is employe in fields such as advertising, medicine, engineering, law or public relations.

A professional writer could be employed in a writing company and work full time, or could be a freelancer, working part-time or full-time.

Types of professional writing

  • Academic writing
    This sort of writing has to with compiling scientific research, ideas and information in a way that isn’t just clear and understandable, but authentic as well. This sort of writing requires little creativity, sometimes, none at all. There are specified styles and language to use. Examples of such writing are dissertations and research.
  • Creative writing
    As the name suggests, this type of writing leaves a lot of room for creativity. It includes poetry autobiography, comics, and literature writing (fiction and non-fiction).
  • Business writing
    Businesses require a lot of writing which mostly involves communication at organisational levels, including things like project reports, business plans and business proposals, marketing campaigns and even letters.
  • Copywriting
    The aim of this type of professional writing is to inform and educate. Marketing, advertisement, websites, social media platforms and blogs are some of the beneficiaries of this kind of writing. Copywriters have to understand search engine optimisation (how the internet works for users).

What makes great professional writing?

Great professional writing is characterised by its ability to not only reach the target audience but to achieve the purpose of informing, persuading and encouraging action. Professional writing, which is often directed at an intended audience for specific purposes, leaves little room for ambiguity.

For copywriters and content creators, for instance, search engines find content relevant to the user’s search, meaning that it is not enough to have a lot of content on webpages to have adequate ranking. Of course, more content means there is more room to put in keywords that are relevant and would help search engines determine what the website is about, but all of that content has to have quality too.

A website content writer would have to relay information about the services and products available in a way that anyone can understand, no matter how technical the company is. Basically, when many people use search engines, they do not do so as professionals, with all the right terms and language, which is why content has to be strategically done

Great professional writing is:

  • Devoid of ambiguity
  • Succinct and easy to read
  • Written in excellent grammar
  • Relevant to the target audience

Facts about professional writing

  • Professional writing cuts across different fields including medicine, marketing, law, engineering and finance.
  • • Professional writers do not need to be professionals in a particular industry in order to write for such industry.
  • Even though some professional writers prefer to specialise in one type of professional writing, there are limitations.
  • Professional writers do not require a degree in English or related courses. A lot of times, they do not even require a college degree.
  • All types of professional writing require a lot of research.
  • While there are many part time professional writers, there are also quite a lot of full-time professional writers as well.

Frequently asked questions

Good writing skills are a requirement in any professional body to ensure that information passed across to the intended audience is authentic, well organised, clear and easy to understand, which is what professional writing is aimed at.

What do professional writers do?

Professional writers handle projects such as:

  • Write news articles and other publications for many industries.
  • Create content for websites and blogs; landing pages, blog posts and guest posts.
  • Create professional reports and documents.

What skills are needed for professional writing?

To be a professional writer you would need to have a good command of grammar, excellent communication skills, and the ability to be concise. Professional writers also need to be good researchers, quick learners and efficient with time.

Do professional writers require licences?

No, professional writers do not require any licence.

Do I need a degree to become a professional writer?

Not particularly. While it could be of advantage, it is not a requirement. There are also many professional writing programmes that you can take.

In what industries can professional writing be applied?

Professional writing can be applied in many industries including:

  • Public relations
  • Schools
  • Business organisations
  • Entertainment
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Insurance agencies
  • Law
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Broadcasting
  • Telecommunications

Did you know that great content can make your website a leader amongst its online peers? As a ‘go-to’ source for reliable information, you can establish authority in your niche and use it to your advantage. You can promote your products or services, increase engagement and drive sales from new traffic to your website by engaging the services of a professional writer.

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A Professional Writing Agency Can Boost Your Web Authority and More

James Cummings, CEO, explains a little about our content and copywriting services. If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your content requirements then get in touch with James today, or setup an account now to work with us in our online virtual office.

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A professional writing agency can boost your web authority and more.

Daily Posts is a professional writing company that provides fresh content for businesses to build credibility in their industry. Our copywriters are experienced and talented. With a continuous stream of high-quality copy and strategically placed keywords, we produce content that makes your customers return to your website again and again.

Writing is not static, but varies depending on the audience you hope to reach. At Daily Posts, we strive to create narratives that inform, involve and inspire your workers, customers and business associates. Our wide-ranging client list includes businesses, communities and government agencies.

Daily Posts is a professional writing company which specialises in content that transforms complex ideas into interactive conversations. Do you want to find out how? Call us now on 02380 970979.

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