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Are your pleased with the performance of your business website? Did you know you can increase traffic and conversion rates by enhancing the quality of its content? The only way to significantly outrank your competition is by out-writing them. If web copy is the most overlooked part of your website, then you are hurting your business.


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James Cummings on Content and Copywriting

James Cummings, CEO, explains a little about our content and copywriting services. If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your content requirements then get in touch with James today, or setup an account now to work with us in our online virtual office.

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Quality website copywriting generates significantly more leads for your business then you could ever hope for without it. With it, you are able to provide the right information your prospective customers need and on time. It is the quickest way to build your brand and convert your visitors into paying and loyal customers. With the right keywords incorporated into your copy, you are able to gain higher search ranking for your website. Our copywriters understand this and also get that what you are really concerned about is the revenue your website is able to generate. As a professional copywriting company, we have both the training and experience to provide that and more.

At Daily Posts, we specialise in helping businesses increase their bottom line by providing high-quality web copy that speaks directly to their target audience. We are a professional writing agency with copywriters who have decades of experience. Our expertise has led us to work with clients across various different business sectors.

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Over the years, our clients have varied from financial institutions to architecture firms, travel agencies to e-commerce sites. We also have clients in non-corporate sectors, such as heating and plumbing services, as well as landscaping. Clients who have an account with us have access to professional website copywriting whenever they need it.

We also provide a simplified process where clients can request and receive content without any hassle. Our copywriters complete projects on time, so you can meet your business obligations. Today, every business has to come to terms with the limitless benefits of copywriting but most don’t have the time, resources, expertise or experience to produce it. What we offer at Daily Posts is a cheap alternative to this. Our agency-type of professional copywriting services are what you need for your business. We guarantee consistent and persuasive copywriting that is enriched with the right keywords so that you gain all the SEO benefits needed for the growth of your business.

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Professional web copywriting services with SEO-friendly content

To be successful, your business must first be seen. If you are not visible, your customers won’t find you.  There are probably hundreds of other brands offering something similar to your service. The competition is high, and you need to source organic leads for your website to grow. Today, SEO is no longer something you consider employing on your site or not. It is a necessity if you want your business to expand. Today’s competition is so high that if you don’t produce SEO-friendly content, your business will not only cease to grow, but it will die off.

However, regardless of how important using meta-tags is, a strategic use of keywords on your web copy is still the best. Keyword-stuffing them will only be counterproductive and might get you penalised by Google. This is only one part of the downside. It is one of the easiest ways to lose your audience since this will present them with copies that don’t read naturally. At this point, you might consider hiring a professional instead of handling it in-house.

Organic traffic from search engines is an effective method of generating leads for your business. Our copywriters research high-ranking keywords specific to the industry of our clients. We insert these keywords in strategic parts of the content to give it a high SEO performance. The content puts your website ahead of your competitors and places it in a favourable position on the search results page. We ensure they sound professional, thereby reflecting the core values of your company in every way.

By producing valuable web content, your website will attract more visitors and links from high domain websites. You should be able to observe an increase in traffic volume and more sales-ready leads.

Professional copywriting services with high engagement

Increased web traffic is just one objective of a functional website. To grow, however, your website must manage traffic effectively. This includes engaging web visitors and leading them through the sales funnel (in your website) to the final conversion page.

The last place you want to lose potential customers is at their point of entry, especially when they were already so close to conversion. Imagine a sales-ready customer visits your site determined to complete payment, only to find the copy incomprehensible. Alternatively, he or she finds the information about your product insufficient and they eventually leave to check out another website.

At Daily Posts, we make your landing page interesting with persuasive copy. We use descriptive copy, and audience-preferred language to keep them hooked to your site. For some material, we insert striking information into the content to make it exciting. For as long as your prospective customers are stuck on your landing page, they have a higher tendency to convert. Writing unique copies with clear messages that articulate your company’s services has become our specialty. We inject new life into your content with a focus on developing result-oriented copy that drives your visitors into the right action.

Professional website copywriting service with high conversion rate

If you can drive traffic to your website, then you have won half of the battle already. As visitors and customers continue to land on your website, they search the content for information that might make their goals easier. If you can make your landing page goal match that of your visitors – or align with it in some way – your website is closer to converting them. This is the most critical part because once you fail them at this juncture, it will be almost impossible for them to give you a second chance. An experienced copywriter will be able to compose a copy that helps you connect with your visitors instantly and answer their questions satisfactorily.

Using the analogy of a store, your website acts like a shop window for your brand, while the copy leads visitors through your site as seamlessly as possible- just like a salesperson. If the landing page is improperly structured or too packed with content, it can be discouraging. With powerful ‘Call-to-Action’ statements, you can convert customers who have already been sold by your copy.

Our professional website copywriting services are deeply ingrained with the goal of engagement and motivating action. We provide just the right amount of details needed to convert your visitors. Also, we promote your credibility and you enhance your visitors’ trust in you, thereby ensuring they overcome any objective that might discourage them from completing the sales process. The following are features of our copy:

  • Attracts the attention of prospective customers
  • Increases website traffic and click-through rate
  • Engages the visitor
  • Overcomes customer objectives
  • Convinces customers about your products
  • Motivates web visitors to take action

Because of our continuous research into customers’ website behaviour, we can apply different techniques to make your content win them over

Our Professional Website Copywriting Services

We have produced copy that helped clients establish themselves as an authority in their niche. Some of our sticky content includes:

  • FAQ pages
  • Landing pages / Sales pages
  • Website content (Home page, ‘About us’, ‘Services’ page)
  • Case Study projects
  • Product Description pages
  • Customer guide
  • Articles for blogs and magazines

Why hire a professional agency for website copywriting services?

In addition to the benefits mentioned, your organisation can gain more from hiring a professional copywriting agency.

1. Save time

Producing copy requires research, creativity and writing skill – all of which are time consuming. Doing this yourself can, in turn, affect the productivity of your business. With a professional copywriting service in charge, you can afford to focus on the more demanding aspects of your business. Daily Posts writing agency provides web copywriting services daily, giving our clients the opportunity to update their website with fresh content regularly.

2. Steady supply of high-quality content

As your business grows, so will its content marketing needs. You’ll need to provide more content and on a regular basis. If you’ve been doing so yourself, it will likely require twice the effort or more. In addition to freeing up man-hours, regular original content can improve the SEO quality of your website. Google search algorithms favour a website that produces fresh content regularly. This gives it a high position on search engine results. High-quality content also builds authority status for a website.

3. Creative quality

It is difficult to attend to demanding aspects of your business while dreaming of witty material for your content at the same time. A professional writing agency provides creative quality to your content and enhances its potential for user engagement.

We also guarantee you 100% original content every time we work on your writing projects.


Do you keep duplicates of copywrite orders?

We make sure every copywriting project we carry out is properly backed-up in a cloud server. This is one of the measures we take in case our client loses their copy of the project or makes a mistake in an order. We make sure you can recover it without stress. Only an email request is required for us to send you the original copy.

What if I don’t like my first draft?

At Daily Posts, your satisfaction is our priority. We like to revise our copy as we go. We provide reasonable unlimited redrafts until we get your taste. We will be happy to do this as we take into account all your feedback and implement it in our subsequent copies.

How long will it take to write my copy?

This is determined by a couple of factors. One of these is the complexity of the order. The size of the copy is also to be considered since smaller assignments are finished within 48 or 72 hours, while larger and more complex tasks will involve thorough and lengthy research and interviews and might consequently take a bit longer. However, our copywriters are trained to work fast and will get your project done quickly without compromising quality. In simple, complex, large, or small ones, we pay attention to detail.

What information would you need me to provide?

We believe that the information you can provide for us will make all the difference in determining the quality of your copy. We never assume yours will be the same as our other clients or your previous orders. Background on your company, your product description and even some of the old content you have produced would be of immense help. We are also open to hearing your thoughts on the tone, point of view and topics you think are ideal for your copy.

What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter is someone who helps you get across your target audience using words in the form of blog posts, brochures, adverts, and so on. The aim of a copywriter to engage with your audience in such a way that they are compelled to take the action you need them to for your brand. A copywriter isn’t necessarily a great and talented writer. In fact, innate talent is only an added advantage in copywriting. But, more than that, it requires technical skills, as the process isn’t a simple one.


These days, it is close to impossible to cut corners with your online presence. Search engines like Google can now detect any SEO practice outside their guidelines. Therefore, the quality of the content you are able to create is what will separate your business from others. At Daily Posts, we are equipped with both the experience and well-trained copywriters to help you take your rightful place in your niche.

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