Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions

Product & e-commerce descriptions that sell

It’s no secret that products will sell based on the content of their descriptions. Poorly written, badly formatted and non-descriptive copy will probably do your company more harm than you realise.

At Daily Posts, we offer a writing service that delivers perfect product and e-commerce descriptions, guaranteed to improve sales figures. We have decades of combined experience amongst our professional writers when it comes to writing product descriptions, regardless of company or sector.

As a quality writing agency, Daily Posts guarantees that our writers will add a touch of class to your campaign, with the added benefit of improved Search Engine Optimisation.

Our writing services deliver product descriptions which:

• Convey all the features of your product in a friendly and cheerful manner
• Communicate why the customer needs this product
• Solve a problem the customer has
• Adds great value and a personal touch to your marketing
• Speaks directly to your customers
• Evokes an immediate reaction in your readers

We write engaging, accurately-pitched product descriptions and can even submit them through XML, CSV or directly onto online platforms, to save you that extra bit of work.

Content and structure sell

Product descriptions are an essential part of any e-commerce business. Wile writing them may seem like a relatively straightforward task, there are many hidden factors that Daily Posts’ writing team take into consideration.

Properly structured descriptions progress logically, as any type of writing should. This structure may need to incorporate compulsory content, such as product uses, specific features and necessary warnings. Many in-house company marketing teams overlook these simple steps.

Choosing a professional writing company – such as ourselves – will help develop a framework structure that flows through all of your product descriptions. Our writers always ensure that your product information contains your specific tone and brand voice, that speaks directly to your customers.

A professionally-written e-commerce description can increase sales and attract new attention to your site – this is the Daily Posts promise!

Turn window-shoppers into customers, using effective copy

With e-commerce and product description, each piece of content should be original. Some companies rely solely on descriptions that are taken straight from a manufacturers’ catalogue or manual, but this tactic is likely to hurt your sales. As a professional writing agency, the Daily Posts team will take these same facts and figures, but strive to present them in a unique way.

Not only does this increase interest in the actual product itself, but it can greatly help with your company’s search engine ranking.

Naturally, our professional writers ensure that all content is grammatically correct, devoid of any typos or factual inaccuracies. Simple mistakes like this can give the impression of carelessness and reflect poorly on the brand. In the digital sphere, appearances have never been more important.

We take the time to research every client and their target audience, so as to tailor your product descriptions specifically for your customer base. Doing so can be the difference between breaking even on your monthly sales and turning over an increased profit through return custom and new interest.

This is the promise of Daily Posts’ writing services.

Giving your product descriptions a personal touch

While your descriptions are meant to be enticing and persuasive, we always deliver a product that is accurate. Therefore, all of our work is proofread and carefully edited, meaning all writing is streamlined and perfectly sculpted.

Using a professional writing company like Daily Posts will give your product descriptions that final push your customers need, before heading to the check out. That said, any savvy customer knows not to take the company’s word for it alone. So, feel free to take a look through some previous examples of the Daily Posts writing team’s work, before getting started.

If you have any further enquiries, or merely wish to kick-start the consultation stage of your project, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us on (UK) 02380 970 979 or (US) (646) 679-7971 – or send an email  to our admin staff.

Alternatively, if you’d like to get right down to business with one of Daily Posts’ eager writers, then simply set up an account with us now. Your company’s improved sales are just a mouse click away!

Sell More Products And Keep Your E-commerce Platform Fresh

Product descriptions are an essential part of any e-commerce business. Most clients we work with have a constant requirement for content on their platforms. We write engaging, correctly-pitched product descriptions and even submit them through XML, CSV and directly onto online platforms. Our services take all of the hassle out of running the catalogue side of your business and help you constantly refresh your product lines.

Clients find our product description writing service great value and a very simple process to manage.

Example: If you need 250 X 300 word product descriptions, then order 750 units.

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