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Coming up with the perfect sales copy for your product may be tasking and time consuming, and that is why you need a Daily Posts copywriter on the job:

Optimization of resources

Having a Daily Posts copy professional on the job will not only help maximize time and resources as task may be outside your staff skill-set and can damper their level of productivity, but also help in channeling available resources into business operations, which in turn increases efficiency within the your organization.

Cost-Effective Measure

Although it is considered affordable when you compile your product descriptions in-house, recent trends have shown that assigning such tasks to regular staff would only interrupt your normal business operations and hamper productivity that in turn, affect your profit margin. Taking a cost-effective measure such as outsourcing this to those on ahead of the game in the industry promises to never disappoint. This is the part where Daily Posts comes in, as charges are made either per hour or per word count with pricing that ranks amongst the most reasonable in the industry.

Quality is Assured

With a Daily Post copywriter by your side, quality is guaranteed. Why? Having been trialed and tested in the past years (an evidence of why we are still hear), we leverage on our experience and immense copywriting expertise to give you original customized copy that projects to the consumer a sense of trustworthiness that conveys the knowledge of the product as a result of engaging elements and tools that ensure high conversion rates.

Priority set

You want to work with an organization with the continuous mind-set aimed at improving existing processes, and an organization that places exceptional value on its clients, and where business opportunities can be developed, which would enhance stakeholder satisfaction and contribute to the overall growth of your organization. At Daily Posts, Our existing rigorous recruitment process sees to the employment of expert product copywriters that render their craft with flair. These experts are continuously updated on current trends in the industry with the knowledge on how to effectively use ever-evolving SEO elements and tools in the delivery of standard copies.

Time is not a problem

The concept of quality is often threatened with that of time. This is another reason why you should consider getting Daily Posts on board for that project. Daily Post is that writing company that can deliver

with speed that matches the urgency of your product roll-out timetable. Asides having the resources to meet your deadline, we deliver without compromising the quality of your work.

Let the copy speak for the product

At Daily Post, our professionals understand the need for the copy to speak for the product. Our seasoned writers see to it that the questions like: what is the product? what does it do? and what are the benefit of the product? are being answered. Vividly highlighting the rewards of your product or service, we get your audience thinking by taking them on an imaginative journey in which they mentally experience those rewards. How do we come up with these answers you may ask?

After considering your product features, we then conduct target audience research to understand their needs and desires. We also conduct a market survey to understand market trends and interpret these trends to help understand what is considered important out there. The information that has been gathered through the research is then used to narrow down the list of your product features by identifying the ones that customer prospects would consider significant. We then tailor this by identifying how each feature benefits your prospects.

Daily Posts offers your product all these and many more, bringing you into the world of creativity, originality and uniqueness. You sure want to be a part of this world. Start engaging and converting new clients now with your product copy, by creating an account with us .

If you are looking to promote a product you will need copywriters who excel in this field. They are especially adept at tapping into an audience's subconscious and appealing to them with creatively drafted copy.

This group works with clients to learn about the product to be able to hand down the information in a most efficient manner.

Good product copywriters are wont for not sounding ‘salesy.’ The theme of copy mostly revolves around how the product can be beneficial to readers, what problems it solves, and generally why anybody should spend hard-earned money to get it.

The internet is mostly saturated with this type of copy because almost everybody is selling something, but what tells one successful brand from a struggling one in the sales department is the use of product copywriters. Certainly not just any copywriter would do, the ones who know their stuff like we do, should make the cut.

What kinds of copy do product copywriters write?

  • Adverts. Open up a blog, website, or even listen to radio and you are more likely to see or hear an ad, they are everywhere nowadays. Product copywriters who make copy for adverts do so with very short and compelling catch phrases that engage an audience quickly. Radio and TV adverts are usually between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, and the copywriter must use this time judiciously to highlight the high points of the product. Digital ads too make use of short copy.
  • Whitepapers or product description. Writing product description is their forte. This can appear in whitepapers, on landing pages, or user guides. This has less to do with educating the end-user and more to do with getting them to make a purchase. It is a process of transcribing technical content into easily comprehensible lines that don’t end up losing its value, but on the contrary, enhances it.
  • Advertorials. Advertorials are adverts in the form of editorial content. While there's something of value for readers to gain, product copywriters include copy that promotes a client's product. Online, this is very similar to guest blogging.

Traits of top-notch product copywriters

  • Compelling copy that boosts sales. Good copywriters are able to quickly understand what a product is all about: The benefits, dos and don'ts, uses, precautions, and so on, and translate it in a way that the audience will love. This is where a good knowledge of the audience comes into play because without it copy may not have as much impact. For instance, a product that is meant for the elderly won't do so well with hippy language that young people would easily respond to.
  • Conduct industry-related research. They are aware that a particular product coming into the market already has competition, and to write copy that really catches the attention of the audience, they would need to learn more about the industry and similar product offerings.

Additional information about product copywriters

  • Some of them use the product. You know it is more compelling when someone tells you “I have used it before and it worked so well for me, you should give it a try!” That’s what some copywriters do; detailing the experience goes a long way to make it more believable. That way, the reader doesn’t feel that the person trying to persuade him doesn’t practise what he preaches.
  • Conduct interviews. In addition to research and personal confirmation that a product actually delivers the goods, product copywriters would sometimes get authority quotes from people who can influence an audience’s decision or testimonials from people who have already used the product; all these help make better copy.

Frequently asked questions

Do I really need a product copywriter?

Yes! If you are looking to increase leads and sales of your product. There is only as much as you can do to get the word out there in the most efficient manner because it is not what you’re good at. Stick to your area of strength (which is production), and let the copywriters do what they know how to do best – sell it!

How long till I begin to see results?

Well, the results don’t come overnight but it also doesn’t take forever. Copywriters who are good at what they do churn out results days or weeks after making product copy. If you are looking for result-driven copywriters, DailyPosts is your best bet.

How do I know if my project is given priority?

To be sure your project gets the attention and quality it deserves you would need to go for reliable and proven product copywriters, who have both the expertise and time to focus on your brand. At Daily Posts, we have a huge number of expert product copywriters who are waiting to jump on your project.

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Describing your product as Feature A with the assumption that consumers will understand what it is and what it does is not a healthy approach to adopt if you look to sell your product. Rather, it is better to describe your product in clear light that explains what Feature A does and what consumers stand to benefit from the product. By doing this you have successfully tailored a good sales copy. 

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Often now and then a product owner is in search of a copy writer who will help develop a copy that best describes a product. So, the search begins! In our world today, the product copy determines a lot when it comes to selling the product. There is no point in having a perfect product page design without a good sales copy that transcends the product description of the manufacturer.

For instance, describing your product as Feature A with the assumption that consumers will understand what it is and what it does is not a healthy approach to adopt if you look to sell your product. Rather, it is better to describe your product in clear light that explains what Feature A does and what consumers stand to benefit from the product. By doing this you have successfully tailored a good sales copy.

There is no hard and fast rule here and good sales copy can take many different forms considering it allows room for creativity and uniqueness. However, there is a certain standard of writing that must be reflected. Here are some key points to note when it comes to a product copy:

  • The copy has to speak the product. In other words, it must reflect what the product is all about and the content must be unique to the product you are trying to sell. Uniqueness contributes to the SEO and promotes the credibility of your brand or product.

  • Ensure that the copy is saying what the product is. There should not be a difference between what is in copy and what the product is and does. There is no need to over paint the picture you are trying to present as this may be seen as not genuine. This can lead to loss of patronization or even consultation, and that is not good for your product.

  • Avoid the danger of keyword stuffing. What is keyword stuffing you might ask? This is the practice of loading a webpage with keywords or numbers in an attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results, known as “keyword stuffing,” a practice to best avoid. Bringing this home, when retailers or customers observe too much repetition of keywords, they tend to be turned-off by this. Even though it is important to see target keywords in product descriptions for the search engines for instance, over doing it can also render the copy useless.

  • The format of your description also matters. Customers are on the look-out for information that is easy to read and digest. Remember the attention-span factor and that most often than not customers are pressed for time. Therefore it is important to have a copy that uses short paragraphs, bold text, bullet points, images etc. All these can help to make the copy more visually appealing.

  • And lastly, the tone of the copy is really important though this is dependent on the product in question.

So, where do I get an experienced creative copywriter who will help me produce unique product descriptions?

You need not look further as Daily Post provides excelling copy writers who go beyond the creative reconstructing of such messages in simpler, easy-to-understand and easy-to-relate-to language, whilst still retaining the original meaning and intent of the client’s message, but also gives the copy more

personal touch and unique tone of voice that can help your product stand out and really sell the benefits.

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