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Your business deserves to be promoted professionally online just as it is in traditional media channels. Our PR copywriters at DailyPosts agency produce well-written posts for individual and corporate brands looking to build a positive online reputation. We also infuse high-ranking keywords into our content for top search engine positioning.


DailyPosts Press Release Copywriting – We Help You Stand Out from the Crowd, and Draw the Crowd to You

There is more than enough news to go round in the media about events, people and businesses. A press release can easily be a failure if it’s not expertly crafted and strategically distributed to resonate with the right audiences.

Would you like to turn a product release, corporate event, promotion or new service into welcoming news for your customers? Do you aim to stand out from the crowd by increasing your brand awareness and raising your online profile? You need a powerful press release copywriting service produced with exceptional expertise, diligent research, and obsessive attention to detail.

The reason is because press releases are not sales copy where you pitch to interest readers. Press releases have to be crisp, informational, and created in a way that will impress the reader, generate interest and elicit the desired action. If you do it wrongly, you will:

  • Waste time and resources by producing press release copy that does not resonate with customers.
  • Risk undermining your brand image with ineffectual press releases.

Do you want to get a favourable reaction from your readers? Set up your Dailyposts account today and let us help you. We write press releases that help you:

  • Boost your brand awareness by distributing powerful press releases through several prominent channels.
  • Build networks and establish profitable relationships with newsrooms and editors by producing great copies they always want to share.
  • Turn your readers into marketers by producing press releases they want to share and be a part of.
  • Boost your search engine rankings by producing and distributing SEO-friendly copy using authority sites.

We Are a Professional Writing Agency that has Every Angle Covered for You

With press releases, you have two target audiences whom you must sufficiently please to have any success with a press release copywriting project:

The Editor/Journalist/Media Agency: Unless you want to publish in obscure media or the ones with a poor repute, you need to answer the major question that top media houses, editors and journalists always ask: “what’s in this for me?”

They want to know that your press release will help them sell airtime, papers or whatever drives their profit. Also, as busy as they are, they want press releases that will immediately win their attention, consideration and necessary action.

They want an editorial copy and not a promotional one.

To achieve all of the above, you need specialist press release copywriters: you need DailyPosts’ press release copywriting services.

The target customers: Let DailyPosts help you convince your target customers that:

  • The information you release is relevant to them.
  • You represent the best genuine solution to their needs.
  • You are an unrivaled authority in your industry.

With press release articles, we achieve these through extensive research of your industry and target customers, using our diverse team experience and high-level of professional writing.

With Our Press Release Copywriting Service, Your Story is Good Enough

Press releases are your greatest chance to let your target customers hear your story. With your sales and web copies, you are focused on the customer’s angle. Press release writing creates copy from your own angle, and can enhance your business’ credibility on specific matters.

Tell your story, share what you represent and get your target customers to know what you stand for through DailyPosts professional press release writing services. Whether you are promoting a service or product, announcing a special event or informing your customers of a new event, we can turn news into a call-to-action.

If You Are a News Publisher, We Help You Stand Out and Dominate Your Niche

We know how tough it is to be ahead of the competition as a news publisher. You may not get the story first, and on many occasions, almost every publisher releases the same information. This can not only undermine your authenticity and originality, but also impact your SEO efforts negatively as your site may be seen as duplicate by search engines.

That’s where DailyPosts comes in. We have helped many news publishers in their respective niches produce news articles that stand out. We always bring in an original angle, and make the articles more comprehensive, with unrivaled insight and analysis.

When our professional press release content, writers work on press release projects for you. You are guaranteed to rise to the top of your niche with just a few well-written articles.

Our Powerful Press Release Tools to Get You the Success You Need Today

Press releases have many different components other than the story or body of the content. Dailyposts turns these components into powerful tools to help you succeed immediately.

Headline: A headline that is not well crafted will either get your piece ignored or skimmed over to get to some expected juicy part.

However, at DailyPosts, our professional press release copywriters are able to craft powerful, attention-grabbing and relevant headlines without being over-the-top. Using careful research to understand your industry and the mentality of your target customers, we give your readers the impression that they are about to read something worth their time with our headlines.

Angle: Whatever the subject of your press release, there is almost always an angle that suggests to the reader where you lean, what you believe or what you stand for. However, some press release articles can be completely objective and strictly informational. We will let you know whichever is right under the circumstance.

Quotes: If you are promoting your business through a press release, quotes are a very powerful tool. A quote can make your reader want to know more about your business. In the wrong hands, it may be merely a part of the news or a promotional line at best.

We know what it takes to impress your readers and get them to ‘click’ to find out more. We craft quotes that:

  • Highlight what your business stands for in a powerful way.
  • Establish you as a prime authority in your industry.
  • Convince the reader that you are in touch with their realities.

Every press release article we create is written in the language and tone that applies to your industry. This ensures your readers never have trouble understanding the exact message you are passing across.

Let us help your business get the publicity and recognition that drives profit today. Create your account in a few steps and start producing powerful, distinctive press releases immediately.