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What makes some copywriting fail to drive web traffic, connect with the reader and trigger sales? Daily Posts provides the effective and proven writing techniques, skills and tools that make web copies stand out on search engines, command high click rates, captivate prospects and converts them to customers.


8 Techniques for Power Copywriting for the Internet

So many copywriters produce copy that doesn’t yield the desired results, despite often following ‘expert’ advice. They may understand the fundamentals of copywriting, but ultimately, the final marketing content misses out on the finer points that pack selling power into a message.

One of the most notable figures in crafting powerful web copies is Bob Serling. In his book, ‘Power Copywriting for the Internet’, the highly successful content marketer provides a step by step guide on making web copies that bring in robust six figures every year.

Professional copywriters undertake lots of research and mostly follow the 32 surefire guidelines Serling offers in his book, as well as a few other winning personal techniques.

At Daily Posts, we are thorough and committed to client’s briefs and ensure that web copies produced by our team of highly trained and talented writers tick all the boxes of power copywriting skills.

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First things first…

Echoing the views of experienced and world reputable value writing agency such as Daily Posts, Serling underlines four must-haves before the copywriter write a powerful web copy that strikes a chord.

He called it the ‘Power Prerequisites’  and said that without these essentials factors in place, a web copy will fail to hit target, no matter how brilliant. Thankfully, these components are normal logic for most professional writers and astute business owners; and so they often scale the hurdles.


  • The product must be of good quality.
  • The copywriter must create the ideal buyer persona. This means:
  1. A customer who wants the product
  2. A customer who has the capacity to buy the product             
  • A customer who has the power and can buy your product. Not all prospect-looking person is actually a customer.
  • The product must have market credibility to maintain consistent high sales.
  • A great offer. An irresistible offer is key because, in marketing or advertising, the ‘deal’ is everything.


The Power Copywriting Skills for the Internet that Sells

So what are the powerful writing and persuasive techniques that rates the copy on Google’s first page, gets high click rates, captivates reader’s attention and converts them to loyal customers?

Serling listed 32 steps he said were the fastest and most direct path to increased sales and better profits.

Below is a summary of the main points along with other valuable tips employed by our writing company to great success.

1. The copywriter must conduct a thorough research before writing the copy.

Unknown to the initiated, herein lies the major work of copywriting. In fact, an exhaustive research is 70 percent of the work, and writing takes up just 30 percent.

A careful and inclusive research helps simplifies the writing process. The information and statistics gathered from an exhaustive research provide the main tools that make the writing process easy.

2. Start with a creative headline that ‘screams’ benefits to the reader

Study shows that only one out of five people will read the copy beyond the headline. When a web user reads the body copy, most likely the headline has been creatively crafted to pique their interest. It is a very important element of the content and can exponentially increase the response rate.

A trained copywriter makes the first and lasting impression with a powerful headline that arrests the reader’s attention. Some of the more subtle skills in the art of headlining is to focus on big figures and stats built around benefits to the reader.

A catchy headline uses power words like ‘facts,’ ‘Now,’ ‘Yes’ and ‘Discover’ to grab the prospect’s attention and promise them something .

Note that the two most valuable words to customers are ‘You’ and ‘Free.’

3. Take a short break.

After the research, give yourself a short break to refill your creative juices and rev up energy for the tasks ahead.

4. Create a long list of product features, facts, and figures.

Here is where a part of the research comes into good.  A good writer won’t leave out anything. He gathers all the persuasive tools and sifts later.

5. Offer multiple benefits.

Why should the user should buy the product, opt in, subscribe, patronize or whatever any other action that is promoted? Because of the benefits that solve their problem and make their life better and easier.

Itemize the unique selling points or payoffs of the products, order them and articulately and persuasively communicate them. The benefits are the meat of the copy.

  1. Make the offer irresistible with an extraordinary guarantee

The benefits should be everyday, regular offers by the competition. Make it powerful that it will be difficult for anyone in their right sense to ignore. The offer makes a massive impact on the product sale.

  1. Accentuate points with colours texts, images, infographics, bullet points, and numbered lists.

The web is a visual medium and adding attracting elements that break routine will naturally attract the eye. But never overdo any visual element in the copy to prevent a counter effect. For example, if you must use colours, limit it to one or two.

  1. Use the most important points in the opening paragraphs

At our writing company, writers are trained to sustain the tempo that caught the reader’s eye in the headline with a powerful opening paragraph. The web user has an incredibly short attention span, and any strange or unfamiliar element will simply knock off his interest in an instant.

Creating power copywriting for the internet is an exhaustive list of detailed techniques that guarantees the client wide readership across all online platforms and higher profit-margins in the long run.

At our writing agency, our writers know most of these golden rules by heart and apply that appropriately in copies they produce for clients.

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