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Persuasive online copywriting

Persuasive Online Copywriting to Engage Your Customers.

Launching a business website is a critical step in taking advantage of the wide reach that an online presence can give you. In order to make it count however, you need to pay attention to your website content.

High quality material that is relevant to your visitors can attract them and familiarise them with your brand. Poorly written content may send away potential customers to your competition. While good and well written content is important, it may not be enough to effectively prompt profitable action in your customers. For you to engage your site visitors enough to make them take action (that delivers sales and boosts your business), you need content that persuades and motivates.

Daily Posts are an experienced writing company, with professional copywriters who expertly execute persuasive online copywriting. We provide a range of writing services and produce web copy that boosts your online visibility and keeps your customers engaged.

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Boost your Online Visibility with Persuasive Online Copywriting

More and more members of your target audience rely on search engine results when looking to purchase the goods or services they need. For your online business to thrive, you need to rank high on search engine results to be visible to your audience.

An important aspect of your online business marketing strategy should be effective copywriting. This involves regularly updating your website and other online platforms with fresh and interesting content, that engages and attracts web visitors. This boosts your online visibility and drives traffic to your site.

Persuasive Online Copywriting that Boosts Sales

At the centre of your online business success lies your customer. It’s the actions of your customers – either to buy your goods and engage your services – that delivers sales. Your web copy should therefore be persuasive and compelling enough to guide your web visitors through the purchase funnel, from product search to the payment process.

At Daily Posts, we approach copywriting with your customer in mind. As a professional writing company, our copywriters execute web copy in language that best conveys your business message to customers. Through landing pages, press releases, product descriptions and blogposts, we strive to create a personal relationship between you and your web visitors and potential customers, with the prime aim of converting them.

Our Approach to Online Copywriting

As an experienced writing agency, we deliver web copy in language that your target audience can relate to. We approach online copywriting with an aim to persuade your site visitors to take action, in line with your business objectives and broader marketing strategy.

Daily Posts delivers copy that not only familiarises your target audience with your brand and projects your business identity, but is testable, direct and persuasive.

Benefits of Persuasive Online Copywriting with Daily Posts

  • We produce well-written content for your website and other online platforms, using language that sells and prompts your customers to act.

  • Persuasive online copywriting can only be effective if it is deliberate and consistent. This takes a lot of time out of your schedule as a busy business person. Also, handling your online copywriting yourself may not be effective, as you might not be able to write from the customer’s perspective. You need a professional copywriter that can create content that is customer-focused.

  • Keeping up with fresh and interesting content to keep your customers engaged can be challenging. As an experienced company in the business of online content generation, we have a system that enables us to produce fresh and creative content on a regular basis. Our professional writers and copywriters understand the psychology behind customer response and execute persuasive online copywriting accordingly.

  • We produce content that boosts your search engine ranking and conversion rates, thereby increasing your business profits.

  • With a professional writing agency like Daily Posts, you can easily scale your content writing needs. As your business expands, your copywriting strategy needs to reflect this. There is no writing project too big. We have a diverse group of writers that can deliver on your demands.

Why Choose Daily Posts to Handle Your Persuasive Online Copywriting?

  • Ours is a writing company with a global reach. We have professional writers who cover a wide range of industries. With Daily Posts, you can be sure that there is a writer for you, no matter what line of business you’re in.

  • We work relentlessly to meet your deadlines. We deliver your projects on time, without delays. Our virtual office system ensures we work round-the-clock to execute your copy on time.

  • We have a straightforward and effective online copywriting process. Setting up an account with us is easy and we have a smooth communication channel that enables you to tell us what you want, when you want it.

  • We abide by your requirements on word count for content, type of task, topic niche and so on, in order to deliver suitable content that fits.

  • We produce high quality content at affordable rates.

Daily Posts Copywriting Guarantee:

  • We produce content that meets your demands.

  • We produce original and exclusive content for your website and other online platforms.

  • Daily Posts provides content that is free of grammatical and spelling errors.

  • We have an effective mechanism that ensures what we produce is fresh material.

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Persuasive online copywriting is an online content written to persuade readers to make a purchase. It has a persuasive headline that readers cannot resist. One reason persuasive copy is indispensable is its ability to increase conversion rate.

For instance, the online purchase doesn’t have to be a onetime thing. If the buyer enjoys the product, he may order for more or buy at another time.

Online business is not also restricted to just a particular location as we have in offline cases but shoppers are from different backgrounds and regions. When they enjoy the product, they can recommend it to their friends too.

Copywriting that persuades people must have powerful headlines that speak directly to the needs of the readers. This is the secret of result-oriented landing pages. If your sales have been going down, you need the professional service of a copywriter who will not only speed up your sales speed but help you keep existing buyers.

Types of persuasive copywriting

  • Reason-based persuasion

Reason-based persuasive copywriting is one that appeals directly to the reasoning of the target audience. It uses a logical argument to present copy. There are people who need evidence and not speculations. This may be because of past experiences or their natural makeup. Even though they may like the product you are presenting on face value, they will want proof of its worth.

  •  Emotion-based persuasion

This type of copywriting appeals to the emotions of the buyers. While this does not need facts and figures, you must play on the emotions of your readers to persuade them to take the desired action.

What makes great persuasive online copywriting?

Explain what your potential buyers will benefit from the product you are promoting. Don’t just list the features of the product.

The content must be specific and not based on generalities.

One outstanding feature of this type of writing is its ability to appeal to the emotion of the readers. When you make your readers emotionally connected to your copy, the product will linger in their imagination until they make a purchase.

It must contain testimonials of previous buyers. Most online buyers trust the reviews and judgments of earlier buyers and those who have tried the product before. Including such into copy will spark more trust for your piece.

Using the ‘I’ pronoun increases a buyer’s trust. This makes them believe you have tried the product and you are writing from experience.

Facts about persuasive online copywriting

  • Since online readers spend only 37 seconds on a content, writers ensure it captures their attention. This starts with the headlines and it is sustained throughout the writing.
  • 60.8% of copywriters agree that persuasive online writings with visuals yield a better result than those without them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is persuasive online copywriting?

Persuasive online copywriting involves writing for online users to persuade them to take specific decisions. Unlike other forms of print materials, it focuses on the visitors to your website or blog. The headlines and other components of copy must be persuasive.

Who are the best copywriters?

There are different categories of copywriters. While some are trained by mentors, others have a basic degree in related courses. What makes a writer great in this niche is personal interest and creative ability.

How long does it take to complete a great persuasive copywriting job?

If you are outsourcing several contents at once, you can negotiate with the writer but a piece of copy can be crafted within 24 hours.

What are the main ingredients of persuasive online copywriting?

It must be persuasive, appealing and alluring. Readers must be persuaded to take action after reading copy. For this to happen, your words must appeal to their emotions.

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Daily Posts are a writing agency that makes you money. Our strategy is simple, but effective, to guarantee increased sales from your website. Our team of expert writers are specialists in the use of persuasive words that compel your readers to take action. Get more with Daily Posts today.

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Persuasive Online Copywriting by Daily Posts

Do you need effective copywriting to boost your online business? You can only take full advantage of your online presence if properly executed web copy is part of your marketing strategy. This involves well prepared website content that call out to your site visitors, in language they can relate to.

Persuasive online copywriting positively impacts your conversion rates. Increase your chances of online success by contacting Daily Posts to write your web copy today!

Daily Posts are a writing agency that specialise in online copywriting which prompts your website visitors to act. Our team of professional copywriters and SEO experts deliver strategic content that compels your customers to take profitable action.

To find out more, call us now on 02380 970979.

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