Daily Posts Online Marketing Web Page Copywriting

Daily Posts Online Marketing Web Page Copywriting

Online Marketing is Incomplete without Web Page Copywriting

Online marketing without web page copywriting can result in a waste of time, effort and money. Imagine running a social media campaign or running adverts on a blog to attract visitors to your site, only for them to come and leave, almost as soon as they arrived. You might have garnered increased web traffic, but would have achieved nothing in terms of your marketing plan’s main purpose, which is to attract more paying customers.

Important web pages

There are some very important pages on your website which your visitors visit the most, in order to obtain the information they seek. These pages are:

  1. Your home page: When you step into the reception area of a company you have never been to before, you more than likely speak to the front desk officer for directions or these instructions and directions are placed around the lobby for you to follow. Your home page is your reception (or lobby) and every new visitor must find it easy to navigate your website right from the home page. A new visitor to your site is unfamiliar with the terrain and should be assured that they’re in the right place and find information to guide them. This is what the content on your home page should do.
  2. Your ‘About’ page: Too many people load their ‘About’ page with official jargon about their business. However, your ‘About’ page can easily become the point of exit for a visitor. When people are looking to find out more about you and your business, it’s not just for the sake of doing so. They are looking to glean more information, as it relates to them. They want to know what you have or can do that will be of benefit to them.
  3. Your landing page(s): A landing page is the point where you actually convert visitors and usually features a lead form or link that you use to collect information from them. If your landing page cannot make a visitor take action – such as subscribing to a newsletter – it’s not doing its job. Your landing page should always deliver what the client is looking for. It’s not about simply listing the pros of your service, it is about offering the visitor a solution they need.

These pages need to contain good copy in order to get the best results. Your home page, ‘About’ page and every landing page should be filled with content each visitor can relate to and engage with.

How to optimise your web pages

Now that you know your pages must deliver specific content for your readers’ consumption, how do you do source such content? The answer is web page copywriting, which ensures all the content on your web pages – especially the three aforementioned above – are providing useful and relevant information to every visitor. Hiring a copywriter to produce content for your web pages ensures that potential visitors to your site will not only stay there, but will take the desired action in due course.

You should hire a professional writer who is skilled at creating great content for key web pages. A professional copywriter is skilled at knowing what to write, how to write it, when to write it and who to write it for. You can get just this kind of copywriter at Daily Posts.

Improve your web pages with Daily Posts

Daily Posts – one of the leading writing companies in the world – boasts an eclectic team, experienced in working across a diverse range of sectors. Our copywriters can create content for your web pages that not only improves the results of your online marketing, but also engages directly with all your visitors.

What you can expect from Daily Posts:

  1. Getting your content without stress: Ordering your content and having it delivered is simple and stress free. We have created briefing forms that you can use to clearly explain what type of content you require. You can track the progress of your project through the various stages, review and request edits if needed, as well as make payments directly from your account.
  2. A copywriter that understands your audience: When fleshing out your web pages, it’s easy to go overboard in trying to promote your business. This could end up reading as hype, which readers don’t identify with. Your web pages should be about the reader and not you. A professional writer at Daily Posts is an expert at crafting content that the reader will not just read, but can hear and relate to as well.

How to get started with Daily Posts’ web page copywriting 

It only takes two minutes to set up an account with us. It’s a simple and straightforward process which you can access here. Once you sign up, our team will verify and activate your account and you can then request web page copywriting services whenever you need them.

Your account features a dashboard, from which you can communicate with us, as well as review any work. The platforms our clients use are designed to involve them in the writing process as much as possible. In addition to contacting us via your dashboard, you can call us on 02380 970979 and our customer support personnel will attend to you promptly.


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