Online Copywriting

Effective online copywriting can take your business to the next level.


Boost your Sales with Online Copywriting

Online copywriting has opened up a new way of reaching customers. Recent statistics state that there are over 3.4 billion internet users all over the world including around 87% of Americans. If you are eager to market your product, such numbers should have you salivating.

The growth of the internet has opened up a whole new world that you can now exploit to boost the sales of your product. Daily Posts allows you to take advantage of this through online copywriting. Sign up with our writing agency today as we bring your business to the web.

Why you should take advantage of online copywriting

  1. Have the world at your fingertips: The beauty of the internet is that it makes little difference where somebody is located. Even if you are based in South America, marketing your products to a person in Europe is still as easy as a few clicks of your mouse.
  2. Cost effective: Forget about spending your money on printing material. With online copywriting, your content can be read by millions of viewers every time you press the send button at only the cost of hiring a professional writing company.
  3. Fast: If you have a product launching next week and you need to reach a few million people by that time, online copywriting makes it very possible to do this. With the internet, you can have your information in front of the right people in less than a second.
  4. Effective: Online copywriting allows you to incorporate other forms of media on to your sales copies. You can have your landing pages full of the right text, audio, images and videos to ensure that you communicate with your intended audience effectively.
  5. Convenient: You don’t have to try too hard to get the right copywriter for the job. You can work with a writing company such as Daily Posts without ever having to meet us in person.

Online Copywriting Methods you can use

There are many online copywriting methods that professional writers can help you to take advantage of. If you’re planning to use online copywriting to advertise your product or service, you may want to try out more than one platform first to see which one will be more effective. Some platforms you can use include:

  • Email: Email copywriting is almost as old as the business of online advertising. Sending your sales copy direct to someone’s email is a good way of reaching a targeted audience. As any writing agency will tell you, there are acceptable and unacceptable practices in email copywriting. This is why you should work with professional writers.
  • Website landing pages: This is usually the first page of your site that visitors will see. This is the ideal place to make a good first impression on your potential clients. The content of the landing page also plays a role in your search engine ranking.
  • Blogs: Blogs are powerful tools that you can use to make your site more search engine friendly and also to connect with your audience at a different level. Blog copywriting enables you to tell stories of your product to your potential customer more effectively.
  • Social media: Social media is the new age website for many businesses. It’s not enough to have a page, you need your page to be properly customized so that it can be the sort of place your potential customers want to visit. Social media allows you to connect at a more personal level with your clients and can even help you to figure out the best way to position yourself in the future.

Online Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization

If you’re selling Blue headed figurines, you want your website to be the first result anytime someone types ‘blue headed figurine’ in a search engine. Unless you’re the only person in the world selling blue headed figurines, getting to the top position or even the first page of any search engine is a process.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the services we offer at our writing agency. SEO as it is commonly called, is a process that can make your site or blog more search engine friendly. The more search engine friendly your site is, the higher up the rankings it will go and the higher up it is, the more traffic you’re likely to get to your site.

Benefits of working with Daily Posts in Online Copywriting

Daily Posts is a unique company when it comes to online copywriting. We can provide for our clients much more than they would find with other writing companies. When you decide to work with us, you can expect:

  • High quality copy: Daily Posts has painstakingly recruited some of the best copywriters from all over the world. Every time you put up a project, you’re all but guaranteed a satisfactory result. Our unique workforce enable us to provide our clients with unique results.
  • Benefits of our experience: Our many years of experience in this kind of work enables us to know what works and what doesn’t work. We not only prepare the advertising copy for you. We can also provide advice on alternative approaches that may work better.
  • Attention to your needs: If your product or service is close to your heart, you are likely to have a few demands. While other companies will pretend to listen and do things their way, we take every suggestion that our clients put forward very seriously.
  • Affordable services: So you don’t have a mountain of cash hidden somewhere. That’s alright with us. We provide our high quality services at very affordable rates for our customers. You can choose the rates you find most agreeable and we’ll make it work for you.

There is no better time for you to enjoy the benefits we have to offer. Pick up your phone and give us a call today on 02380 970979. We’ll let you know all about our services. You can also sign up on our website and make yourself comfortable in your online office.