Newsletter Writer

Newsletter Writer

Keep Your Subscribers Happy and Engaged with Daily Posts’ Expert Newsletter Writing Services

The newsletter is one of the most effective brand communication tools for your business. Its purpose is to share with your subscribers, the latest and beneficial news and information about (or related to) your business, products, services or industry as a whole.

In contrast to the aggressive marketing model of direct sales copies, a newsletter uses a soft sell approach to promote your brand to the recipient.

At the same time, a newsletter helps build credibility for your brand in the minds of the recipients, while positioning you and your business as an expert in your niche industry.

Creating an effective newsletter that engages the recipient requires certain creative techniques and detailed attention by specialist project writing teams in leading value writing agencies, like Daily Posts.

To enjoy the benefits of continuous production of top quality and compelling newsletters that keep your recipients interested and satisfied, sign up now to Daily Posts’ expert newsletter writing services.

 What is a good quality newsletter?

Crafting the best written newsletter that a recipient won’t bother to open is a wasted effort.

So what makes people decide to open a marketing mail, but choose to ignore others? The answer almost certainly lies in the way you treated them in a previous email newsletter.

Your subscribers are not money machines, so never hint at that when you send them a newsletter. Rather, treat them as humans. Show them the benefits, that you care and want them to enjoy a better quality of life by using your products.

Let your subscribers feel that there’s something for them to take away each time they read your newsletter, or they will more than likely unsubscribe.

The first step is to grab their attention with a creative and intriguing headline that will entice them to read on.

To make your newsletter worth opening, provide the subscriber with a benefit, and keep the message short, clear, simple and straight to the point.

Your subscribers also want to have the freedom of choice to share your content and to be able to contact you or unsubscribe without any complications.

The style and design of the email newsletter must adequately accommodate these functions, otherwise recipients will feel frustrated and shun your message and subsequently your brand.

How Daily Posts can help you create a successful newsletter campaign

We use a number of proven techniques and tools for clients’ newsletter writing projects that have consistently yielded outstanding successes that match brand objectives.

The distinct skills and steps our professional writers infuse to create compelling newsletters that reinforce customer relationships and improve business profits include:

Personalised copies

The newsletter may be written for a mass audience of email subscribers, but at Daily Posts, our well trained and experienced copywriters adopt specific words and tone to customise to the reader.

For example, newsletter software tools (that feature the recipient’s name in the address and opener) create a powerful connection to make the recipient feel like the brand owner is talking directly to them.

Close attention to fine detail

Our writers are keen observers and pay close attention to every detail, ensuring the right words are used in the right places and that copy reads fluently and error-free.

Clarity of message

No room for ambiguity. Every idea is clearly and succinctly explained and communicated. Complex thoughts are carefully distilled into simple, easy-to-understand language, so that any form of ‘communication noise’ is completely eliminated and the message is wholly digested.

Informative copy

This is the main goal of an email newsletter: to give the recipient fresh, valuable, interesting and informative content. If this core element is missing, then it simply becomes junk mail.

Our copywriters do more than present readable copy that eloquently passes the grammar and articulation test. Our newsletters are rich with useful, compelling stories that keep the subscriber up to date, informed and happy.

Intelligently brief and targeted for a click

Web users are not readers. They don’t have the luxury of time to read waffle and verbiage before getting to the meat of the matter. In fact, the average newsletter reader spends just 51 seconds reading a copy in his mail box!

Our professional writers perfectly understand these unique web persona traits, and never let the  thin attention span of readers get in their way. Instead, they adjust their content style to suit the preferences of web users by making the content scannable.

This involves using techniques like bullet points, numbered lists, content blocks, snapshots, brief blurbs and ‘Calls to Action’.

However, the ultimate aim is for the recipient to click the link that takes them through to the client’s website, blog post or social media platform. So, our writers keep the reader engaged and satisfied enough to want to visit the client’s website, blog or social media account to know more.

The purpose is to establish a relationship with the audience, inform and enlighten them, and hopefully make a sale.

Reliable and consistent content

The newsletter is a chance for the client to show they can keep their word and are reliable. If a promise is made in a newsletter (with regards the frequency of emails for example), make sure you keep it.

It’s part of the attention-to-detail element our writing company applies to clients’ newsletter projects. By adhering to this, we make the client’s brand appear trustworthy and dependable.

Easy to reach the client

One of the primary objectives of a newsletter is to build relationships with the customer and prospects. This is achieved when the recipients decide to contact the brand owner and ask for permission to republish an article or when they want to know about the brand, product or even the CEO.

Our professional writers strive to create a section that makes it easy for customers and potential customers to reach our client, using a mailing address, phone numbers or the appropriate links to their website or social media account.

A good newsletter service to your customers and prospects’ base will improve your brand perception and establish solid relationships that will potentially boost your business sales.

Daily Posts, the world’s leading value writing company, is your go-to writing agency to help you enjoy these great benefits and more.

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