Do you need a Copywriter?

Do you need a Copywriter?

Do You Need a Copywriter for Brand Storytelling?

‘Brand storytelling’ has become one of those marketing terms you often hear these days, but not everyone knows exactly how it works. We have been wired to believe that every story must begin with “Once upon a time”, but of course, this is not necessarily so.

Brand storytelling is:

  • The reason for your company’s being.
  • How your product was formed.
  • The type of customers who value your brand.
  • A concept that accentuates your entire web presence.

The list goes on.

Online content marketing is about unifying your brand storytelling across all your digital platforms. This is why you need a professional copywriter to do this for your business.

Daily Posts is a professional writing agency with a diverse team of copywriters, who are experienced in writing content from a corporate narrative. We can help engage customers on your website and grow your business.

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Contrary to popular belief, brand storytelling is not about your company. It’s about your customers and the value they get from engaging with your brand.

To get the job done properly, you need a professional copywriter from an agency that understands your target audience, how they communicate and their response to cues.

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What you really need:

You Need a Copywriter Who Understands Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

According to Neil Patel, Digital Evangelist: “Brand storytelling is a concept that accentuates your entire web presence.”

What is a web presence without SEO? If you have an interesting story to tell, it should be told accordingly. If your website can’t be located when prospects search for your services online, it isn’t really good for much.

A professional copywriter has search engine ranking in mind when crafting your brand story. In addition to content writing, they perform research into your audience groups, as well as the keywords and phrases used to search for your business online.

We infuse these high-ranking industry keywords into your copy to catapult your SEO ranking above competitors when your website is searched for online. We produce valuable website content that attracts links from other websites with high authority domains. This gives your site an edge and moves it towards also becoming an authority. 

You Need a Copywriter that can Write Engaging Content

Almost everybody can tell stories easily, but writing to sell is a different ball game altogether. As mentioned earlier, brand storytelling is not about your company. If you make your content too self-absorbed, you’ll likely lose the interest of web visitors.

At Daily Posts, our copywriters write content focused on the customer, while maintaining the objective of selling your business’s values. We write content that sticks visitors to your web page and keeps them engaged long enough to perform a desired action.

Content that can accentuate your web presence includes:

  • Web content (B2B and B2C)
  • Landing pages and Sales pages
  • Blog articles and magazine pieces
  • Product description pages
  • Case studies
  • Email newsletters, launch campaigns
  • Corporate narratives

We are experienced in bringing to life the personal stories of people from diverse backgrounds. We have worked with start-up ventures and digital creative agencies to produce interesting narratives.

Our writing has also seen us work with architectural companies and financial institutions. We have also enjoyed writing about home improvements, travelling experiences and the economic implications of Brexit across certain industries.

You Need a Copywriter Capable of Nurturing Relationships With Content

As a business hoping to build a loyal client base and drive sales, hiring a professional copywriter is essential for online success. For example, a shoe retailer for the demographic of 20 – 28 year-olds will have its content marketing strategy address the audience in a youthful language. The tone of voice will be energetic and stimulating.

Conversely, a retirement savings institution targeting seniors will have a more sophisticated and conservative tone. If you miss the mark, you stand the chance of diluting your brand.

Daily Posts performs research before crafting a content strategy. This helps our copywriters understand the language to use for specific audience groups. We write content that builds relationships and bonds your target audience to you.

A professional copywriter understands that corporate storytelling captures the brand’s influence around the customer experience. We know how to combine all factors that make a successful website – content, SEO and user experience.

Why does Your Business Need a Professional Copywriting Agency

  1. Save Time

Content creation is a very time-consuming activity. If you have tried writing your own content, you’ll understand how demanding it can be. In fact, it can eat into other work responsibilities and reduce productivity. As your business grows, it becomes even harder to keep up with the growing content needs.

Hiring a professional copywriter can free-up time, and allow you to focus on the more client-facing responsibilities of your business.

  1. Correct grammar and spelling

While rushing to complete tasks, you may not have time to proofread your work. Professional copywriting agencies have a copyediting team to go through every piece of work, word for word, before making any corrections. Bad grammar and careless sentence structure can hinder the credibility of your business. It is always recommended that you work with a professional copywriter.

  1. Persuasive content

Writing is a skill. More so, persuasive writing. You may be very knowledgeable about your product, but it’s not as easy to sell it in writing. For any business looking to put their best foot forward, or promote growth and engagement with the target audience, working with a copywriter is an effective way to produce persuasive content.

  1. Diverse perspective

When you have one employee within the company writing content for your brand story, it can begin to sound too similar over time – and maybe even repetitive. You need to present your business from a wider perspective. At Daily Posts, we have a diverse team of copywriters with varying ideas. Each time you request content for your site, we can mix it up and provide something different for your customers.

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