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Medical Copywriting

What Our Medical Copywriters Can Do for You

People now go to the internet for answers to all kinds of questions, and questions related to health and medical issues are not left out. With the massive amount of information available to internet users, they now have the freedom to choose and make their healthcare decisions as they please. So, they have the liberty to choose their healthcare practitioner and move somewhere else if they are not satisfied with their choice, as there are thousands of medical services offering advice on alternative medicine and home remedies.

At Daily Posts, our medical copywriters know just what to do to help you differentiate your brand from others. They have an advanced awareness of complex medical subjects and how the readers will respond. They not only know how to produce standard medical blog content but also know how to get across information about technical medical practices in a manner that can be easily understood. We understand the importance of medical copywriting as it serves as a bridge between medical professionals and their clients. We understand that readers desire information about their health and wellbeing be readily available.

Our medical copywriters will use keywords specific to your industry to attract visitors to your website which, in turn, will lead to a high conversion rate i.e. create content that assures your readers of your competence and that you understand how they feel. Excellent content is also able to attract new business as you can prove you are better at understanding your patients. A medical copywriter is also able to keep your content up-to-date on any changes in the medical industry and inform your readers of any alterations to certain drugs or treatments.

The Daily Posts Advantage

Our copies are compelling and appealing to a wide range of audiences and are deliberately skewed to suit the needs and profile of the client’s target market. At Daily Posts, our writing teams also consist of technical and SEO writers, including trained medical copywriters who can create great content from scratch or by using your instruction brief template. The result is often strategically aligned and articulately-written marketing content that connects with your target audiences and gets them to take the required action immediately.

What Medical Copywriting Involves

The medical niche is often wrongly portrayed as a field populated by workaholic, reclusive and uncreative professionals. As flawed as that perception is, this is usually the point at which a professional medical copywriter intervenes. They combine their passion and knowledge of the sciences with a creative and artistic flair for words, to provide persuasive and educative information for a target market.

Medical Writing vs. Creative Medical Copywriting

Many medical professionals and healthcare centre owners get confused about the difference between a medical writer and a medical copywriter. They also wonder which professional best suits their digital marketing objectives.

A medical writer is more concerned with communicating healthcare jargon and semantics to a target audience in the best possible way. However, a medical copywriter breaks down the communication process for better comprehension and urges the reader to take quick action, without missing the ethos and intent behind the original message. A medical copywriter effectively communicates the core scientific and medical information, and presents clinical data in a manner that is accurate, articulate, absorbing and convincing.

Essentially, a medical copywriter aids a healthcare brand to gain improved online presence and profile image through strategic content development for digital marketing campaigns. Sometimes, the work of a medical copywriter overlaps with that of a medical writer and they occasionally have to work together to deliver copy that convinces and moves the target audience into taking the required action.

This is often in the form of a specific instruction brief to the medical copywriter who will combine creative flair and technical awareness to produce engaging copies that show up on the first page of a Google search. To reap the benefits of all these key professional services and more, get started with a Daily Posts account today and enjoy an amazing transformation for your healthcare marketing goals.

How Daily Post’s Medical Copywriting Gives You the Marketing Advantage

At our globally-reputable writing company, our creative copywriters help you to develop strategic messages and campaign projects that breathe vigour and dynamism into your digital branding. Our teams of copywriters and editors are trained to think creatively and outside the box. They are able to craft exciting and interesting copy that grabs the attention of audiences and web search engines.

The undeniable results are persuasive copies that present clinical information in a lucid and engaging style, moving audiences to buy the product or patronise the service. They’ll also go on to share posts with friends and loved ones on social media and in emails, to equally enjoy the communicated benefits.

So, if for any reason a client requires a little adjustment here or there, our medical copywriters will rapidly generate the right ideas to make the necessary modifications. Our medical copywriting goal is always to present clinical data in engaging, interesting and easily understood content, creatively infused with the right keywords. This effectively places the copy at the forefront of the minds of the target audience, as well as search engine algorithms, ultimately making the client happy.

You can trust us to effectively communicate with your patients, improve your brand’s online presence, accurately present clinical data and information and create content that is engaging and worthy of the top spot of any search engine result. All these at a price that is one of the most reasonable in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of copywriting can I get with Daily Posts?

We offer niche writing, press releases, SEO copywriting, blog post writing, technical writing, product description, website writing and we are considered experts by our clients. You can contact us if you would like to see samples of our past work.

Who can benefit from copywriting?

Anyone with a product, service or website to promote. Examples include site owners, manufacturers, and retailers. The content we provide spans several industries and this is possible because our writers come from different professions, so we have been able to generate content for clients in industries like e-commerce, law, medicine, real estate, fashion, education, entertainment, engineering and more.

How long does it take to create a copy?

After discussing the nature of your job, we set a deadline that we believe is achievable and work to meet it. We make sure your work is done without any interruption but, in a situation where your assigned writer is unavailable due to whatever reason, we have other writers who are ready and equally competent to take over and produce content with great results.

How are Daily Posts writers hired?

We have writers who are professional and have years of experience in sales, and this provides them with the ability to produce engaging content that’s good enough to increase your conversion rate. All our staff have completed a 20-day induction and receive further training through our virtual office. We recruit writers educated in the UK and USA from all over the world.

How do I get started?

Using our services is as simple as creating an account here. If you have further questions, you may choose to call us on 023 80 970 979 – UK or (646) 679-7971 – US.

Medical copywriting involves writing advertisements and promotional content that are compelling and engaging for people in need of medical-related products like drugs and other health products. Most copywriters who are not medically trained and certified work with biostatistical and pharmaceutical departments to get accurate information about ethical and scientific standards.

Types of medical writing

Medical writing is divided into different categories:

Medical journalism

Medical journalism involves writing documents such as newspapers and magazine content related to medicine for the public.

Medical education

Medical education writing involves writing medical-related textbooks, online study content, medical or health journals, and PowerPoint presentations, among others. These materials are written to educate the masses on specific areas.

Medical marketing

Medical copywriters help market health-related products. Pharmacists and biotechnologists employ copywriters to write compelling content for about their products to encourage patronage.


Medical writers create content for presentations and publications like journals, seminars, conferences, among others.

Research documents

Medical writers prepare research documents like clinical trials materials and brochures.

Regulatory documents

They also write all medical-related regulatory documents like CTDs, annual reports, and so on.

What makes a great medical copywriter?

Great medical copywriters are passionate writers who craft compelling content. They are often not trained or certified medical practitioners. This does not mean trained medical personnel cannot be medical copywriters but in real life, they are writers who have created an interest in the medical niche.

A medical copywriter needs substantial domain knowledge in areas of therapy, statistical data, and other regulatory concepts. There is nothing like having mastery and being in charge. People should be able to trust your judgment. A great writer in this niche must have superb writing skills which can convert to sales and leads.

Facts about medical copywriting

  • According to Shopify reports, global sales related to e-commerce retails will get to $4.5 trillion by 2021. This is a great discovery and all companies should work towards business expansion by using copywriters to get their products to end users.
  • It is possible to sell your offline products through online copywriting ads because 28% out of all searches online lead to an eventual purchase. Why not showcase your products through copywriting services?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a medical writer?

A medical writer is someone who writes content related to medicine, health, and science using updated information from research or from medical practitioners. They read clinical data, analyse them and extract relevant information from them for public consumption.

Is a medical writer the same as a medical copywriter?

A medical writer can be a medical copywriter if she writes promotional content for health-related products or drugs. Since there are different types of medical writers, a writer may not be interested or skilled in writing content that can compel readers to buy products being promoted but may be interested in other medical writing niches.

How can I easily get a medical copywriter?

Medical writers are all over the internet and some are in your neighbourhood if you do a local search. Search engines will make searching manually a lot easier.

How much do freelance medical copywriters charge?

Freelance medical copywriters charge differently based on their years of experience, writing skills and location. Basically, they charge between $50 and $100 per copy. You can discuss your budget with your writer.

For more information about copywriting and how we can help you convert your website content into sales, call us now on 02380970979.

Words are the most important tool of a medical copywriter. The vastness of the medical industry makes it important for a copywriter to be able to use the appropriate terms in to describe drugs, their effects, procedures, by-products and new technologies. A medical copywriter has to be familiar with medical vocabulary and know the best way to communicate them to their audience with the awareness that not all readers will have prior knowledge of the medical profession.

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It is the responsibility of a medical copywriter to communicate scientific and medical assertions and present accurate clinical data in a clear and concise manner. A medical copywriter is the professional responsible for effectively communicating what the medical practitioner is trying to say, and they must do it in the clearest form. They must make sure that their piece does not come off as lifeless but is interesting enough to engage their audience.

At Daily Posts, our medical copywriters know how to provide content that is accurate, helpful and easily understandable. And, through their years of experience, they have come to realise that content that is not helpful, accurate or understandable will cause readers to look elsewhere for solutions.

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