Medical Copywriting

Medical Copywriting

At Daily Posts, our medical copywriters are charged with three simple tasks: to attract someone within the target audience to start reading the copy; to hold the reader’s interest and attention so that they keep reading the copy; then to convince the reader to believe what they have read and to take action.

Of course, it’s not as simple as it sounds, but then our copywriters are anything but ordinary. Often, when we’re asked about the secret to our medical copywriting success – and why major brands in the UK trust us to write their medical copies – we find it difficult to answer.

We don’t have a strategy that top medical copywriters in the industry aren’t aware of. Our process may be unique, because it is built on the same best principles the top copywriters know about. All we can say about our success is this: some people know how to sing, some know how to play football, whereas we know how to write medical copy that converts and achieves unrivalled results.

Medical copywriting involves taking complex information and representing it accurately – in a clear and concise manner, but for us, that is only half the job. The other half is creatively crafting an effective message for the brand that can be rolled out across advertising channels.

This requires more than just reading clinical data reports, analysing relevant data and extracting the relevant message. It also demands an understanding of the target audience – be it doctors, patients or both.

Daily Posts medical writers are up for the challenge. Unlike other fields of copywriting, there are many restrictions and ethical considerations that writing agencies (that write medical copy) must keep in mind. Our medical copywriters understand all this and yet enjoy the challenge of crafting copy that sells, even under such restrictions.

We enjoy what we do. It’s really satisfying to work with services and products that save lives and make a real difference. We enjoy communicating these benefits, as well as helping physicians stay informed to thoroughly understand drugs to help them make a difference in the life of their patients.

It’s a joy understanding how medicines work biologically and distilling it into clear, concise and actionable messages. It’s this same excitement and energy that we bring and project into the copy we write for you.

Our in-depth understanding of patients’ and healthcare professionals’ concerns and objections, enable us to weave an argument that helps dispel their doubts. It may be subtle, but every word is written with purpose, to turn skeptics into advocates and prospects into customers. That means we are not just informing, but are communicating deeper benefits and showing requisite proofs.

It can be complex and it’s certainly a challenge, but we relish it. Often, we don’t just have to prove that a product is effective, but also that it’s better than any alternatives – or at least show its uniqueness.

However, that’s not all. Since we work for some of the biggest brands, we also have to project and communicate the brand positively. We have to maintain brand voice, tone and culture, without diluting the message. It’s easier sometimes – especially for brands whose communications we have been handling for a while – but often it demands creativity thoroughly understand a brand’s values.

Medical Copywriting for a Digital Audience

The online audience wants information quickly and more users are now on mobile than desktop. Daily Posts recognises this and our copywriters take it into consideration whilst writing copy.

We try to break up texts and design the copy in such a way that key information is highlighted to make it easy for a reader (scanning through the document) to understand.

We also use lots of subheadings and try to make them engaging and enticing enough to compel the reader to read what is beneath.

All types of Content

We have helped healthcare professionals and brands provide copy aimed at making their websites more engaging, generating more leads and sales. We have also helped a variety of companies create landing pages and PPC copies, as well as handle social media marketing and updates.

Sometimes, we have had to create content from scratch, while at other times we have edited accordingly yo improve and accentuate the desired message. We have helped improve conversion and make messages true to the brand.

Whatever it is that you want doing, our medical copywriters have probably done it before and will offer you the highest-quality service.

Factual is not Boring

Medical copywriting is non-poetic, but factual. Despite this, it’s not all boring, as some copywriters might think. It can even be exciting, but that is not our end goal. At Daily Posts, our goal is to cultivate belief and persuade, in order to sell.

Our medical copywriters are often excited about the process and are adept at creating a factual, concise, and clear message that delivers results.

No Room for Error

Medical writing must be accurate and factual and should include technical jargon appropriately. It requires experience to get this right. That’s why we only use copywriters who are veterans in this field.

Our medical editors pore through the piece after it is written to ensure it meets our quality requirement. Facts, language and instructions are also cross-checked to ensure that nothing was overlooked. We also make sure that there are no violations of any sort while we proofread and crosscheck the grammar.

After we submit the final copy, you can request unlimited revisions should you so wish, until you are 100% satisfied with our work.

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With various regulations to keep in mind, you can’t afford to use a service that will give you anything less than 100%.

We are here to help you and guarantee that our work will help deliver your message effectively and profitably. Call us today to get started.


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