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Marketing Copy Guaranteed to Grow your Business’ Online Presence

Do you often search for your business online using certain keywords? Are you impressed by the results? Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance could be an indication of the quality of content or marketing copy on your website.

From ad copy, to sales, and product description pages, your marketing copy must be written in a format and structure that fosters its visibility on search engine result pages (SERP). A professional copywriter is trained to work SEO techniques, and compelling language into the copy. This increases web traffic volume and conversion rates.

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DailyPosts is a professional copywriting agency based in the UK. We pride ourselves in the versatility of our copywriters; writing topics ranging from finance, healthcare, trade services, tourism, construction and information technology.

We write marketing copy that sells products on any online space. Our work is deeply rooted in research and understanding of the client’s business, their customers, and product or services. We combine experience, talent, and skill.

Every business has a point of connection with their target audience. At DailyPosts, it’s our job to find that point and apply it.

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SEO-friendly Marketing Copy

Growing your business’ online presence is not as simple as posting copy on your website, blog, or affiliate marketing site. There are other techniques to be applied. Search engine optimisation is the key concern of any webmaster or content marketer. Finding ways to outrank other competitors in the most cost-effective way is a constant battle.

To produce marketing copy for better SERP results, you need a professional copywriter with a strong SEO background. At DailyPosts, we carry out keyword research for specific industries. These high-ranked industry keywords are weaved into content containing smart copy and compelling call-to-action statements.

The goal is to sky-rocket your ranking when search queries for these keywords and phrases are typed by users seeking services related to your business. The more your webpage turns up on a search, the more chances of increasing traffic to your website.

In addition, your landing pages can attract links from other high domain authorities. This has the potential to increase the trust and citation flows; two factors responsible for influencing web authority.

Marketing Copy with High Engagement Rates

By the time your website starts receiving organic traffic from searches, the landing page should be optimised to engage the potential customers. For example, if an ad copy serving a particular shoe brand draws an interested buyer to your website, the corresponding landing page must have interesting copy describing the shoes. It should also showcase the features, price and other functions without confusing the customer.

If the page is unreadable, say, the text is too tiny, has large block paragraphs with no titles, and is generally busy; the customer will likely leave.

To craft effective landing pages, the marketing copy must be scannable, sufficiently descriptive and speak directly to the customer. The idea is to make it sticky enough to engage visitors and guide them through the purchase funnel.

Landing pages written by our copywriters:

  • Are easy to read.
  • Engage customers.
  • Overcome buyers’ objections.
  • Convince buyers about your product.
  • Motivate buyers to complete an action (buy, call, sign up, research).

Our words are a key part of marketing copy, but the work doesn’t end at engagement. We aim to make your landing pages efficient conversion channels.

Marketing Copy for High Conversion Rates

The customer journey is a series of decision steps a prospective buyer goes through to complete a purchase. From searching, to product description, and listed benefits; a buyer must make the right decision that takes them closer to a successful sale.

At DailyPosts, our copywriters aim to simplify this process with persuasive messages and clear copy. Our marketing copy is neither overbearing nor too sales-focused. We keep it real and give your content a personality.

People are more drawn to businesses with a personality. By making a real connection with your audience, we can shorten the customer journey and increase your conversion rates.

Properly Edited Marketing Copy

Our writing agency operates a series of processes that guarantee efficiency. We never submit a project without editing thoroughly for mistakes. During copyediting, typos and grammatical errors are identified and expunged. The result is a clean and professional piece ready to be published.

We can write the following marketing copy:

  • Advertising copywriting
  • FAQs pages
  • Sales pages, landing pages
  • Product description
  • Customer guidelines
  • How-to manuals
  • Articles for blogs and magazines
  • Case studies

Why a Professional Copywriter Should Write Your Marketing Copy

  1. Expertise

There’s a reason we are called professionals. Marketing copy is not like ordinary writing. It is writing with intent to sell, and it takes special skill. Our copywriters are experienced with decades of writing copy for multinational firms, government agencies, start-ups and more. You can be rest assured that our marketing copy will give you the expected results.

  1. Creativity

Creativity is a special skill. If you are writing your own marketing copy, it may take longer to come up with a creative piece because of other responsibilities you may have. A professional copywriter is always in creative mode and will complete the marketing copy faster.

At DailyPosts, we have a diverse team of copywriters who live and breathe creativity. We have produced some of the most articulate and compelling copy on the internet today.

  1. Variation

One of the most essential elements in content creation is variation. When you have one person writing your marketing copy, it is likely to sound monotonous. Hiring a professional agency gives you the opportunity to explore angles from a diverse team of creative-minded experts. In addition to helping you produce different content types, a copywriter will also be able to write content at various lengths and expert levels depending on the target audience.

  1. Cost-effective

It is generally more cost effective to hire a professional copywriting agency. We have the resources, talent and experience. Doing it on your own will cost you time and manpower which could be put to more productive use in other areas of your business.

Furthermore, our pricing system makes it easy for you to control your budget for a steady stream of content.

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