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Killer Copywriting

Worried about low conversions?

Every company needs sales to make a profit, but, sometimes, meeting your sales expectations can be difficult. Even brands that don’t sell products need clients, customers and visitors to grow. But, how can you achieve this in a world where everyone is saying and selling the same thing?

It is more important to say the right things in the right way than to say something just because you have to. If you can pass your marketing messages in the right way, you will enjoy a boost in conversions. However, we understand that not everyone can get it right. It takes skills born out of experience to come up with a convincing copy that converts. Fortunately, this is what we do at Daily Posts.

If you are worried about your low conversion and unimpressive sales, and you need someone to create killer copy ads for your brand, you are on the right website.

Give us a call on 02380 970979 to find out how we can work together to create killer copywriting that sells.

Do you actually need a copywriter?

The purpose of copywriting goes beyond trying to impress, it is also meant to achieve specific business goals. This is why every copywriting process starts with first analysing and understanding the target audience, their needs and the solutions you can provide. Creating killer copy is the peak of persuasion. It takes the right knowledge, the right approach and the right style to write something that will influence a favourable buying decision.

While it is true that no one knows your business better than you do, it is also true that there are people who can pass your message better. It is one thing to know what to say and another thing to know how to say it.

Rather than be satisfied with the accepted and conventional style of writing marketing copy, let us work with you to create a message that resounds with your target audience.

The copy writers at Daily Posts are experts in writing highly-persuasive killer copy that will do a lot for your bottom line.

Get started today.

Turn on that light in the brains of your customers

When you write killer copy, you are effectively turning on the light bulbs in the brains of your customers. Persuasive copy strikes a chord within the psyche of your target audience and helps them see why they need the products and services you offer. It is just like flipping on a switch.

The right products, the right services, an automated sales funnel, all these are moot if your message does not sell. It is like sitting around in the dark waiting for something to happen. Without a compelling message that resonates with your target audience, it is like you have no power, and therefore no real play. There is nothing compelling enough to pull customers into your conversion funnel.

With Daily Posts killer copywriting service, we are here to flip that switch. And once we flip the switch, it will affect both your customers and your business. Flipping the switch involves taking your information and using it to create killer copywriting that will effectively communicate your value to your customers.

Ready to start selling? Request killer copywriting here.

How we achieve success

Buzzwords and keywords have their place, but they can be ineffective if they don’t touch the heart of the matter. An effective message is one that connects deep with your customers so that they realize that your business offers the solutions to their problems. When you start creating compelling copy, you are on the road to success.

At Daily Posts, we can work with you to achieve this. Our 3-step process is everything you need to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Communicate value

The first objective of copywriting is to create a message that properly articulates the value of your business. When customers realise that your business offers the solution they need, they will do business with you. Writing killer copywriting is one of our specialties at Daily Posts. We can help you create customer-driven copy that will efficiently communicate what you have to offer and why your readers should care. This is the first step in getting them into the conversion funnel.

  • Create a connection

Even though the first objective is to communicate value, the primary goal is to connect that value to your customers at an emotional level.

The key is to make them realise their pain points and anticipate how what you offer will remove one or more of these pain points. The plan is to get them excited as they think of how what your business offers will help them meet their needs, goals and objectives.

At Daily Posts, our job is to help focus your narrative on the customers. This means creating a compelling story that speaks to what they care about in a language they understand.

Hundreds of brands in different parts of the world have enjoyed the benefits of our killer copywriting services. You can too.

  • Increase revenue

Killer copywriting shows how your business can solve the needs of the customers. This will result in an immediate increase in conversions, sales and revenue, three essential elements you need to succeed in business.

If you need an expert copywriting service that can help you increase these three areas of your business, you have come to the right website. Our expert copywriters are ready to work with you to create killer copy that will help you be found in the overcrowded world of the internet. Our expert killer copywriting will switch on the lights in the brains of your customers and get them to swing into action.

Because we are experts at this, we guarantee success. Sign up for an account and try us out today.

Almost anyone can write content for any business, but very few people know how to get into the minds of customers and push them to take the needed action. When it comes to writing killer copy that gets into the minds of customers and compels them to make a decision favourable to your business, you can count on us at Daily Posts, because we know our stuff.

Need killer copy for your business? Request copywriting services today.

What is Killer Copywriting?

One famous writer said, “writing is a form of telepathy.No other form of writing agrees with this more than copywriting. Copywriting conveys the deliberate message(s) to a certain audience for commercial reasons.

Copy that is straightforward, clear, and simple can often achieve this purpose.

Killer copywriting incorporates these elements and is written to evoke particular experiences and associations of a shared culture. You or your hired copywriting partner describes each brand value and product benefit.

 Killer copy engages the feelings of the reader. Consider how people respond to emails sent to many others. Copy must have spoken to them personally.

 The guiding principles of killer copywriting are:

  1. sound (intonation);
  2. scenery (choice of words); and
  3. structure (how everything fits together).

Types of Killer Copywriting

There are varying types of copy where killer copywriting can play a major role, depending on the context and goals of the business.

They are:

  • Product descriptions
  • Press releases
  • Landing pages
  • Email newsletters
  • Email campaigns
  • Sign-up forms
  • Social media updates
  • FAQ copywriting

 What makes great Killer Copywriting?

Not all copy will make readers take action. Killer copy always makes them do something–exactly what you want.

You can consistently churn out killer copy. This section considers how this can be done.

 Approach your copy with confidence

  • You really need to sound compelling in your delivery. If your approach is filled with the faintest layer of doubt, your reader will reject your message.
  • Thoroughly testing your copy shows the gap between how we think we are perceived and how we are perceived. Mere intuition is not enough.

Find out why your conversions are low. Only then should you change tactics.


Ensure your copy answers the readers’ top two questions

Answer your prospects’ top two burning questions within eight seconds.

These questions have nothing to do with your products, but everything to do with you. Thus:

1.       Can I trust this person? The best answer is a testimonial.

2.       Can I respect this person? The best response is to show your credentials.


Tell a story to show the reader what action to take

After establishing trust and respect, use a specific tactic to sell your offering.


Do not say: I do__________ for_________ .

Say: Need_________done? Here’s what I did for.

Highlight the problem and the benefit by showing, not telling.

Guide readers to what you want them to do and remember they want to do a task. Remind them of that task and your product will matter to them.

 Spell out how you can help do the task and prove it with free advice

You then need to show you are the right person to solve their problem.

 This becomes easy once you’ve followed these three steps.

1.       I do the job you need to get done.

2.       That job is my specialty.

3.       I do it so well my customers love working with me.

 Let your reader know why they must act now.

State your call to action.

Giving something for free works like magic.

 Facts about Killer Copywriting

  1. 64% of consumers say shared values are important in forging brand relationships.
  2. Interpersonal attraction makes people listen to other people who act like them.
  3. The average consumer processes 100,500 words daily on the internet.
  4. If you cannot show a connection between consumer pain and your product, all you’ll be doing is a hard sell.



FAQs about Killer Copywriting

Where can I get killer copywriting services for my business?

The global copywriting professionals at Daily Posts specialise in writing killer copy that has boosted the fortunes of brands worldwide.

 Are your writers available to handle my copywriting project?

Competent professional copywriters at Daily Posts are always eager to follow through on your brief and deliver top-quality copy.


How soon can I get my work completed?

We adhere strictly to deadlines. All you have to do is fulfil the contract requirements.

Do I really need killer copywriting? Can’t I do regular writing?

Regular writing may work. Killer copywriting always works. It is a defined approach as this article shows. It is deliberate, and since you’re deliberate about success, you should care about your copy.


For killer copywriting services that work, contact Daily Posts today on 02380 970979.

If you do business online, you will agree that the internet has become proliferated with too many marketing messages, all of them saying virtually the same thing. Because of this, customers can no longer easily identify brands that offer value. If you want your business to dominate the market, you need to learn how to communicate your values differently. 

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Killer Copywriting Skills to Boost Your Conversation Rates 

James Cummings, CEO, explains a little about our content and copywriting services. If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your content requirements then get in touch with James today, or setup an account now to work with us in our online virtual office.

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To better communicate the value of your business to potential customers, get more sales and increase revenue, you need to tell a story that sells. Gone are the days when facts were enough to interest people. These days, people need to be stimulated in the right places to want to do business with you. This means using the right combination of words, nuances and slogans in the right contexts. Without this type of marketing message, you will find yourself struggling.

At Daily Posts, we can work with you to create killer copy for your marketing and sales messages. Our killer copywriting is crafted to be highly persuasive to the target audience. In fact, we have a very impressive record of creating compelling copywriting that speedily moves customers down the conversion funnel.

Why not give your brand the boost it deserves? Sign up for an account today.

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