Killer Copywriting

Killer Copywriting

Killer Copywriting Skills to Boost Your Conversation Rates

Effective copywriting is all about creativity. Raw creativity. Granted, the word ‘creativity’ is often misunderstood, overused and misapplied, but it really exists, especially in the world of persuasive copy.

So how do you achieve effective copywriting, that killer sales message with a 95 – 99.5% chance of driving traffic and converting visitors into buyers and then loyal customers?

The answer is by applying the art and science of professional copywriting. Yes, creative copywriting is both, combining the charm and style of art with the detailed research and precision of science.

When a professional copywriter maximises the power of creative copywriting, they infuse engrossing and persuasive elements and techniques that make the content killer copy and achieves the goal of the client.

A super copywriter understands how to attract the right visitors and keep their attention. They understand how to mimic the tone of voice of the product, client and the target audience and create a powerful sync between them.

They understand that only creative copywriting (in the right sense and full weight of the word) drives the message home and successfully sells the product or idea.

At Daily Posts, we have carefully recruited a team of skilled, talented writers and trained them extensively in the art and science of producing killer copywriting on a daily basis.

That’s why some of the world’s most dynamics brands have come to trust and depend on us to produce a stream of killer copy that keeps them ahead of the competition, and helps them command the largest possible share of the market.

To enjoy the immense benefits of killer copywriting – day in, day out – and to put the adrenaline in your business and product branding campaigns, sign up now to get started.

Techniques that make great marketing content

At Daily Posts, our writers don’t just produce easy-to-read, grammatically flawless and flowing copies. They also employ some specific, modern and proven techniques that make the copy stand out, both to the reader, the client and on search engines.

1. Creative and punchy headlines

Headlines are less than 30 percent of the copy, but getting them right is 70 percent of the creative work. That’s why experienced copywriters see headlining as an art that requires close attention and careful crafting.

To use a fitting analogy, headlines are the windows, doors and walls of a property. If it doesn’t look attractive from the outside, the chances a visitor or prospective tenant will go in are slim, no matter how nice the interior is.

A creative and punchy headline will instantly grab the reader’s attention and entice them to click through and read further.

2. The active voice

It’s one of the golden rules for writers at Daily Posts: to make lines and paragraphs more forceful, easier to understand and read naturally, the subject must always ‘do’ the action, rather than being acted upon.

For example:  The sentence “The CEO gave her an instruction” is more concise, precise and conversational than “She was given an instruction by the CEO.”

3. Skimmable copies

Experienced copywriters know that web users love to skim – that is, quickly scanning through copy for important points that could be of interest to them. Good copy must first pass the ‘skimmable’ test before it can hook readers to read further.

So, killer copywriting will use a variety of techniques and keywords that help the reader get what they’re looking for faster, keep their attention and prompt them to take the desired action.

What copywriting elements help catch the reader’s eye, compelling them to stay on the page and read more? They include:

  • Brilliant headings and subheadings
  • Bullet points and numbered listings
  • Info graphics, images and videos
  • Short, precise sentences
  • Arresting numbers and statistics
  • Varied sentence and paragraph lengths
  • Bold texts, underlining, links and coloured texts

4. Shorter, simpler and more concise words

At our copywriting agency, we understand the power of simple, effective words, compared to long, winding verbiage. We know that simple is simply better.

This is also in the spirit of writing skimmable copies. More than ever, people have shorter attention spans. That’s why for most of the time, we’ll prefer to use:

  • go instead of proceed
  • get rid of instead of eliminate
  • best instead of superior
  • cheap instead of cost-effective
  • help instead of assist
  • understand instead of comprehend
  • get instead of obtain
  • know instead of realise
  • show instead of indicate

5. Skip the jargon, officialese and exaggerations

They sound grandiose, off-putting and complex. As much as possible, keep to simpler, more conversational language, whilst still appearing professional and intelligent.

6. The  four ‘W and Hs’ rule still applies

Good copywriting reads fluently, but it is not a piece of fiction. It must also always obey the rules of facts and figures, as much as it does grammar and syntax. So, killer copywriting ticks the boxes on what, where, when, why and how. They make the copy more believable, real and trustworthy.

7. Create a feeling of scarcity and urgency around the product or idea

Killer copywriting does a lot more than communicate the message and promote the idea or product. It creates a sense of limited, irresistible offers that make the prospect want to act now!

8. Trigger and explore emotions

Here’s the biggest secret to posts that go viral: killer copywriting makes the writer feel excited, boosts their ego and cleverly persuades them to take the desired action relating to the promoted idea or product.

9.  A persuasive ‘Call-to-Action’ or post script

The copy should thread down with a closing, powerful ‘Call to Action’. It should read logically and be compelling – the perfect icing on the cake.  It should make the reader seriously consider (or want to) immediately buying, opting in, signing up, visiting or undertaking any other ‘Call-to-Action’ in the marketing content.

Engaging the services of a versatile and experienced writing agency such as Daily Posts helps keep your marketing goals and profit-making potentials of your business on the right track.

To see why some of the world’s leading brands depend on us to drive their marketing and branding campaigns, sign up today to get started on your own amazing success story.

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