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Junior Copywriter

The junior copywriter works directly below a senior copywriter in the marketing and advertising industry. He does not have as much experience in the field, but is certainly resourceful for the planning and creation of good copy.

Junior copywriters get to work with the creative lead on projects to hone their copywriting skills as well as gain confidence that would come in handy when they are required to create their own copy.

The duty of a junior copywriter is to complement what the lead copywriters create, or proffer ideas to improve what is available.

Activities junior copywriters engage in

Conduct research. This is one of the ways junior copywriters support the creative lead on a project. Some aspect of the research work is handed down to him to reduce the workload on the lead copywriter, in the process lessons are learnt and the junior copywriter is better equipped for a project of his own.

Brainstorming sessions. They are also involved in the planning stages of every project or copy, working with the art director, the copywriter, and other members of a specialised team to develop brilliant strategies for clients. Being a part of such discussions enhances the junior copywriter's creativity and confidence.

Writing copy. There's no better way to improve at something without actually doing it. The juniors get some copy briefs to develop into engaging and persuading copy, with the supervision of team leads, they get to produce great stuff.

New ideas. Junior copywriters are relatively young people, as such they are more likely to keep up with trends and produce creative ideas that resonate with brands and their target audience.

Qualities of junior copywriters

A junior copywriter should have certain creative and design skills. These should include:

Strong research skills. Research is where most of the work is done for writing copy, and it is one of those areas the junior copywriter should know and improve on quickly. To produce good copy, the copywriter needs to learn about the target audience, the client, competitors, the product or service being sold, and the market.  

Passionate about writing. This is in fact the first quality every copywriter should have. Before persuasion is achieved, clarity and understanding must first be taken care of. Copy might sound persuasive but if it contains grammatical errors, the whole purpose is defeated; consumers find a hard time trusting clients who can't write well.

Willingness to learn. Juniors willing to learn don't remain juniors for a long time, because the more they learn the better they become at copywriting, making them even more relevant in the marketing industry. In a company like Daily Posts, quick growth is guaranteed considering the volume of learning materials and training managers at their disposal.

Ability to meet deadlines. In the marketing industry, what sets one apart is not just the ability to produce great copy but to also deliver it before the deadline. Junior copywriters are able to work on different projects and still meet deadlines; it is this discipline that ensures growth on their part.

Experience in similar roles. Copywriters have a background in writing copy either for blogs, website, social media, and so on.

A desire for perfection. All copywriters have the drive to make copy that is awesome, and while the client may not always like what they see at the first draft, that drive never really goes away. We are wired like that!

Questions we often get about junior copywriters

Should copywriters have a basic knowledge of SEO and keyword tools?

They should. Writing copy never ends at doing the writing, people have to see it and search engine optimisation is one of the ways to ensure increased visibility.

Is it true some copywriters don't necessarily go through school to be able to write good copy?

Well, that is not far from the truth, but there is something about being educated in relevant fields, they prepare one for the job and equip them substantially. At Daily Posts, we prefer educated copywriters, they have an edge.

Every marketing service has copywriters at different levels, all working together for the common good, we are not left out. We are, however, different in our approach, we believe in training and equipping our copywriters to become better by providing the resources and tools. Who benefits from all of this? YOU.

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