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What does an IT copywriter do?

Copywriting is the art of writing compelling enough text to move consumers to take a specified action. This could be making a purchase, subscribing to a service or downloading something. Copywriting for IT is the same because it’s also intended to sell your brand to the audience. However, it differs from many other forms of copywriting because industry-specific jargon can get in the way.

It’s the job of the IT copywriter to ensure that your brand message and volume is effectively communicated to the audience, such that it compels them to take the desired action.

Do IT copywriters have an Information Technology background?

Many writers who create copy for IT companies have some sort of background in the industry. Having relevant experience and knowledge of that space ensures that our writers can produce copy targeted at audiences of varying proficiency levels, ranging from the layman to IT professional. It also helps increase the speed at which we can churn out professionally-written copy.

How much Information Technology education do IT copywriters have?

Our writers have varying levels of tertiary qualifications in Information Technology disciplines. While some have IT and IT-related degrees, others don’t. Having a formal education in Information Technology can be beneficial, but it’s not essential or a prerequisite for producing quality copy.

It’s more important to possess key learning skills such as researching, knowledge retention, and so on. Our writers have experience producing copy for the IT industry and, so, are well-versed in the art of communicating technical complexities to non-technical consumers.

How much do IT copywriters charge?

At Daily Posts, we offer a range of rates starting from 0.02 per word for SEO copywriting. Our rates are among the most affordable you’ll find anywhere. Sign up for any of our plans and start getting quality copy today.

Will IT copywriting bring in more traffic?

At Daily Posts, our writers are adept at producing SEO copy that can help more people find you in search engines. We do the legwork and research to determine the best possible keywords for your product or service.

Our SEO strategy is intended to attract highly-targeted traffic to ensure that you don’t end up with a high bounce rate. With copy that’s designed to bring in long-term traffic, you can be assured of getting optimal ROI.

Get IT copy that converts

Consumers are not wowed by highly-technical language nor are they impressed by exaggerated claims. They need to understand what value they can get from your brand. Being trained marketers with solid backgrounds in Information Technology, our writers use insight gained from years of experience to create copy that drives results.

Our IT copywriters are skilled in the art of marketing communication, using the right words to move the audience to take action. When done properly, professional copywriting can help turn your leads into conversions.

We are excited about your product too!

If your customers can be expected to see how passionate you are about solving their problem, then your copy has to capture that passion. We are not interested only in how your product or service works, but we also want to understand your brand story and journey. That allows us to put ourselves in your shoes and speak with an authentic voice that your audience can relate to.

Copy that genuinely speaks with the enthusiasm and passion of creating a solution to a real problem your audience is dealing with is likely to convince them that you’re the real deal. Even the most technical of concepts or solutions can be represented in engaging copy. When the information is clear enough for consumers to see that you can solve their problems, it becomes easier to sell to them.

We get your target customer

The key to succeeding as a business in any industry is to put the customer first. If you intend to attract a specific kind of customer, then you have to know all there is to know about them. For every new project we work on, we do our due diligence to learn about the target audience. This allows us to produce copy that truly speaks to them.

Understanding the pain points of your customer, as well as their hopes, means we can easily position your product or service as their best bet for getting their needs met.

Why do you need a good IT copywriter?

No matter what niche you operate in, good-quality copywriting can help if you would like to attract more customers or keep the ones you have. If you have some online presence, you may need anything from website copy or blog posts to press releases and more. A good copywriter can take relevant insights and use those to guide targeted prospects where you want them to go.

Copy that’s designed to motivate prospects to take the next step while building credibility for your brand is indispensable. It’s a competitive landscape and an IT copywriter can help you stay ahead of your peers.

Beat the competition, stay ahead.

Quality IT copywriting that converts can help you stay ahead of the competition if done right. With a professional team of experienced copywriters at your side, you can turn your leads into paying customers. It’s as simple as setting up an account today and placing an order for the copy you need.

Who is an IT Copywriter?

An IT copywriter brings a blend of technology experience and business-to-business copywriting to the table. The best of both worlds, you may say.

 The seasoned copywriter has trained well enough to deliver copy that sells.

A background in technology can help in understanding products with technical specifications.

Proficiency in communicating business and consumer benefits through words completes the other half of the equation.

Some copywriting agencies have dedicated IT copywriting staff. Others train their staff to improve competence in technology topics.

Types of IT Copywriting

Copywriting in IT can take different forms:

  • Industry reports: often used to give a snapshot of current trends in the IT industry.
  • Whitepapers
  • Presentations
  • User Documentation: This is a simple instructional material that accompanies software and hardware products.
  • Abstract: This is a brief guide that summarises a report. It can be descriptive (where it lists the topics covered in the report) or informative (where it summarises the most important information in the report).
  • Spec sheet: It shows product schematics that may inform purchase decisions and specify the scope of a project and requirements for IT contracts.
  • Proposal: This is persuasive copy that provides solutions and recommends a product or service.
  • Questionnaires: These are targeted questions used to gather information from respondents. Often for surveys and obtaining statistical data. It aims for information on preferences, behaviour, and facts.
  • Email newsletters: These are often used for lead generation and other marketing purposes by authority IT figures and brands.

What makes a great IT copywriter?

Our experience at Daily Posts shows that a great IT copywriter should be someone with quality IT background. The goal is to write content that is:

  1. concise
  2. brief
  3. comprehensible, and
  4. accessible to targeted audiences to serve the purpose of the work.


They understand that their role is to bridge knowledge gaps in everyday language. This is core technical writing expertise, thus they need to have deep knowledge of their niche. Copy must not be dry but engaging and compelling. They also need to have an online writing experience.

The complexity of IT products and services coupled with the uniqueness of each end-user means an IT copywriter is required to have some tertiary education.

Management and marketing experience help the IT copywriter understand the needs, environment, and constraints of typical decision makers. This aids strategic marketing efforts that eventually yield huge payoffs.

Another key attribute of a great copywriter is her keen awareness of benefits. She understands that readers want solutions more than features. Identifying benefits is hard in advertising but this copywriter knows how to unravel the benefits of a product.

The IT copywriter who understands and contributes value is an invaluable asset. She doesn’t just take instructions; she refines them.

All these attributes are nothing without the basics of excellent grammar, punctuation, killer headlines, cadence, and connection to the reader.

Copy is straightforward and concise. Technical material is impartial, unemotional and factual.

Facts about IT Copywriters

IT copywriters are an important part of any significant IT operation. But, what are things about IT copywriters that we take for granted?

  • IT copywriters (like other copywriters) spend the bulk of their time not on writing, but on research.
  • Your IT copywriting job will always remain a puzzle to many.
  • Just like any CEO, copywriters are result-driven.
  • All great IT marketing campaigns start with a copywriter.
  • IT copywriters are as committed to excellent grammar and punctuation as any other copywriter.
  • IT copywriters are rarer to find than any other copywriters.
  • IT copywriters often get a first taste of the technology they write about before others can experience it.

FAQs about IT Copywriting

Can any copywriter do IT copywriting?

Any copywriter can write something good after doing research, but a dedicated IT copywriter will do a better job.

Does Daily Posts offer IT copywriting?

A lot of Daily Posts’ projects are IT copywriting tasks.

Do you have dedicated IT copywriters?

Yes, we do. Our professional copywriters have what it takes to deliver top-notch jobs in no time. Our operations are largely IT-driven.

Are your copywriters good at long-form content?

Yes. Our professionals around the world are able to write different types of copy.

Can I send you my briefs right now?

Yes, you can. You only need to sign up here to begin. If you want instant response, call 02380 970979.

Are you having a hard time selling your IT services? Do you need a low-cost alternative to advertising agencies and TV ads? Or, perhaps, you need someone to communicate your brand value and convince consumers to actually purchase your services.

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You might be an IT guru offering terrific products and services, but the only way consumers can enjoy any value is if they make a purchase. An IT copywriter doesn’t simply string words together describing your product. They use a combination of their creative writing skills, an understanding of the market, and in-depth knowledge of marketing to produce copy that sells.

At Daily Posts, our team of experienced IT copywriters have worked on copy spanning across a variety of IT fields. Let us help you drive up your conversions and sales by getting consumers to see the value of what you have to offer. Your brand provides the solutions they are looking for, we merely help them see that with compelling, expertly-written copy.

IT can be too technical for the layman to grasp, but it doesn’t have to be. Consumers are more likely to respond to your IT offer if it’s relatable. So, we drop the jargon and use simple English to communicate your value to those you want to sell to.

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