IT Copywriter

IT Copywriter

IT copywriters are in huge demand today. There is an increasing need for copywriters that are specialists in the field of IT. This is not surprising, as customer demands in this field are unique. General copywriters without a strong IT background struggle to comprehend and deliver copy that sells consistently. That is why Daily Posts’ copywriting service is very much in demand. Register an account immediately to get started.

IT Copies that Achieve Results

Our IT copywriters write copies that bring results. They are masters of their craft and have a strong background in IT. They understand IT customer needs and how to communicate with them. Most importantly, they write copies that convert.

IT Copywriters with a Background in IT

You need someone that understands IT and can quickly grasp the importance of your product and the gap it fills in the market place. You need a copywriter that understands IT intimately and can recognise the benefit of your product. It’s only through proper understanding that a writer can convey the message authoritatively. You don’t need copy that is tentative, as Prospects can sense hesitation and won’t buy from you if you appear uncertain.

Work With Copywriters that are Excited About Your Product

On the other hand, working with a Daily Posts IT copywriter is about working with copywriters that understand your innovation and are as excited as you are to introduce it to the customer. We extract the tangible benefits your customer truly cares about and communicate them clearly and engagingly. We communicate using language the writer understands, sprinkled with analogies that are not just designed to clarify, but entice.

We Understand Your Potential Customer

The reason for our success over the years is the focus we place on the customer. Our IT copywriters have performed various in-depth analyses to understand the target audience of numerous IT niches. Initially, we study your target market, gleaning information that helps us understand the target audience’s pain, struggle, hopes and dreams. We also attempt to learn if they have used a similar product before and try to understand any complaints they may have.

IT Copy that Brings in Traffic

Investing in our IT copywriting service is investing in long-term targeted, high-converting traffic. This is because our IT copywriters are also on-site SEO specialists and take the time to ensure they target the right keywords, including long-tail keywords when relevant.

Next, we focus on the product and try to learn as much as possible about it. Only after studying both can we decide on the direction to take.

Making an Irresistible Offer

The next step for us is to make an offer (within the IT copy) that your audience will find hard to resist. This is where our research proves beneficial. We’ll also need to liaise with you to ensure the offer we make is clear and enticing, because a good offer is one of the most important aspects of the copy. If the offer is good, even a poorly-written copy would be able to sell it. However, if the offer is bad, an excellent copy will still struggle to sell it.

Once a good offer that you approve has been chosen, the IT copywriter goes to work and tailors the copy accordingly. The rest of the copy guides the prospects through the numerous benefits of the product and lets them know in clear terms what’s in it for them. The copywriter generally taps into the core emotions of the prospect and tries to show them how your product will provide the solution.

Too many IT copies end up looking like a sales manual, because the copywriter has no experience in IT. Others can emphasise benefits that the IT audience do not really care about or aren’t overly relevant.

To really get the audience excited about your product, you need a copywriter that takes them through their challenges and pain, before showing them the exciting ways your product solves the problem or fills the gap.

You Don’t Have to be Novel to be Unique

We are able to understand your vision and find a unique selling proposition that positions you as a leader in the in the field. We help make a clear argument as to why the prospect should trust your product over similar products on the market.

The copy is also designed to address the various objections your prospects may have, as well as their fears and concerns. It informs them what to do if, after buying the product, they feel it’s not working.

The copy also provides evidence that what is claimed is true and logical. It displays your credentials and represents your brand. It shows proof, using the necessary technical data presented in layman’s terms.


Our copywriters use a language and tone that is personable and relatable. The prospect feels like the brand knows and cares for their need. This is important, because it’s the best way to create a strong customer relationship and cultivate repeat customers.

Daily Posts IT copywriting service is your partner for growth. That means we work with you every step of the way. Even after you’ve accepted the copy, we can tweak anything that is not working. We understand the true test of a copy is how well it converts, so we are here to help you get the best possible conversion.

At Daily Posts, our service is efficient and affordable. Sign up for an account or call us today and give your brand a huge boost.



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