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Writing copy for websites is an art - one that you can learn. However, the true masters of website copy writing are copywriters. They imbue flair and experience in their copy for the web. Learn from the Masters and hire them to craft your website copy. Daily Posts is here to help...


7 Simple Techniques for Writing Quality Web Copy

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Writing quality content for your website means being able to connect with your audience in a way that encourages them to take action. This means that a good writer has to be equipped with the skills required to get more clicks from readers and consequently rank high in Google search. Writing copy for the web is entirely different from how the same content or message will be crafted for print, television or other forms of media. While offline media has limited space with which to use content, the web is a vast universe, but paradoxically with limited audience attention.

That’s where many people make mistakes when writing copy for the web. They focus on the content and give scant attention to the unique nature and characters of web users. They forget to ask critical questions or research key information about the audience: What kind of content are they looking for? What style do they prefer? How much time are they willing to spend on a copy and what can hold their attention a little longer? These are what your focus should be on if you are looking to produce high-ranking website copy. The success of your web copy depends on how well you are able to bond with your readers and connect with them even at an emotional level. It requires you to step into their shoes and understand how they see things. Generally, you need to understand their behaviour.

Web users don’t read, they scan information. They’re in a hurry and need to make quick decisions without having to think too much. So, a web copywriter needs to be more creative and pay closer attention to specific details that make copy engaging and persuasive to a specific target market. Every piece you produce has to have a targeted effect on the reader. As a copywriter, you are aiming to help your visitors accomplish one or all of their goals. It is either that or you help them learn something. Armed with these facts, you are in a better position to know what they most likely will find redundant, the kind of language that will alienate them with and how to structure your copy so that they are able to access the important messages in the short time they have.

At Daily Posts, we have earned a reputation as a leading value writing agency. That is because our large teams of experienced and well-trained copywriters have perfected the art of creating absorbing and compelling copies on a consistent basis to clients across various niches. Our writing company consists of talented and dedicated copywriters, who deliver copies on various topics and subject areas daily, including technical copywriting, SEO copywriting, and web copywriting. Our copywriting projects are generally noted for their concise, articulate, bold, target-specific and SEO-rich content and style. To enhance your digital communication and business branding campaigns, sign up for an account with us today.

These techniques and tips aren’t crafted for a particular sector, so even if you are in eCommerce, run a charity organisation or an academic institution, you will find this page beneficial.

Tips for writing more engaging, compelling website copy for more readers and a higher ranking

Are you looking for how to write a good web copy? Are you pressed by time and need to do a quick ad copy? Then you simply need to know what characteristics make web copy appealing and compelling, drive traffic to your site and potentially boost your business’ profit-generating potential. These characteristics are what defines good website copy.

1. Research and understand your audience

There are several important points to note and apply when writing web copy, but the starting point is to understand who you’re writing for. True, web users have some common unique traits, but, your brand, product or service has a specific market. In fact, in marketing generally, research into the customer is a common technique which helps in developing the product. Copywriting isn’t exempt, as you also need to focus on whom you are creating it for.

You need to identify the demographic and psychographic of your online market through critical research. What is their primary gender? What is their age range? What is their location or background? Not only that, you need to understand how much this background structures their worldview. This way, you are more likely to write in line with their own ideals and not alienate them.

What is their lifestyle? What is their favourite colour, food, hangout etc? What tone or language are they more familiar with and might get their attention? Most businesses understand the importance of the tone and voice in which their messages are rendered. They structure every copy and piece of content they develop around this voice. But few know how well the tone and voice the customer is comfortable reading goes on to determine how much the articles are read and, consequently, how high they rank on search engines.

2. State the key information first

Are you looking for how to become a copywriter? This is one of the first techniques you need to learn if you are new to website copywriting. When writing for print, you may be able to keep the best for last and bury your most important message or information somewhere in the middle or at the end of the copy. In web copy, state the main messages about your brand, product or service first. Highlight it. Make it bold and visible. This is one of the tricks reporters use. They cram the most important information under the headline then go ahead to provide details further down the page. This is part of understanding your audience whose attention you are competing for with a thousand other websites.

Essentially, this is a simple statement about what you represent and can offer the client. Once the web user reaches your site, they scan quickly for this message. They are really concerned about you providing them with what they need. Once they see these statements, they assume you have the answers they need. However, if it’s not immediately visible, they may wander off to the next similar site. If they see it quickly and it is of interest, they’ll want to find out more by reading further.

3. Make the headline stand out

This follows on from the preceding point. A creative and catchy headline gives a quick and succinct pointer on how your brand or product can offer benefits to the reader. It also helps to better organise the copywriting content. Arriving at the right headline takes work on its own. Owing to its importance, it is recommended you work on it until you get it right. A unique headline needs to:

  • Sound useful to the reader and meet his or her needs.
  • Use the right words and avoid words which have lost their appeal to readers.
  • Be optimised for search

For a headline that stands out, you can try using numbers. This helps ensure the reader doesn’t feel overwhelmed. You can also try using the question method. This method entices people who weren’t initially looking for your copy, since it promises to teach them something new. If you can’t incorporate this method, you can either use controversial statements or include the reader in a group. These have the same effect as the question method. Not all users understand the Google ranking algorithm. Therefore, if you are 5th on the search result, they will end up clicking on your site if your headline is attractive enough.

4. Keep it simple and creative

Savvy copywriters don’t try to act too smart towards the audience or consider the digital content marketing platform as a good avenue to exhibit the latest complex terminology they’ve learned. Instead, when they need to introduce complex concepts, they find the most creative ways to do this. Remember, you are not just writing to your readers, you are also fighting to hold their attention.

Web users have little time or, at least, act like they do. They don’t want to encounter any word, phrase or sentence they don’t know the exact meaning of. There’s a lazy element in how the web user reads. They want to read quickly and prefer simple, straightforward language. Simplicity is one of the easiest ways to engage with your audience and continue holding their attention.

This does not mean writing in a language aimed at 5-year-olds. Professional writers with a top writing company like Daily Posts, have honed their skills to produce creative, intelligent writing that is simple, engaging and accurate.

5. Be concise and articulate. Write short paragraphs.

Writing short paragraphs and more concise, commonly-used words for your copy is one of the elements of keeping it simple. So, get to the point quickly, break up sentences logically and shave off all the superfluities. Use terms like ‘cheap flight,’ instead of ‘cost-effective flight’ or ‘go on’ instead of ‘proceed.’ This matches with the reading habits of most web users.

6. Bullet points and numbered lists are a winner any day

Bullet points and numbered lists are a favourite for web users, as they can be easily categorised as ‘scannable’ content, just like this copy. Experienced copywriters and writing companies know to occasionally employ this technique to write a list of important points, while breaking up the monotony of text.

However, using long and complex bullet points will defeat the idea behind their use. Instead, use your bullet points to cover benefits, items, and every other part of your writing you feel the reader would rather scan through instead of reading long paragraphs on.

7. Remember, web users don’t read or study – they mostly just scan copy

This has been mentioned previously. Most web users don’t read, but mostly scan or skim through copy until something grabs their attention. They’re just hunting for information or products that satisfy their immediate concerns.

In fact, studies show that just 16% of people who see web copies read them line by line. The rest just glance through. Therefore, your web copy shouldn’t be more than printed copy. In fact, it should be half the size of printed copy. Budget your word count and structure so that the vital content of your copy falls where a user will easily see.

When writing web copy, expert copywriters and writing agencies do so with their eye focused on developing content for scanners. How? By making the headline and subheadings precise and concise, and using bullet points and numbered lists that are easy to understand.

8. Make it rich with keyword

While it is important to write for Google search ranking, a top writing agency like Daily Posts writes first and foremost for the target audience. That said, web copy is enriched with keywords in the right places, as long as they do not disrupt the natural flow of content. Keywords help your copy stay relevant to your industry and business particularly. You need to also make sure it is not keyword-stuffed. Know the right keyword density to rank for. When enriching your keywords, change up your tenses. This means using different variations of your keywords so that you can rank higher with them. Play with the changes in the spelling of words: tense, singular, plural, and so on. This is important even as Google will rank you for “fairly used cars” when what you have is “fairly used car”.

9. Know when to hire an expert

This is certainly a long list and, to a great extent, requires technical and well-honed skills. Sometimes, it is a level of expertise that is beyond the average, everyday writer or business owner. That is why top professional writers in leading writing agencies like Daily Posts help busy business owners and executives stay at the top of their digit branding projects with first-rate, quality copy that is reader and Google search engine-friendly.

By investing in Daily Posts’ expert copywriting services, you save huge costs on in-office personnel hire, whilst boosting the profile and value of your brand and establishing it as an authority.

Open an account today with Daily Posts and let’s get started on keeping you at the top of the market pyramid, with all-round captivating, engaging and compelling marketing communication projects.


Quality copy is the one way to provide value to your visitors. No matter how much competition you have or how limited it seems your niche is, highly-compelling and seductive copy is the way to break through that barrier and enrich your visitors. Consequently, you would be retaining their attention. Apart from this, you would be making more sales, getting more shares and ranking higher on search engines, especially Google, through well-crafted web copy. The more complex SEO becomes, the more quality copywriting becomes a crucial part of search engine optimisation efforts.