How to write ad copy

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Writing ad copy that is effective is an increasingly difficult task. People are bombarded with thousands of adverts daily so they have become accustomed to ignoring ads- consciously and unconsciously.

People do not want to purchase products and services. On the contrary, spending- even online, continues to increase. They just don’t want to be manipulated into buying.

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Effective Advert Copy is Your Only Option

There are so many options available to customers to purchase almost any type of product or services, and with the growth in e-commerce, your competitors may even be continents away. To be successful today, you need to stand out in a crowded marketplace. The best way to tell customers you provide a unique solution tailored to their need is by writing effective adverts.

As a company that has consistently churned out effective ad copy for years, we often say that writing effective ad copy is not luck. If you follow the right approach and processes, your ad copy will be effective.

Writing adverts requires hard work to be able to write clearly and effectively, and even more talent and skill to write copy that compels someone to take out their credit card and buy a product they probably didn’t know they needed. The point is that it won’t happen automatically, but following the approach below will help you write high-converting ad copy.

Know Your Prospect

Start by carrying out thorough research before you write a thing. You need to first understand your prospects or your target audience. You need to understand what motivates them, what keeps them up at night, what are their challenges, why do they buy your product or similar product or services, what would make them buy again from the same business or change to a different brand.

You need to know the demographics of the target audience. It’s important to understand the kind of language the majority of your prospects use. Language is important because it will help you write ads that are personable and relatable for you audience.

Know the Product or Service

The other important thing to study is the product and solution you intend to write an ad about. You need to learn everything there is to know about it. This will enable you to find a unique value proposition the product offers that addresses a major problem that you discovered while researching your prospective market.

Choosing a USP

The USP should address a major problem or complaint in the market. Or it should make a promise that will resonate with your target audience. However, it’s important to remember that you will have to sell or convince the audience that the USP promised can and will be delivered. Your copy has to further elaborate on it and sell it to the heart of your client.

How do you know a good USP? A good advert, generally, sells to the heart first before the head. It is important to understand buyer psychology. Human’s make decisions to buy for emotional reasons, then justify later with reason. Whether it’s pride, fear, insecurity, lust, or even desire to be seen as responsible, the right USP is able to tap at the right one. If you have to choose just one emotion to target, go for fear. Fear is a more powerful motivator than any other emotion.

But after selling to the heart, you need to spend time proving to your client that the claim is reasonable or the sale won’t go through. Simply put, you have to be clear to the reader about what is in it for him/her and why they can be confident that what you say is true.

How far you go depends on the medium and time you have to sell. For long sales letter, you have ample space to make your case and persuade the client, for TV ads, you have limited time, but you have more resources to convince your client. How you go about it depends on the option you have and how you can be creative within any constraints.

For lengthy ad copies like a sales letter or landing pages, tailor each sentence to address a deep benefit or address an objection. It’s preferable to show and not tell. Show proof where possible.

Talk About the Pain

An effective way to start ad copy is to first show the customer that you understand their problem and frustration. Talk about the disappointments, the struggles and make it as relatable as possible. Show the prospect where they currently are. The goal is to make them remember their current pain or disappointment and promise them you can show them something better.

Explain the unique benefits you offer and why your product is different from those they have tried in the past. Explain how these benefits solve the problem you have mentioned and how well it does it.

Images say a thousand words and using the right image on your ad will further enhance your message.

It’s important to write like a real person. Too much industry speak can hurt a copy. Avoid industry jargon unless you are writing to a highly technical audience. For example, where your targets are managers in a technical field.

If you are writing copy for the masses, there is no need trying to impress them with big words. You won’t sell much. However, use proper grammar and spelling and edit thoroughly. Write in an active voice when possible.

Write purposeful sentences. Write as you would talk to a friend and keep the focus on the consumer. Don’t tell him how great the brand is, but how much the product will be of benefit to him.

There is no ideal formula for writing good adverts because every audience is different. Write for your audience and convince them that you are their sincere best friend and have their best interest at heart. If you can do that, your ad copy will be a success.

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