How to find a copywriter

Sometimes, it's not about how to find a copywriter, but how to find a smart one. After all, anybody can string together a few words without making any impact. A smart copywriter produces content that engages and inspires your target audience to take the desired action - even without them knowing it.


How to Find a Copywriter

Flamboyant CVs, a degree in English Language, a long row of flashy reviews… Do they matter in today’s copywriting world? Are they the hints of quality to focus on when looking to hire a professional copywriter for your business copies?

In truth, a flamboyant CV could prove to be smoke and mirrors (you probably won’t have the time to verify its authenticity), whilst a degree in English hints at a great grasp of the language. However, copywriting entails much more, such as selling products and services. Meanwhile, the internet is full of flashy reviews, with many of them being bogus.

Therefore, while you shouldn’t ignore these credentials outright, there are better qualities to focus on when looking for a copywriter:

  • The quality of the content produced by the copywriter or copywriting agency you are considering to hire, should vouch for their competence.
  • Does the copywriter or writing company have the brand names of their top clients displayed on their website? Certainly, if a copywriter has produced work for Coca Cola, it would be foolish not to mention that on their site.
  • Their pricing should be transparent? Most copywriters charge by the hour or per word count (this is usually clearly stated on their website and is dependent on the type of project). Any copywriter that wants to know your budget before giving you a quote could be untrustworthy.
  • The copywriter or copywriting agency offers you an option to request samples. This shows their self-confidence. So, please do request a sample.
  • A friend or colleague referred you to the copywriter.

Daily Posts’ copywriters are experts, bred through rigorous training and actual copywriting experience.  Our content speaks for itself. We have delivered for big companies, including Overstock. Our pricing system is transparent. We don’t mind showing our clients samples. There’s a good chance we may have even delivered copy for your friends or colleagues.

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When Do You Need a Professional Copywriter?

You need a professional copywriter when:

  • You don’t feel confident when writing your own copies.
  • You don’t want to disrupt normal business routine to produce copies.
  • You want regular fresh copy for your website.
  • You also want those copies to be of high quality.
  • You need copies that will engage and covert your prospects.
  • You want to improve your search engine ranking and therefore need copies that are Search Engine Optimised.
  • You need content tailored to include an objective viewpoint on your products and services.
  • You want diversity in your content.
  • You want to improve your brand’s authority and credibility.

How Do You Find a Copywriter?

Of the many individuals out there calling themselves copywriters, only some can be called great copywriters and perhaps only a few can actually deliver for your brand. Though you might spend less on a mediocre copywriter, you will likely be skimping on quality.

Before you hire any copywriter or copywriting company, always consider the following points:

  • What You Want

No one person can do everything. Perhaps a copywriter can handle SEO copies, blog content, sales letters, and product copywriting. However, the big question is: can they work in your niche? A copywriter that is competent in writing medical copies might not be as equipped in writing sports, finance, or legal copies. It’s that simple.

Therefore, first consider what you want. Is it website copy in the medical niche or SEO copy in the sports niche? Decide on what you want and look for a professional copywriter that specialises in that particular niche. Better still, hire a copy writing agency to do the job. This option is ideal because writing agencies work with a wide range of copywriters, who specialise in various niches.

When you hire Daily Posts to write your copy, we evaluate the task, delve into our pool of over 2000 professional copywriters and assign it to one who specialises in your niche.

  • About Conversion Rate

The answer to your conversion rate question resides in hiring a copywriting company or agency – not a copywriter. As a writing company, Daily Posts have many copywriters, editors and SEO analysts in their employ. This means that when you hire us, you are utilising this specific expertise.

  • Ask About Their Clients

When hiring a copywriter or copywriting company, you want to know that they can deliver quality work on time. The best way to go about this is to ask about clients they have worked with before. Where possible, ask them to show you evidence of the improvements they made to their clients’ brand online. Some copywriters and copywriting companies have ‘case study’ pages that present and discuss this on their websites.

  • Request a Sample

Samples can come in various forms. For some people, the content on a copywriter’s website is a good enough sample, since they can easily judge the writer’s competence by weighing up its quality. For others, having the copywriter send them a sample in a particular niche also works. If you plan on hiring the copywriter for a long-term project, then providing a subject matter and requesting a written sample (based on your specifications) may be your best option.

That way, you don’t only get to test the copywriter’s writing skills, but also their productivity and ability to follow instructions.

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