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Daily Posts is the answer when you need to hire a copywriter. We are a UK based professional writing company and we offer you quality writing services at a great value. Whatever your project is, we can handle it. Scouring through the internet for a reliable writing agency is never easy, but we guarantee that once you hire our services, you’ll never have to go through that rigorous web surfing process again!


We are committed to what we do and that includes making our clients happy. We believe in delivering only the best web copy.That’s why we have a team of dedicated, professional writers working round the clock on your project. Whether it’s a few hundred words or thousands, we deliver the finished product to you on time.


At Daily Posts, we give you value for your money. Not only is our content original, but it is suited to fit your company’s needs. We have an eye for detail and provide a fresh perspective on web copy to take your business to the next level.


Copywriting is a broad field and our services cover all your needs. They include (but aren’t limited to):

Guest Posts/Outreach Articles

Guest post writing or blogging is all about writing and publishing relevant articles about your company, but on a different blog and linking it to your landing page. This provides your company with the exposure it needs to gain the attention of potential readers, customers or clients.

Product Descriptions

We offer interesting and precise product descriptions that capture your customers’ interest and compel them to purchase your goods and services. We do this by tailoring product descriptions to appeal to the customer’s needs. We highlight relevant features; explain why the customer should purchase the product and the long term benefits if your product is purchased. We provide descriptions that various personas of potential customers can relate with and this in turn, helps your product sell faster.

Press Releases

Your company needs good exposure and at Daily Posts, we provide newsworthy press releases to ensure that you get it. Press releases are a great way to promote your company but they need to be written in a creative, engaging way to get readers’ attention. Otherwise, they might be filled with irrelevant information that gets you nowhere. We provide concise and captivating press releases that bring the desired attention to your company, and give you that extra boost you need to get your sales up and keep them up there.

On Site Blog Posts

Blogging is one of the successful online marketing strategies which has moved many businesses and brands from obscurity into the spotlight. Daily Posts provides relevant blog post articles that create a new and refreshing view of your company. We provide hundreds of quality blog posts on a daily basis to several websites across the globe. We are a versatile writing company with knowledge on a wide variety of subjects that fit your needs. Our blog articles are designed to drive visitor traffic to your site by supplying fresh, creative insight that positively reflects on your company’s reputation.

Website Copy

We provide you with website copy content that always hits the target. For the best results, our team of professional writers make sure to carry out the necessary research on your company, values, services, themes, target demographic and every aspect necessary to get the desired reaction from the audience. Our style of website copy is sure to make visitors become customers. We encourage them to call, subscribe and purchase your services.

Quality Industry Articles

We provide professionally written industry and magazine articles that boost your brand’s reputation and improve sales. Our articles are written to engage reader attention and motivate them with a call-to-action that ensures the purpose of the article is achieved. We don’t believe in half-baked work. We make sure we carry out our research in addition to the guidelines you provideto us and that details are accurate. Useful information constitutes our write-ups, no fluff or fillers.

Technical Writing/Guides

Technical writing can be a bit of a challenge due to its complexity, but our writers are experienced and ready to handle any task. We believe in diversity which is why we are able to successfully complete a wide variety of writing projects. Previous clients have expressed satisfaction with our work and you can trust that we’ll deliver impeccable finished documents as soon as you hire a copywriter from Daily Posts.

Website Content Refresh

To prevent your website from becoming dormant or ineffective, Daily Posts offers content rewriting services to restore your website’s credibility and appeal to both visitors and regulars. It’s a great way to engage your readers by using a fresh, new perspective that shows that your website is progressing and in tune with recent developments. We’re careful to avoid duplication so your content remains original and free from penalties.


Daily Posts has provided services for several businesses and brands such as Overstock.com, Yellow Pages, marketing agencies and many others. To take a look at our case studies, click here.


1) Web copy is essential to building your company’s online presence. Hiring a professional copywriter will guarantee that your company builds its profile effectively.

2) You have more time to focus on your business activities when you leave the copywriting to us.

3) We are experts on persuasive content.

4) We deliver fresh content every time, no duplications.

5) We can make anything appealing to potential customers!

6) We help your website generate visitor traffic.

7) We convert visitors into customers.

8) We deliver content that is free from grammatical errors.

9) We work with SEO keywords and phrases to ensure that your website ranks higher on the search engines- making potential customers find your company faster.


We’re only one click away, to sign up for our services tap the link below:


Who is a Copywriter and why hire one?

A copywriter is a professional that specialises in crafting high quality content. Generally, a copywriter has the skills to develop content for advertisements in print media, for television, or other types of media.

At DailyPosts, our copywriters are highly trained and experienced experts with the competence to provide you excellent copy for online purposes. As a copywriting agency, we specialise in providing engaging and search engine optimised content such as press releases, blogs, articles, landing pages, product descriptions, and more for websites, social media and other online platforms.

Our copywriters are flexible and capable of tailoring their skills to suit your unique needs, niche and target audience. If you don’t believe copywriters like us can be of tremendous benefit to your brand and website, below are just some of the things you are bound to benefit from hiring us:

  • For best results, your website needs to be updated with fresh and original content at regular intervals. You may not have the time or energy for this but we do. By hiring us, you can dedicate your time and energy to other matters, while we keep your website updated with top quality content on your behalf thus improving and maintaining your website’s performance and ranking
  • We are expert wordsmiths who specialise in effectively capturing and showcasing your brand and services with the perfect words. We will make your brand and website more attractive to online users through exciting and engaging content for your audience.
  • We deliver grammatically flawless and persuasive content that’s tailored to increase brand awareness and make you appear as an authority in your field.
  • There’s nothing better than a copywriter for search engine optimised copy that will take you to the top of search engine results and boost your organic traffic

Types of Copywriters For Hire

There are various copywriters for various needs. At DailyPosts, we have a specialist for every occasion. Regardless of your specific needs, niche or goals, we can provide you a team of expert copywriters to deliver the specific type of copy you need to perfection.

Some of the copywriter types we have available for hire include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriters: This type of website content writer specialises in delivering copy with high visibility in search engine results. If you want copy with high pageranking, this is the writer to work with
  • Sales Copywriter: This type of writer specialises in creating copy that boosts brand awareness. This is accomplished through a persuasive writing style that convinces readers to patronise a product or service.
  • Technical Copywriters: This is a writer with extensive knowledge about a specific industry. He/she must also be able to effectively perform research and deliver useful information that the readers can apply.
  • Content Copywriter: This type of copywriter can be hired to provide updates and information to the customers of your website or readers within your specific niche. Said content typically comes in the form of step-by-step guides, how-to-do articles, and similar
  • Creative Copywriting: This type of writer specialises in using words in a creative and potent manner to attract audiences into taking an interest in a particular product or service.

Let us know the type of copy you need and DailyPosts will provide the most suitable copywriter to help you reach your goals.

What makes a great Copywriter?

DailyPosts copywriters stay abreast of all latest changes and developments in the world of online copy and search engines. By monitoring these, we ensure that we are in a position to provide you copy that is crafted and search engine optimised to perform excellently in search engine results.

Other qualities our copywriters possess are:

  • Ability to research: Researching takes time but our copywriters have the tools, skills, and patience to do it right. Part of our research involves understanding your target audience so as to provide copy that will definitely win over their interest
  • Constantly learning: As the online world is constantly evolving, so are our writers. Our writers are constantly learning and updating themselves to stay ahead of search engine algorithm updates and social media trends. This enables them to deliver copy that is attractive, engaging, and search engine optimised
  • Proper language: Our writers consistently deliver grammatically flawless pieces. They also have the skill to determine where a formal or informal tone will be most effective in copy

Facts about Copywriters

  • Research is the most time-consuming aspect of copywriting
  • Quality copywriting can generate significant income for your business. For instance, quality copywriting can improve your search engine ranking and result in more organic traffic which in turn will lead to an increase in sales.
  • Copywriters are so creative that they can make the most boring service or product interesting to a reader.
  • Copywriters know to create a powerful headline that contains essential information. This is because 8 out of 10 people read headline copy but don’t go beyond that on a web page
  • On average, only 20% of a page’s content are read by visitors
  • More than half of online visitors will avoid doing business with a company whose website content has bad grammar


I’m not in the UK. Won’t the distance between us affect our ability to work together successfully?

Not at all! Many of our clients are situated in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Regardless of your location, we can provide the copywriting services you need, thanks especially to our easy to use virtual office through which you can order for copy and monitor progress of your project in real time. You can also reach us via phone, email or Skype for updates or to modify your project.

Can you meet tight deadlines?

Yes. Once you provide us a due date, we will dedicate a team to fulfilling your project within the stipulated time and without compromising on quality.

Will the content be SEO friendly?

Most definitely. We are just as keen as you are in your content having optimal visibility in search engine results. We will provide you copy that is keyword rich but without hampering the flow and quality of the piece. This means increased organic traffic and conversion with reduced bounce rate.

Can you update my website regularly with fresh content on my behalf?

Yes we can. You can opt for our long term plan which involves us delivering specific quantity and quality of copy for your website at regular intervals.

Call DailyPosts today on 02380 970979 for a friendly chat about your copywriting project and how we can deliver best value.

If you are here, you are probably looking to hire a copywriter and are looking for the best you can get. Daily Posts has a team of expert copywriters whose services you can hire to deliver just the kind of copywriting service you require. Find out how to get such skilled copywriters today.

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