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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the questions we get asked most frequently..

We have 3 main levels. $0.03 per word, $0.05 per word, and $0.08 per word. The vast majority of our clients are happy with our $0.03 per word content, which they tell us is equivalent to content costing double that rate with our competitors. We also offer content at $0.02 per word for simple projects. lp!
This is the question we get asked most. The simple answer is technology, recruitment and training. We have built a virtual office over the last 2 years to take care of all the administrative side of content. We have recruited people who were educated in the UK and US but now live all over the world. They are intelligent, dedicated journalists that we pay salaries. They represent great value for money. We have a 20-day induction all writing staff complete. They then receive regular training through the virtual office and have a personal development plan so they can improve on different types of content. The processes we have established are incredibly efficient, and the team of Daily Posts writers are superb.
Of course! If you would like to see samples then give us a call or setup an account and we will share some with you.
Yes, absolutely! Ordering online is a simple process. Setup an account here and you can have your content in process in minutes.You can also chat to us through our live support function at the bottom of each page. If you prefer Skype then add YesDailyPosts. Our phone number is 02380 970979 (+44 2380 970979 from overseas). The number for our US office is at the top of the page.
Again, absolutely yes! We have a number of clients for whom we provide for all their content needs on a regular daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. We can even upload the content to your platforms. Some of our clients require over 1000 content units per month. Some require 1 blog post a week.
Yes, you can! If you would like to order more than a hundred pieces of one of our products or would like to blend a package to tailor to your business requirements, then our CSV upload functionality may be for you. We make ordering easy and can deliver content in excel, word, .txt or directly to a database. Whatever suits you best.

Technical writing, documents and guides that are informative and accurate

Many companies require technical writing, as well as technical documents and industry guides. These can be complex, yet functional. The complexity of these tasks can prove an issue for a number of companies and writers. However, Daily Posts Writing Agency boasts some of the finest technical writers working today, each of whom is ready to tackle any project, regardless of scope.

Daily Posts have completed a huge number of projects, such as niche guides for large financial institutions, software guides and e-commerce manuals. We offer a top-quality writing service, with a diverse staff of specialist and general technical writers on hand. No project is too big or small.

Technical writing can be tough, which is why it pays to hire a writing company with experience. Daily Posts ensure that all completed documents and articles are a perfect fit for their intended audience, with 100% fidelity to accuracy of facts and figures.

All Daily Posts writers know that technical documents, guides and manuals are complex and unique, yet contain the same base fundamental rules:

• Precise definitions
• Dense, accurate technical content
• High level of vocabulary and language
• Attractive presentation
• User-friendly format
• Tackling complex topics

A complex art with precise definitions

When it comes to technical projects, you will likely need to provide a detailed specification document. If you don’t yet have one, our consultants can guide you through the process. From this document, Daily Posts’ writers can deliver an accurate and specifically tailored article, to meet your every need.

A technical writer is responsible for carrying out a lot of research. As a professional writing company, Daily Posts’ writers not only spend time gathering the right information, but also put considerable effort into finding the right terminology and vernacular. We understand that every word has a precise definition, and the right or wrong choice of wording can make all the difference in a technical document.

Technical writers at Daily Posts are hugely experienced. Their knowledge and effort highlights our commitment to customer satisfaction and adherence to all client briefs. Each and every one of our technical writers know how to tackle a complex, detailed or niche technical project, from beginning to end – with a company promise of quality and excellence.

Technical writing is information delivery

It is important to understand the level of research involved with technical writing; there will be a huge amount of information or data that the writer may need before beginning the project, to ensure that the finished article is immaculate. These documents need to contain highly technical, dense – and above all else – accurate data. Otherwise, the writer may include erroneous information from source.

An open line of communication, between client, company and writer, is essential for creating a perfect and accurate document.

As such, at Daily Posts, we will highlight questions during our initial consultation process, such as: who are your readers? What level of language do you require? We understand that readers should be at the forefront of any technical document construction: the audience determines the format, content and the complexity of the finished piece. The more questions we ask of our clients during the planning stages, the more accurate our idea of the technical document will be.

With all of this information available, Daily Posts technical writers deliver material which:

• Informs the reader
• Uses the active voice
• Avoids unnecessary repetition and redundant jargon
• Avoids the obvious and includes only pertinent information, nothing more
• Uses words that the audience understands, with clear, concise meaning
• Contains good sentence structure
• Understands the target audience and speaks directly to the reader

All Daily Posts’ writing staff adhere to the routine of write, review and repeat, until they are satisfied with the quality of the work. If you’d like to see some key examples of our previous work, feel free to browse our archives, before getting in touch.

Call in the writing professionals

It makes sense to use professionals in all aspects of your marketing. Technical guides are, perhaps, the most challenging facet of contemporary, digital marketing. Content needs to be captivating, interesting and insightful – no easy feat for such a detail-heavy piece of writing.

Leave it the professionals. Leave it to Daily Posts. To answer any more detailed queries, or kick-start your consultation process, contact us today on (UK) 02380 970 979 or (US) (646) 679-7971.

Alternatively, you can begin setting up your account with just a few easy clicks. In no time at all, we’ll have some of our best writers tackling your latest marketing task!

In-Depth and Technical Documents Delivered With Style

Often, our clients require fairly complex industry guides, product guides or technical documents. Our teams are ready to understand the functional and technical requirements of these projects and deliver them on time and to specification. We’ve completed numerous such projects, from financial guides for large financial institutions, to software guides and e-commerce manuals.

No project is too big, and we have massive expertise in-house, ready to complete your project.

With this type of project, you will normally need to provide quite a detailed specification document. If you don’t yet have this, then our consultants can guide you through the process during interviews and form surveys. This will ensure we get the necessary information needed to deliver exactly the content you require for your business. We can also do site visits where necessary.

We charge for guides and technical content on a ‘per 100 word’ unit basis.

Example: To order 1000 words, order 10 units.

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