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Great Copywriting

Why you should work with us

If you’re looking for a writing company that only works with some of the best copywriters in the industry, then look no further. We pride ourselves on providing clients with high quality copywriting. We don’t just write to fill up space. Ultimately, we want our clients to succeed, because that’s how we also succeed.

When you turn to us for great copywriting, we guarantee the following:

High-quality work: If it isn’t up to standard, you won’t see it. We have a team of professional writers and editors who ensure our clients receive the very best work.

Value for your money: You don’t need a huge budget to work with us. When you sign up, we’ll allow you to choose the rates that you’re ready to pay. Once you choose a suitable rate, we’ll ensure you get the best possible standard of work at that price point.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): We can improve the ranking of your website. We’ll create tailored content with keywords of your choice to improve your site’s ranking on popular search engines.

We meet deadlines: Do you need a project completed in a hurry? No problem. We have a large, talented team that can handle the job. Size is not a problem. We will always complete your project on time.

Save money: We provide our copywriting services at very affordable rates that start as low as $2 per 100 words. When working with us, you won’t need to employ someone full-time to produce your sales copy.

What we offer

Article writing: Our professional writers are drawn from various industries and can produce expert articles across a wide variety of fields. These can be optimised for better search engine ranking and you can be sure they’ll be 100% original.

Blog writing: Well-written and relevant articles are what keeps blog readers coming back for more. As a writing agency, we have the experts to provide you with content that’s both captivating and relevant to your blog.

Copywriting: When you want a copywriting service that’s focused on converting traffic into actual subscriptions or sales, we are the people to talk to. At Daily Posts, we also optimise sales copy based on keywords of your choosing.

Regular content: One way to keep your rankings high on search engines and retain traffic is to keep the content of your site (or blog) fresh. We can provide daily, weekly or monthly content, as you prefer.

Product Description: Do you have something new that you’d like to tell the world? Get in touch with us and we’ll help you get the word out. With the help of our professional writers, customers won’t just know about what you’re offering – they’ll want it too.

Free revisions: If you’re not satisfied with any of the work we do, we will revise it at no extra cost, until you get a product that you’re fully satisfied with.

What makes for great copywriting?

The first thing that makes a great copy is an exceptional copywriter behind the wheels. A great copywriter knows the importance of research and giving the audience what they want. These are two crucial elements that set a writer apart from the rest of the hoard.

At Daily Posts, our exceptional copywriters adopt simple language that any layperson would understand. Our copies are deemed ineffective if we fail to communicate with even one person from your target audience. We imbue clarity in our copies, ensuring readers understand your message, unique proposition and ‘Call to Action’.

We are passionate about your product and write content that gets the reader just as excited to engage (with your product). We take a different approach from what everyone else is saying to grab the reader and get them to pay attention. We’ve learned that your copy is more active when you get the reader to envision the use of your product, instead of merely bragging about how good it is.

Our message is realistic and geared towards real people who have an actual problem to solve. We know the objections a user might have towards a product, as well as the extra benefits they hope to gain from it.

Do you want your reader to be gripped until the end of your copy? This begins with a captivating headline which gets your reader ‘in the door’, followed by an exciting hook and short punchy sentences that push them to the edge of their seat – all of which is free of jargon and loaded with value for the audience.

Sign up with Daily Posts today and let us produce content that sells on your website.

What’s the difference between good copywriting and great copywriting?

Good copywriting will bring more traffic to your website, but great copywriting will increase your sales. Generating traffic is beneficial, but traffic alone will not be enough. To boost your sales, you’ll need customers and subscribers to take the plunge. Only great copywriting written by professional writers will convince your clients to take that important step.

Good copywriting focuses on the product, whereas great copywriting focuses on the customer. As interesting or useful as your product or service might be, customers are more interested in how they fit into the picture. With great copywriting, you can show the customer the offer as well as the benefits.

Good copywriting tells customers what they need to know, while great copywriting tells them what they want to know. To make a sale, it’s more important to focus on what your customer wants and not what you think they need. You have to let your customer hear what they want to hear via your sales copy.

At our writing agency, we know what it takes to boost traffic and sales. We can help you reach your customers and give them the information they need, just the way they want it. Get in touch with us and we’ll introduce you to a world of great copywriting.

Five attributes of a great copy

Precision of words

A Daily Posts writer can boast a vocabulary of words that packs a power punch. We use words that distinguish your copy as premium content. Our precision shines through in our impeccable grammar, style and punctuation. Great copywriters must possess editorial skills to ensure their content is both readable and effective.

Ability to make a boring topic look spellbinding

Some writers are uncomfortable producing content for a ‘boring’ product or service. The pitch is hard, research difficult and getting people to convert seems nigh on impossible. Great copywriting is versatile, consistent and engaging. Our copywriters can manage assignments from any industry, without losing the interest of your readers.

Get the reader to the finish line

It takes great skill to write content that hooks the reader in from the first sentence. We give them the benefit immediately, so that they’re interested to learn what happens next.

An expert copywriter knows all the impediments to great copy and avoids these at will. We make your reader feel like family by being honest and open. We never hide behind buzzwords, meaningless sentences or jargon that has them scratching their heads.

Begin with a compelling headline and finish with a ‘Call to Action’

If you’re sending out an email, the headline is what gets the reader to open it. From the first line, we tell them what they’ll gain by reading further. We use the present tense, write a personal message and include a great customer quote to make your content valid. We close with a persuasive ‘Call to Action’, directing the reader on what to do next.

Clean and concise copies

When we’re finished writing, we’ll read it aloud to ensure it sounds like something we’d say to a friend. If it isn’t, we’ll go back and tweak it until it has a conversational tone. Great copywriting must appeal to every person reading the content. Subsequently, we weed out unnecessary words that detract from the copy and use bullet points to make it easy to scan.

Why should you invest in great copywriting?

As a professional writing agency, we strive to produce top quality web copies. No matter the size of your company, you need to have an online presence. The only way you’ll be seen by people is if you have high-quality web copy on your site. This is where we can come to your rescue.

Professional copywriting that increases traffic to your site doesn’t just originate from any writer. In fact, you’ll need professional writers with years of experience producing web copy to help your cause.

If you can’t afford to hire a copywriter on a full-time basis, then we are your best option. We enable you to make use of our services and you’ll only pay for work that’s completed. When you invest in great copywriting, you’ll be putting your money in something that can actually boost your business.  

Super affordable great copywriting from the UK’s premier copywriting agency

Incredible copywriting is right here. It’s on the tips of your fingers, waiting for you to take hold and unleash its powers on your prospects. Our copywriters are so astute, they will find the right angle that resonates perfectly with your audience.

We don’t take ‘No’ for an answer and keep pushing until we’ve found the bigger story behind your story. We find connections no one else can see. Our writers draw the connection between your product and the experience users will enjoy when they use it. You’ll enjoy conversions beyond your wildest imagination when you order content from us.

Get in touch with us on 02380 970979 for more information or register on our website and get started immediately.

What is Copywriting?

It is hard to assign a specific definition to copywriting due to its vast nature. Moreover, it is a term so many people have heard of but find it hard to define. At its core, copywriting is the process by which content is created for the primary purpose of advertising or other forms of digital marketing.

Great content has the power to attract readers to your website, and quality copy will convert those readers to subscribers and customers. Consistently creating top-notch content could be difficult and time consuming; time that could be spent on other aspects of your business to promote growth and profitability

Great copy reflects the value of a brand; it shows the interest the brand has in its readers. It also helps the reader create a picture of the brand in their minds; this helps them describe it to their friends and acquaintances

Types of Copywriting

Great copywriting can come in many forms but here are the common types of copywriting:

  • Ad Copywriting: This is the most recognisable form of copywriting, it involves the creation of content like jingles, slogans, taglines and headlines that are catchy and memorable. It is what most people think of when they hear about copywriting
  • Content Copywriting: This type of copywriting comes in the form of how-to blogs, articles and newsletters. It is web specific and focuses on one topic as it is used mostly to inform and educate readers
  • SEO Copywriting: The objective of this type of copywriting is to create contents that rank the highest in search engine results. It focuses on quality articles that contain good keyword percentage and placement
  • Technical Copywriting: Here, an expert uses his expertise to craft contents that are relevant to her field. It requires specific education or knowledge in a field or industry.

What Makes a Great Copywriting?

Copywriting is an art form, combining free-flowing information with a marketing pitch, in a way that connects with a target audience and persuades them to take decisive action.

Crafting great copy follows specific steps and guidelines:

  • Know your audience

Every product has a target market, it is the brand’s duty to identify this market and the professional writer’s job to intelligently craft marketing copy to fit the language and style the audience can relate to.

  • Emphasise the benefits

The benefit of a brand or product is the value it offers to a potential client. That is the major interest of the reader and should also be on the mind of the copywriter

  • Identify the competition’s weaknesses

An efficient copywriter will study the competition’s brand and identify the weaknesses that the client’s product or services satisfies. Excellent copy emphasises this point so that the target audience is properly informed in making the right choice when choosing the client’s product instead of the competition’s.

  • Smart headlines

If it doesn’t look attractive from the outside, people may not be interested in exploring the interior.

Facts about Copywriting

claim Copywriting is a tried and true technique for many brands and there is evidence to support the. Copywriting provides visibility for businesses even the most well-known brands know that when it comes to advertising, visibility is important. Copywriting provides your product with the right kind of attention. It also brings more than traffic to your website, it attracts customers who actually want to buy your product or invest in your service

Great copywriting can build a brand around your product and give you the recognition you need to stay ahead of the competition. Employing the services of a copywriting agency can earn you great copy which gives you time to focus on building your business. Great copy not only speaks to your audience, it speaks to them in the right way


What is copywriting

Copywriting is the process of writing contents for the purpose of advertising or other kinds of marketing. Copywriting involves writing messages that are persuasive enough to prompt readers to take action such as buying a product, subscribing to a service and so on.

Who can benefit from great copywriting

Anyone with a product, service or website to promote can benefit from great copywriting. Examples include site owners, manufacturers, and retailers

What is the yardstick for measuring great copywriting?

This depends on the purpose for which you hired the copywriter’s services. Mostly, this skews towards sales and page views, but sometimes you may decide to judge the merits of our work based on your perception of the quality of the content we provide

What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter writes promotional materials. She creates contents for a business that is capable of connecting with the readers and compelling them to act, a good copywriter is dynamic and can work for any kind of business

What is the difference between copywriting and content writing?

The major difference between copywriting and content writing is that copywriting involves writing for the purpose of advertisement or marketing while content writing is done by writing valuable contents that are used to bring a business to life

Are you in search of unforgettable copy your readers will be talking about years after publication? Do you need copywriting that elevates your website from ‘good’ to ‘great’? Are you tired of settling for less than you deserve with your content marketing? 

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Evergreen copywriting that makes a lasting impression

James Cummings, CEO, explains a little about our content and copywriting services. If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your content requirements then get in touch with James today, or setup an account now to work with us in our online virtual office.

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There are many strategies a digital marketer uses to make their copies more effective, but one that always comes through when conducted properly is copywriting. A great copy is the complete deal; it helps your reader understand your service/product, provides valuable information which solves a problem and tells them how to respond. Copywriting communicates your brand voice, engages your reader and articulates your business message in a way that leads the reader to take your ‘Call to Action’.

Daily Posts comprise a team of seasoned writers, who craft timeless content that sets your brand as the top company in your niche. Our copies brim with a personality that makes it easy for your audience to establish an emotional connection with your brand. We make them love and remember you. Meanwhile, you’ll feel like you’re talking directly to the target user every time you speak.

Finding the spark that ignites such incredible content isn’t easy. Sometimes, you’ll sit at your desk trying to write persuasive copy, but in spite of your best efforts, you simply can’t find the words. However, a copywriter knows where to find inspiration. We’ve been doing this for a long time and know how to make a copy interesting to resonate with the reader. Consequently, our seductive copies are a winner every single time.

Anyone with a basic grasp of language skills can produce good copy. However, when you need great copywriting, you’ll need to turn to the experts. Daily Posts is a writing company that works with some of the best copywriters you’re likely to come across. Our professional writers are capable of producing the sort of sales copy that will not just generate traffic, but also convert it into sales and subscriptions. 

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