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Good Copywriting

Benefits of Working with a Reputable Copywriting Agency

Get access to creative content any time

Your website can establish itself as an authority by continuously updating its page with high-quality content. When people recognise your website as a source of valuable material, they’ll continue to visit and share its content amongst their circle of friends.

Daily Posts makes access to regular content easy with its streamlined account registration system. You’ll also have a control over your content marketing budget, because of our simplified pricing system.

Affordable copywriting

Writing your own copy can be time-consuming – especially when it comes to well-written, quality content. However, there’s no guarantee you’ll produce the same quality as a professional copywriter. You might end up wasting precious hours you could have used developing your core business functions.

When outsourcing your copywriting to a professional, you’ll enjoy great results at affordable rates. Your website benefits from regularly updated quality content, while your budget is under control simultaneously.

Daily Posts assures its clients of 100% original copy, exclusive to their website alone. Creativity and originality help drive search engine rankings to catapult your website ahead of its competitors.

Access Great Copywriting Services with a Daily Posts Account

Are you still writing web content yourself? If so, save yourself the hassle by signing up with a professional agency and get great copywriting services, any time you want.

Daily Posts is a professional writing agency, comprising a team of diversely talented copywriters, who have experience writing across various industry niches. With a client list ranging from financial institutions and real estate firms to home improvement, e-magazines and many more, we have creative ideas on any topic for which you need content.

We specialise in crafting effective copywriting that transforms complex concepts into an interesting conversation. We aim to create narratives that educate, engage, and encourage your stakeholders, staff, customers, and business associates. We’ve been writing copy for private organisations, multinationals, government agencies, and individual businesses over a period of decades.

Over the years, we’ve written copies that describe everything from insurance, wealth management, and retirement planning to web hosting, property listing, and sustainable plumbing. We’ve even made floor sanding sound like an interesting DIY practice!

Do you have any questions for us or want to kick-start the consultation stage of your project? Call us on 02380 970 979 (UK) or (646) 679-7971 (US). Alternatively, send an email to our admin staff.

What is the key to good copywriting?

A grave mistake we’ve seen from many freelance writing agencies is trying to make every copy entertaining, aesthetically pleasing, artful and enchanting. They focus on making the client look good, instead of placing all the attention on the customer. The best copies are those that help the customer get ahead.

We’ve developed a style guide which all our copywriters follow. Good copywriters must stay abreast of the latest Google algorithms;  they should be skilled at balancing keywords with compelling content that’s informative and leads the audience to take your ‘Call to Action’.

Our copywriters never stop learning. We provide writing courses, training and updates for our seasoned writers and new intakes alike. An effective marketer allocates over half their marketing budget on good content. We create excellent content that grows your business and brings in a consistent flow of traffic.

A good copy has to connect with your audience. It must inspire them to feel an emotion that leads to brand loyalty and gets them excited about reading through more of your content. Creativity isn’t for the faint of heart; it can be frustrating, difficult and down-right infuriating trying to come up with fresh content that keeps your readers interested.

SEO-friendly Copywriting

Our Search Engine Optimisation service (SEO) is part of our copywriting suite and focuses on the direct combination of brand-relevant keywords and engaging content. By sprinkling high-ranking, well-researched keywords throughout your message, we enhance your positioning across various key search engines.

When strategically and professionally applied to your website, good copywriting will not only impact your search engine ranking positively, but also improve the user’s customer experience across your website.

We write clean and engaging SEO copy for:

  • On-site content: landing page, sales page, ‘About us’ page and ‘Services’ page

  • Press releases (usually for websites and e-magazines)

  • Articles for blogs and web magazines

  • Product description pages

  • FAQs pages

  • Advertising copy

Excellent copies free of grammatical errors and optimised for search engines

Typographical errors and poor grammar have a way of demeaning the quality of web copy, no matter how powerful the message. Poor grammar can also affect the credibility of a website on its way to becoming an online authority.

At Daily Posts, our copyediting team are superstars when it comes to content. They diligently proofread and copyedit your pieces, priming them for final publishing. At the end of the project, they ensure your work is clean, sharp and professional.

A powerful message need not be sacrificed for the sake of good search engine results. With Daily Posts, you’ll get both; this includes engaging content that keeps customers on your web pages. Our copywriting and editing teams work together to provide the type of results expected from an industry-leading writing agency.

Why is good copywriting important?

You’ll need good copywriting as this is content which matters to the audience in your particular niche. Excellent copies balance information and relatability; this is not something every writer can do. To achieve this goal, our copywriters carry out extensive research to get a better understanding of both the subject and audience. Our experienced writers can create good copies, even for relatively unknown niches.

Your image is everything and part of the reason why you spend a lot of money trying to shape a positive image of yourself. We understand the image you want to build and create content that reflects your brand’s tone and personality.

We create value in every copy, which is what gets your reader to look forward to your content being published. They are hooked, because they’ve come to expect quality information and a unique insight from you, which they always get.

Inexperienced copywriters make the mistake of stating only facts and figures. Your audience expects personalised copies; if you don’t deliver, they’ll move to a brand that offers their preferred content. We will create content for different audiences, tailored to whatever stage of the buyer’s journey they’re at.

Good copywriting tells a story, using suspense, imagery and metaphor to guide the reader through a copy. We break your content into paragraphs to make it scannable. We know your audience’s pain points, the problems that keep them up at night and how to provide content which addresses those issues. We’ll make you an authority in your niche by regularly producing engaging, clear copies that genuinely interest your readers.

How we’ve become one of the best copywriting agencies in the UK

A few things we do with every copy include:

  • Get the reader’s attention with an eye-catching header

  • Use an emotional appeal and draw your prospect further into the sales copy

  • Create personalised copies so your prospect feels like it was made just for them

  • Emphasise all the benefits of your product with enthusiasm and memorable copy

  • Highlight the USP to your prospect and show them they won’t find it anywhere else

  • Let readers know that you’re an expert and industry authority

  • Build trust and engagement

  • Offer extra incentives that makes it impossible for the audience to look away

What are the qualities of a good Copywriter?

Creativity: Many writers say this is the most distinctive quality of a seasoned copywriter. The ability to see a unique connection and tell a story that binds it together using language the audience understands is an innate talent.

Research and interview skills: In a perfect world, a copywriter’s knowledge of the subject matter should suffice for a compelling copy. However, research is required to convince the reader and back up your argument. Interviewing is imperative to create effective copy. Interviews with experts help determine what’s important to the audience and provides a wealth of information.

A sense of humour: A sense of humour makes everyone happy. Knowing how to incorporate this into your writing without losing sight of the end goal is a skill only an experienced writer possesses.

A thick skin: The ability to take constructive criticism and improve your copy is another sign of a good copywriter. Hold fast to your convictions, but understand that there are many ways to create excellent copy.

Drive: Drive and discipline are further important qualities to look out for. A driven copywriter pays attention to detail and strives for perfection with every copy. They stay up to speed with the latest updates and acquire knowledge of other niches, from which they can to expand their expertise.

Good Web Copywriting for the UK and beyond

We provide smart, creative copywriting for clients based in the UK and overseas including the United States and Australia. A team of creatively minded people with a knack for words are what primarily drive our services. We provide solutions for web and business copywriting for our network of clients.

Our team of web copywriters have the experience, passion and extensive lexicon, which allows us to fill our clients’ web pages with quality content.

Copywriting that Builds Lasting Relationships

When crafting copy, we understand quality content is more than just words. It should build relationships between clients and the target audience. By identifying the typical customer and understanding their online behaviour, we develop messages that go further than mere one-time transactions.

A strong message should be able to attract repeat visitors and convert sales-ready customers from competing organisations. It should also make advocates of your web visitors by compelling them to share the information gleaned from your website.

Do you want access to a professional copywriter? Set up an account now. Clear, concise and personalised copies are just one click away!


What is copy writing?

Copy writing creates a connection between companies and consumers through artistic words that provide value to readers and persuade them to take  action. Any text with the singular purpose of promoting brand awareness, opinions, businesses or individuals can be classified as copy. These textual contents appear in different mediums like the internet, radio, television, video, print and so on.

Copy writing remains indispensable in helping products or services sell. Some social media influencers or bloggers also hire copywriters to help create engaging and informative content for their audience. For content written for the sake of sales conversion, the copywriter uses persuasive words that will get readers to learn about a company and purchase a product or service.

Types of copywriting

 Copywriters specialise in a field that they excel at. Copy writing is classified into different categories based on the purpose, style and general concept of  copy. They include:

Sales copy writing

This type of writing requires technical competence and strong creative skills because you need to be aware of what will appeal to the reader and persuade him in a subtle way. Sales copy writing involves bringing to the attention of a target audience the value of a product or service, letting them know how making a purchase or hiring the services of an individual or company can solve their most pressing needs.

Content copy writing

Content copy writing are how-to articles and blog posts written for the purpose of building a relationship with an existing or potential audience. This content has to be interesting, useful and insightful to the readers in ways that will encourage sharing and continuous visits.

SEO copy writing

This involves creating informative or promotional content that will have a high ranking on search engines. The focus here is on smartly incorporating keywords that the audience often uses during search queries. When these keywords are strategically placed, the article will be easily found on search engines.

Technical copy writing

Not every writer can write a technical content, it takes one who is versed in a specific industry to write this type of copy. Normally, technical writers are not engaged in writing as a profession, rather they learn how to write in order to share their knowledge with the public. Technical copy writing covers a broad range of specialist fields like politics, health, finance, marketing, science , government and politics.

Adverts are an example of creative copywriting. A creative copywriter has to think very fast. He needs to understand the psychology of an audience and come up with slogans that can go viral.

What does good copy writing entail?

If it doesn't resonate with you as a reader, speak to your needs and make you want to take action that will get those needs solved, then it's not good copywriting. Oftentimes, excellent research and pure creativity are things that separate good copywriting from mediocre writing. Good copy writing should:

Be Clear

A reader should easily understand the message that an article is presenting. Use of difficult words to explain what makes a product, service or company unique can be a huge turn-off.

Address the peculiar needs of its target audience

Sales copy that doesn't discuss the pain and pleasure points of its target audience is as good as useless. Readers will only take action if they think the service or product is worth paying for. Good copywriters understand their target audience and create content that they can relate to.

Frequently asked questions

1) How do you write good copy?

To write good copy, focus more on the reader than the company you're writing about. Make use of 'you' more often and use words that will draw a picture in the minds of readers about the product or service. Write to influence their perspective and break through all doubts.

Make use of stories and analogies to further reveal the problems that the company can solve. Conclude the piece with a call to action that is straight to the point.

2) How do I find a good copywriter?

Once you've figured out the kind of copy writing that's most suitable for your brand, you can sign up with Daily Posts for a great content. Daily Posts is a copy writing agency that can creatively spin words to suit your needs. At Daily Posts, we focus on quality content that will resonate with readers and generate sales. You can order for all kinds of copy writing at affordable prices. To start enjoying valuable content and better sales, call us today on 02380970979.

The ultimate goal of any good copy is to sell a product or service; however, digital marketing has evolved in recent years and many factors now have to be incorporated into copywriting. As a business owner whose core of clients comes mainly via search engines or other online mediums, copywriting just might be as important as your exceptional product.

Setup Your Account

How Difficult is it to get Good Copywriting?

How many times have you gone to a copywriting agency that claimed they offer exceptional web copies, only to discover the content was repurposed from another website? Have you ever had the misfortune of being penalised because your copywriter used too many keywords or failed to optimise your content for SEO? Have you ever felt extreme frustration when the writing agency you hired failed to deliver before a crucial deadline?

You don’t have enough time to develop a product, manage your business and craft exceptional copies, but you’ll realise over time that finding a reputable UK copywriting agency which delivers high-quality, exceptional content tailored to your audience and designed to your specific instructions isn’t an easy task.

We’ve heard many clients lament the dearth of good copywriting agencies or their inability to find consistent freelancers that deliver. They might receive a sample that’s excellent but is always followed by poor-quality work, besieged with technical jargon and spelling errors. At Daily Posts, you’ll get top of the range copywriters who’ve been rigorously tested and come through unscathed.

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