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Good copywriting tips

Copywriting Tips from the Expert Writers at Daily Posts

Always begin with comprehensive research

David Ogilvy, the father of advertising, said that the more information you have, the more you have to work with. The best copywriters are also great researchers. They mine until they hit gold. Research is probably the most valuable tool a writer has. It can help you get past writer’s block, find new angles for a topic, create a convincing argument and become the go-to resource other writers use to back up their argument.

Know your target audience

A copy is only effective when it is written for a specific audience. You’re able to write useful content, loaded with value for the reader when you know their passions, pain point, personality, buying habits and demographics. It also ties into conducting research before you begin the writing process.

Once we have a target audience, we craft questioned content that highlights your unique value propositions, key differentiators and the most important benefits for the consumer.

No cheesy phrases

When you write a sentence, what does it mean? If you can’t answer this question immediately, you need to rephrase it to a text that is meaningful and serves a purpose. Our copywriters are word managers, we keep our sentences short, sweet and direct. Meaningless sentences distract from your key message and reduce readability.

Our persuasive writers tell the reader what’s in it for them from the first word. This is a discipline many writers have failed to master, but we’ve developed a knack for focusing on important sentences and throwing out the rest.

Make it less intimidating with paragraphs

When a visitor lands on your page and sees a long block of text, they’re thinking oh no! this is going to be a long, hard read. What do you think happens after that? They bounce. We’ve fallen in love with white space and short, sharp sentences that offer a more pleasurable reading experience. We make your key message stand out by inserting a line after the statement.

Understand human psychology

The human brain is predictable and copywriters who understand how the mind works will create the most engaging content. There are certain colours, phrases, instructions and images that, when used in a copy, make people act in a certain way. Our copywriters know what makes people tick and we leverage this knowledge for persuasive business copy.

Make your reader feel

Emotions are a requirement of good copy. Your copy has a goal, and by evoking an emotion in your reader, you’re one step closer to hitting the mark. Imagine this scenario: you’re watching a Premier League game and, suddenly, your favourite player gets a bad tackle that could lead to lengthy injury. You jump from your chair in anger at the opposing player who made the tackle.

That’s mirror neurons at work. Great writers at Daily Posts convey strong emotions through words. We help your readers envision how a product will solve a problem they are currently facing. Relatability makes your prospect more likely to convert.

Use powerful language

Have you ever casually glanced through content with the aim of picking out key information and leaving? Somehow, you’re still reading the content 20 minutes later and you can’t seem to stop. This is content that perfectly taps into your deepest desires.

They are memorable, engaging and informative. The words we use in our copies provoke emotion and cause action. Powerful words we use include risk-free, guarantee, astonishing, awesome, awe-inspiring, beguiling, amazing, astounding, daring, enthralling and enchanting.

Seduce the reader with open loops

There are some TV shows that have gone past 10 seasons and still retain a loyal following. The power of open loops preys on the brain’s desire for completion. When a reader feels that a copy is incomplete, they feel tension and a strong desire to close the loop. We make our copies magnetic with open loops. It’s like dangling a treat in front of the buyer without giving it to them. The curiosity makes them invested in finding out what the mystery is, thus increasing the chances of a conversion.

Find connections

One of the genius ways a copywriter makes the reader feel is to find connections. For instance, when trying to sell a pair of running shoes, you could either chose to focus on the new cushioning technology, lightweight features and colourful design. Or, you focus on selling an experience to the user. You could sell them on the peace, solitude, happiness and escape running offers. By telling them about the emotional benefits of a running shoe, you’re offering a way out from the complexities of life into an activity that assures clarity.

Tell a story

Storyteller is a winner every single time. Sadly, it’s not an easy skill to incorporate into writing. How do you take a product and tell a story that makes the audience feel like you thought of them during the entire production? How do you communicate that this product was specifically designed to make their lives easier?

Telling a story means delving into the deepest parts of your reader’s mind to discover their most basic needs. It is seducing the reader into a vision of possibilities for your product. Our storytelling is so good, it captures your reader’s attention and draws them into a perfect world where your solution works and leaves them wanting more.

Establish Benefits

A product that doesn’t have benefits is meaningless to consumers. When people purchase products, they don’t buy useless items. Instead, they buy the benefits.

When writing your business copy, Daily Posts focuses on establishing the benefits of your product features. We focus on showing consumers the solution your product brings.

Strive for Clarity

Why do businesses need quality copywriting? They want to communicate with their prospects and customers. Communication requires utter clarity, as you want to make sure that your audience understands the message you are getting across. You want to speak the language your customers understand.

Daily Posts always strives for clarity when writing your copy. We first study your audience to understand how to effectively communicate with them, and we favour plain language.

A Great Headline is a Gem

Whether newspaper copy or website copy, the headline is the first part of your copy readers see. In the case of newsletter copy, your audience sees the headline before they open your email. If your headline sucks, no one will want to read past it.

Make sure your headline is captivating, holds the readers’ attention, incites curiosity, and promises a vicarious read. Daily Posts gives special attention to the headline of your copy, ensuring that we nail it.

People Read Things They Find Relevant

No one enjoys reading copy that they aren’t interested in. This is especially true for adverts. When your copy is targeted at a particular audience, you ensure that it will engage a specific audience. In the case of adverts, they will only be shown to the appropriate audience, increasing your chances of engagement.

When your copy is fascinating, prospects don’t only love it but are also compelled to share it. A few ways to complete this mission include:

  • Be controversial, albeit moderately

  • Make your content visually appealing

  • Shorter paragraphs are easier on the eye and mind

  • Use bullets and subheadings to make it easy to scan

Be SEO conscious

Google alone processes over 5.5 billion searches per day, and over 80% of consumers research products and services on search engines before making purchases online. This exposes the great lead generation opportunity that organic search engine traffic offers and stresses the need for businesses to work diligently towards ranking high on search engines.

To pull this off, you need a copywriter that has expertise in search engine optimisation (SEO), a copywriter who can study your brand, research your audience and competitors, and develop a viable SEO strategy that will set your copy on the path to landing the no. 1 position on search engine results for relevant keywords.

An Actionable CTA

Sometimes, a consumer doesn’t act unless you suggest it. It is critical that you insert appropriate calls-to-action in your copy. Otherwise, you will be defeating the purpose of writing the copy, which is to drive conversion and make sales.

Daily Posts offers years of expertise in copywriting. We want to help you grow your business through compelling copy masterfully crafted to entice new leads, engage, and convert them into long-term customers.

Begin the process now. Sign up for Daily Posts’ copywriting services.

What is a Good Copywriting Tip?

Good copywriting is the product of adherence to the effective rules of copywriting. Every business expects their copy to meet and exceed business goals.

Business goals can be in the form of increased client purchases, increased newsletter subscriptions, increased social media reach and engagement, and more website traffic and conversions.

These are no mean goals as your prospect likely knows the other options available on the internet.

A copywriting agency that knows its onions uses good copywriting tips that guarantee your buyer journey is a breathtaking experience.

A good copywriting tip ensures that the message is conveyed to the reader and without any ambiguity.

Copywriting Tips

Good copywriting is persuasive.

Both a science and an art, it lets you stick with proven principles while being artfully expressive with your words.

1.    Language tips explore what words you choose for your copy based on thorough prior research of your target audience, how they talk, what they understand, and the words they use.

2.    Psychology and Emotional tips look at what triggers the reader’s behaviour and desires.

3.   Content presentation tips decide the content’s general composition, outline, and placement. Sentences, paragraphs, and subheadings are subjected to these tips to ensure a smooth flow that keeps the readers engaged.

4.    Storytelling tips teach you to control your reader’s buyer journey by transporting them subtly through persuasion until they see no other choice than to take your call to action.

What makes great copywriting?

The following principles are used by the Daily Posts team to set its clients’ copy apart.

  • Set a word count

This helps maximise the effectiveness of copy.

Points are better presented with a smooth flow, guiding the reader to become a customer.

  • Put the customers before your brand.
  • Use words to trigger emotions.


Your words should excite your readers’ emotions.

Speak to a feeling your reader already knows, don’t force one on them.

  • Use their simple, everyday language, as Eugene Schwartz admonished.
  • Use power words more often. “Free”, “because”, “instantly”, “new”, and “you” work wonders.
  • Crisp sentences and short paragraphs rule. The shorter, the better.
  • Use stories with detailed imagery to plot your persuasion.
  • Divide your content for clarity and cadence.
  • Reinforce the small, yet key parts of your message.
  • Don’t sell savings; sell time benefits.
  • Address objections head-on. This makes you more authentic.
  • Facts amplify your authority.
  • Keep your content original. It enhances credibility.
  • Review your copy for grammatical errors and mistakes.

Facts about Good Copywriting

FAQs on Good Copywriting Tips

Am I certain your team can give me copy that incorporates these good copywriting tips?

At Daily Posts, our patronage is global. This article has only presented a tip of the iceberg. Our professional team will conduct the research to grow your conversion rate using your brand’s unique voice.

Would I be involved in the process?

Yes. Our interaction with you will drive the process and you will be able to track the progress of your project from our virtual office.

My industry is unique. Can you help me?

We have served diverse industries for years. We have a systematic approach that helps us meet our clients’ expectations in a timely fashion.

If you wish to stand apart from the competition, call Daily Posts on 02380 970979 to get started or sign up here.

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Setup Your Account

Good copywriting is hard to find, but why look further when you’ve found Daily Posts, a company with a reputation for creating excellent web copies at the most competitive rates. It’s not digital marketers or SEO experts that get you to the first page of Google, it’s copywriters. Hardworking, skilled and intuitive writers who understand what it means to produce high-quality, relevant content for your website.

Our copywriters are not just wordsmiths, they are SEO trained to include relevant backlinks and optimise your content for search engines and users. When you order a copy from Daily Posts, you receive a well-rounded copy that follows copywriting best practices and techniques.

Bad copywriting makes your website look unprofessional. It doesn’t put the customer first, is stuffed with keywords and is sometimes inundated with bad links. It makes it difficult for customers to trust you or for websites to give you backlinks. Every business that conducts transactions, either offline or online, will benefit from good copywriting. If SEO is the lifeblood of traffic, hiring a Daily Posts copywriter will boost your SEO strategy.

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