Good copywriting tips

Good copywriting tips

Seven Powerful Copywriting Tips that Can Set Your Business Apart and Broaden Its Horizon

The internet didn’t only revolutionise copywriting. It also made copywriting a necessity for a successful business. When you own a business but fail to invest either your time or money in quality copywriting, you are in fact denying your copy great opportunities that can boost both your business’ visibility and sales. This is especially true when your company maintains an online presence.

Copywriting has many applications in business. The texts on your website, sales letter, newsletter, product description, press release, blog, social media profiles, online and offline adverts, brochure… They are all products of copywriting.

Problem is: not every businessperson has the skills required to produce powerful copy for their company. Even when you have got proper marketing, SEO, and writing skills, there is also the issues of sacrificing quality business time and, of course, writer’s block, which every writer occasionally experiences.

Thus, it’s only reasonable to outsource your copywriting needs. Not only will you then be able to focus on the business part of your company operations; you also get to leverage the expertise of professional copywriters to produce copy that exudes quality and drives engagement and sales.

Daily Posts’ copywriters are imaginative and well trained, and they have proven their copywriting abilities through many years of crafting compelling copy for our clients. When you outsource your copywriting needs to Daily Posts, you get nothing short of:

  • Copy that is on-brand.
  • Copy that generates leads.
  • Copy that resonates with your audience.
  • Copy that converts leads to customers.

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Copywriting Tips We Employ to Craft Your Copy

  • Establish Benefits

A product that doesn’t have benefits is meaningless to consumers. This is because when people purchase products, they don’t do so to leave the products lying somewhere in their home, useless. Instead, they do so because of what the products can do for them.

Therefore, when writing your business copy, Daily Posts focuses on establishing the benefits of your product features. We focus on showing consumers the solution your product brings.

  • Strive for Clarity

Why do businesses need quality copywriting? The answer is simply. Because they want to communicate with their prospects and customers. Now, communication requires utter clarity, as you want to make sure that your audience understands the message you are passing across; you want to make sure you speak the language your customers understand.

Daily Posts always strives for clarity when writing your copy. We first study your audience to understand how to effectively communicate with them, and we always favour plain language.

  • A Great Headline is a Gem

Whether newspaper copy or website copy, the headline is always the first part of your copy readers see. In the case of newsletter copy, your audience practically sees the headline before they open your email. This means that if your headline sucks, no one would want to read past it. Therefore, make sure that your headline is captivating enough, that it begs readers’ attention, that it incites curiosity, and that it promises a vicarious read.

This is why at Daily Posts, we give special attention to the headline of your copy to ensure that we nail it and that your prospects read to the end of your copy.

  • People Read Things They Find Relevant

No one enjoys reading copy that they aren’t interested in. This is especially true for adverts. No one goes about looking for ads to read. We only notice an ad when we stumble into it. But then that doesn’t mean we would go on reading. We only continue reading if the ad is relevant to us.

This is where proper targeting comes. When your copy is targeted at a particular audience, you ensure that it will engage that particular set of people when they bump into it.  In the case of adverts, they would only be shown to the appropriate audience. This means better chances of engagement.

To craft copy that is relevant to your audience, we first research them, putting factors like age, gender, and location under consideration to understand your prospects’ affinity and use that information to produce copy that is well targeted, that speaks directly to your audience using specifics, and that will engage them to the point that they can’t help but purchase your product.

  • Make Interesting to Read

When your copy is fascinating, people don’t only love it but are also compelled to share it. There are many ways to make your copy interesting.

  • Integrate controversy in it.
  • People love a good story. So why not tell a story.
  • The art is not only in the writing but also in the arrangement of your text. A visually appealing copy is one after everyone’s heart.
  • Use short paragraphs. They are easier on the eye and mind.
  • Incorporate your unique selling point.
  • Use bullets and subheadings to make it easy to scan.

At Daily Posts, we adopt these tricks and more to make your copy irresistible to your audience.

  • Use Proper SEO

Google alone processes over 5.5 billion searches per day, and over 80% of consumers research products and services on search engines before making purchases online. This exposes the great lead generation opportunity that organic search engine traffic offers and stresses the need for businesses to work diligently towards ranking high on search engines.

However, to pull this off, you need a copywriter that has expertise in search engine optimisation (SEO), a copywriter who can study your brand, research your audience and competitors, and develop a viable SEO strategy that will set your copy on the path to landing the Number One positions on search engine results for relevant keywords.

Daily Posts copywriters are highly trained in the use of proper SEO and can help give your web pages the search engine visibility they needed.

  • Use Proper Calls-to-Action 

Consumers sometimes don’t take action unless you suggest it. Even when they are considering taking action, the lack of the means can easily dissuade them. This is why it’s essential to insert appropriate calls-to-action in your copy. Otherwise, you will be defeating the purpose of writing the copy, which is to drive conversion and make sales.

Daily Posts brings to the table years of expertise in copywriting. We want to help you grow your business using compelling copy masterfully crafted to entice new leads, engage them, and convert them to long-term customers.

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