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Good Copywriting Examples

What are good copywriting examples?

Gone are the days when copywriting was just a sales pitch. To capture the attention of potential customers, sales copy must contain certain characteristics. Some of these include:

  1. Well-researched content: Don’t be perturbed when we ask you a lot of questions about your company and product. To produce good quality copy, it’s essential to find out as much as possible about the product, the company and the industry.

  2. A target audience: Who are you selling your product to? Good copywriting examples will always be directed to a specific group of customers. This allows the information to feel more personal.

  3. Attracts attention: If your sales copy doesn’t draw attention, then it has missed the point entirely. Copywriting from a professional writing company utilises various tools to ensure people notice it
    (pictures and borders for example).

  4. Clear and Unambiguous: You always want to be completely upfront with your target customers. If your message isn’t clear, your potential customers may end up feeling cheated.

  5. Answers any questions and puts to rest any doubts: You won’t get a second bite of the cherry. Your advertising copy has to answer any questions your customers have about your product or service.

  6. Builds Trust: Trust is always important when you’re trying to initiate any business transaction. If you come across as untrustworthy, you will find it hard to convince your potential customers to take the plunge.

  7. Strong ‘Call to Action’: Your sales copy has to tell your customers what to do after reading the ad. Whether you want them to subscribe to a service or buy a product, you need to let them know and offer them a simple way of doing it.

How do we produce good copywriting examples?

Any writing company worth its salt is able to produce good sales copies. At Daily Posts, we always try to go further to produce sales copies that will significantly improve your business by helping you to sell more or increase your subscribers. How are we able to do this?

  1. We work with a top team: We have many quality professional writers with years of experience in this job. Our writers know what sells and what doesn’t, which enables us to produce effective sales copies for you.

  2. We keep up with trends: Whether it’s social media marketing, copywriting for mobile platforms or in-game ads, we are up-to-date on all current advertising trends. We are able to produce content for a variety of new media to ensure you reach as many customers as possible.

  3. We provide a personal service: To us, good copywriting is as much about pleasing you as it is your customers. We build solid relationships with our clients by providing services that meet their needs and delivers higher conversion rates.

  4. We work from an excellent platform: Daily Posts have built an online virtual office, in which all our clients and professional writers work. We have customised this space to the needs of these groups, so that both our writers and clients can work with ease.

  5. We are always looking to improve: We provide our writers with plenty of training materials, so that they can hone their skills and are always on the lookout for new ways to reach customers.

What does it cost to get good copywriting?

Considering what it can do for you, the prospect of hiring a copywriter may seem daunting cost-wise. In truth, it’s more affordable than you would believe. At Daily Posts, we’ve made the cost of our services very affordable and are able to cater for clients with both large and small advertising budgets.

What’s in it for us then? For us, low prices means more customers and affordable prices will keep our customers coming back in future. We provide a variable price scale, so you can choose the rate you’re willing to pay for our services. We’ll then get you the best job for your money.

Good copywriting examples for all companies

At Daily Posts, we work with a range of clients. We have services to suit small businesses or large multinationals. We have optimised our services to ensure that no matter which client comes knocking at our door, they get the best service possible.

We have received positive reviews from our clients, both large and small. We are always happy to grow with our smaller clients and also have the capacity to handle the sizeable needs of industry giants. Give us a call today on 02380 970979 and we’ll discuss how we can grow together.

If you’re ready to jump right in, we can have you set up in your online office immediately. All you have to do is register with us and we’ll have your account ready for you at no extra charge.

Good copywriting gets people to do what the copywriter sets out to achieve - make a sale, click a button, or share a post. Some copywriters go the pleasure-pain route, highlighting why customers should opt for what they are selling; some infuse humour, and others may choose to sound poetic or go straight to the point.

Good copywriting examples

Huit Denim

What's stands out in this piece is how brutally honest and passionate it is, giving the potential customer the assurance that they know what they are doing because they focus on doing just that. Notice the use of certain words, and how they describe the process of production:

Do one thing well

We make jeans. That’s it. Nothing else. No distractions. Nothing to steal our focus. No kidding ourselves that we can be good at everything. No trying to conquer the whole world. We just do our best to conquer our bit of it. So each day we come in and make the best jeans we know how. Use the best quality denims. Cut them with an expert eye. And then let our ‘Grand Masters’ behind the sewing machines do the rest.

There is a great deal of satisfaction to be gained from making something well, of such superior quality that you know it is going to stand the test of time. It makes the hard work and the obsessing over each and every detail worth all the effort. That’s our reward. That’s why we stick to just making jeans. Yup, we just make jeans. That’s all folks.


Here, Dropbox paints the picture of something that could happen to anybody, such as losing a phone or computer, and then come in as the super hero that saves the day.

Even if your computer has a meltdown or your phone goes for a swim, your stuff is always safe in Dropbox and can be restored in a snap. Dropbox is like a time machine that lets you undo mistakes and even undelete files you accidentally trash.

This copy simply tells a visitor: “we know what you are going through, and we have a solution that really works.”

First Round Capital

A good way to present copy that appeals to people is to focus on the values they bring to the table and how a customer can benefit from them. This piece depicts it so well without sounding 'salesy'.

Starting a company is lonely, and founders have to make difficult decisions every day with imperfect information. In our experience, the best safety net is the advice and experience of fellow entrepreneurs.

Whenever we get members in our community in a room, magic happens. That's why our events - ranging from cozy dinners to major summits - are designed to get real vulnerable conversations started. People leave with new ideas and actions they can apply immediately to keep growing and getting better. You won’t find any stick-on name tags here - we hate them.”


Using almost every line to sell a product, or service to people is a sign of weak copy, there's no meat in the composition so the regular call to actions take centre stage. It's totally different with FiftyThree. They use short, simple and convincing words to make their point, and leave you feeling good about them.

“WE MAKE STUFF. Beautiful, practical, meaningful stuff. We make what we love. We love what we do.

But over the years, we noticed that somehow, along the way, software designed to help us be creative actually made us less creative. We believe the best ideas often emerge from the simplest tools: pencil and paper.”

Innocent Drinks

Good copywriting sometimes creates an experience around a product, such that people are inspired to share in it. Innocent Drinks does a good job with that, creating a scene and a feeling that we all would like to experience:

There are times when you fancy a bit of extra sparkle with your refreshment. So allow us to introduce innocent bubbles tropical – a delicious, lightly sparkling blend of pure pineapple, orange and grape juice, spring water and absolutely nothing else. It’s a bit like a posh holiday in a can, only without the pesky sand. And with one portion of fruit and only 90 calories per serving, it’s the bubbly way to get one of your 5-a-day.

What makes these copywriting samples stand out?

  • Style. Style is important in drafting good copy for your website or product. Huit Denim’s honest and passionate writing style does all the work to win over customers, Dropbox, by providing a pleasure-pain experience, communicates to people that they have their best interest at heart.
  • <Sync with brand voice. These copywriting samples reflect the brand voice. Aligning one with the other enhances the quality of copy, as people can easily tell it is for a particular brand.
  • Carefully chosen words. Every word in copy is important, contributing to how effective or bland it turns out to be. Good copywriting employs appropriate words to drive a point home.

Good copywriting is done by people who have all the tools at their disposal to get the results needed. Good copywriting is done by Daily Posts.

If you're in doubt about the power of copywriting or the competence of the copywriter you want to hire, no one can fault you if you requested samples. In fact, Daily Posts recommend that you always request samples. Use these copywriting examples as the standard of quality to expect when hiring a copywriter.

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Good copywriting examples from the Experts

If copywriting hasn’t worked for you yet, then you haven’t been using good copywriting. With good copywriting, you’ll tell your potential customers exactly what you want to tell them, in the manner you’re supposed to tell them.

Are you unfamiliar with advertising copy and how it works? At Daily Posts, you can see many examples of good copywriting and find out just how they can work for you. Daily Posts are the writing agency you’ll want by your side as you exploit the power of copywriting. Sign up today and access good copywriting examples and other features on our website.

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