Freelance Business Writer

Freelance Business Writer

Create Compelling Company Correspondences with Daily Posts’ Freelance Business Writing Service

Whether you run a business or head a unit in a large corporation, the greater part of your work will demand that you write a range of letters, notes and other general information to be sent far and wide.

Whether it’s a traditional business letter, presentation notes, training materials, promotional copy or a wide range of other business documents, you can easily find yourself constantly engaged with the task of business writing.

The business world today is almost entirely information-driven and requires you to continuously disseminate a multitude of communication materials.

So, most of the time, you’re either crafting proposals to clients, writing to senior executives in the industry or sending out streams of emails to colleagues

However, it’s essential that your communication is clear, unambiguous and distinct, to make the message effective and to trigger the required response or action. How do you achieve this?

Creating a consistent flow of compelling business writing (that gets your business running smoothly) is an art. This often requires the expert skills of trained and professional copywriters from a reputable writing agency.

Daily Posts, the world’s leading value writing company, has achieved evidence-based success helping some of the biggest brands to produce tons of persuasive and quality-written business writings.

To hire an effective and reliable business writing servicefor your brand, open an account with Daily Posts to get started.

What is effective business writing?

Business writing refers to all the various forms of professional communication used for both internal and external correspondences within an organisation. It includes memos, emails, proposals, presentation notes and training materials.

However, most business owners and executives have little experience in creating simple, precise and clear writing and often need the services of a skilled freelance business writer.

While fundamental business skills are taught in business schools and programmes, there’s typically a less-than-adequate focus on business writing.  Actually, learning to write is rarely the driving motivation when people attend business schools or courses.

In fact, business owners with only high school degrees may never have had the need to write business letters previously and will often be at sea as regards how to get started.

With the services of a freelance business writer in a leading writing company, every CEO or business director enjoys simple, clear and direct communication with both internal and external audiences. The sentences are intelligent, interesting and engaging, without looking or sounding excessive.

The freelance business writer is focused on delivering successful business communication that is effective, stands out and well thought through.

The benefits of effective freelance business writing 

Here’s how our freelance business writing helps achieve clarity, simplicity and precision in your communication contents to clients, prospects and business or industry colleagues:

Well thought through

Creating real value in business communication demands the professional writer to think before writing and to organise ideas more articulately.  This makes the writing more structured, lucid and direct.

A good freelance business writer is introspective, gets clear ideas on what the audience is expected to know and what they think, after reading the business report. This is quickly fine-tuned if the report is in any way ambiguous.

Direct, precise and concise writing

The points are made upfront and are clear and concise. The writing style and structure taught in schools doesn’t always apply in the business world. Burying the heart of the message in the belly of the content often spells disaster.

A good freelance business writer has learnt and sharpened the techniques of presenting the main idea first,in a mostly summarised format, before delving into the details.

Rightly or wrongly, the reader judges the rest of the correspondence based on the opening paragraphs. If it’s good, he’ll likely read on. If it’s bad, most people will stop reading.

Weeding the excesses

Copywriters working in top writing agencies understand what constitutes waffle, verbiage or redundancies and cut them out immediately. They write ‘consensus,’ rather than ‘general opinion of consensus,’ or ‘viewpoint’ instead of simply, ‘view.’

They don’t use long words where others might. They prefer contractions like ‘don’t’ and ‘we’re’ in place of ‘do not’ and ‘we are’ and where available use stronger verbs to replace ‘is,’ ‘are,’ ‘was’ and ‘were.’

Minimal or no use of jargon

The business world buzzes with jargon and acronyms across different industries. While these technical terms are sometimes unavoidable and act as good summaries, they distract from the message when the content is filled with them.  

Jargon adds little or no value to content and makes the report obscured and at best, like it’s on autopilot.

A proficient business writer has a blacklist of buzzwords, industry jargon and grandiose language that sounds like a drone to the reader and makes a duty of avoiding or minimising their use in the content.

Attention to address details

Regardless of the flow and articulation of the copy, a single typo in the address can damage the effect and prestige of the business correspondence. It is embarrassing to miss or mix up the name, title or gender of the recipient.

Daily Posts pays close attention to such details. When crafting business letters, our copywriters are encouraged to ask and crosscheck the name and title (professional and job).

Where they’re not sure of the gender of the recipient, professional writers now use gender-neutral pronouns like ‘They’ and ‘Their.’

A ‘Call to Action’

Experienced freelance business writers never forget the final purpose of a business communication. They creatively and deliberately build the content to read logically, leading to a persuasive, definite and immediate call to action. They don’t offer the reader too many choices. In fact, they hardly offer any other choice.

An experienced and professional writing agency understands the nuances and peculiarities of effective business communication in the modern business environment.  They understand the need to sound and look professional in the writing, but not necessarily formal.

That is why hiring the expert services of a freelance business writer like Daily Posts helps you to achieve more with your business communication goals, allowing you to concentrate on the other equally important aspects of your business.

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