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English Copywriting

Experienced English Copywriters

DailyPosts copywriters have been doing this for years. We have helped several brands dominate their niche over the years, and we will help you do the same. Our copies always respect the target audience and incorporate aspects of the traditional heritage that will resonate with the audience.

Brand Values

We respect the brand’s voice, tone, and culture in our writings. We make sure the essence of the brand is not lost just because we are writing in English. Additionally, we ensure our copies are clear, concise, and the intended message is seamlessly conveyed.

Hire English Copywriting Professionals

Writing clear and engaging copies that persuade the visitor or reader to take an action, such as purchasing a specific product or service requires skill, talent, and experience. Even native English writers struggle to achieve this because copywriting is a specialist skill and requires experience to get it right.

Increase Your Revenue

At DailyPosts, we help you get more business by increasing the professionalism of your overall content and enhancing your brand image.

Gain an Edge Over Your Competitors

Our English content and copies have proven to give our clients an edge over their competitors. This is because we know the tricks of writing copies that are persuasive and engaging.

At DailyPosts, results matter. We judge the effectiveness of a copy by its sales result. The reason we have been able to achieve results for our clients over the years is because of our obsession with research.

We Understand Your Prospects

We start by defining the target audience.  We go in-depth to try and understand the mind of the target audience. We try to understand what motivates them, their challenges, the kind of language they use, and the best way to reach them.

Business and Industry Understanding

We also take the time to research your business and your industry. We try to know all about your products and your services and the comparative business advantage you offer. 

We Try to Understand the Local Culture

We have worked for clients in various non-English speaking countries and we understand certain details and cultural issues clients care about that must be respected. We also take the clients guidance seriously and research more about the country before we begin the writing project.

We Study the Competition

We study your competitors. We find out what they are doing right and what could be improved upon. We also find the best way to position you as an improvement on any gaps we find in the marketplace.

We are passionate about what we do and we leave no stone unturned to ensure that we offer you the best chance of achieving your business objectives. There is no project too small or too large for DailyPosts to handle. We offer the same excellent service regardless of the complexity or simplicity of the job.

We have customers all over Asia we help write English copies that are targeted at native English speakers. We ensure the quality of the work is flawless and persuasive.

Stay Ahead

In a market where brochures, websites, email copies, and sales letters targeted to native speakers are filled with grammatical and syntax errors, our service helps to set our clients apart. Our ultimate goal is to write pieces that are targeted, persuasive, informative, and gets your audience to fall in love with your brand, service, or product.

Some of the copies and contents we can help you prepare include:

  • Press Releases

  • Sales letters

  • Email copies

  • Blog posts

  • Video sales letter

  • Landing pages

  • Catalogues

  • Radio and TV adverts

  • Social media posts

SEO Copies

The copy we write for clients is Search Engine Optimized (SEO). We have helped clients SEO ranking using various kinds of keywords, both locally and internationally. Our SEO copywriters will help you write copies and content that are easily found online, and that will persuade the visitor to take the desired action.

Investing in our service is smart because you get long-term traffic advantage because the content is always searched engine optimized. We design content to attract high-converting traffic, thereby ensuring a steady supply of new customers in the future.

Quality Assurance

Our editors go through every written piece to ensure that there are no errors. They correct issues with word usage, grammar, spelling, and others. We also crosscheck facts and figures to ensure all written content is correct. Apart from English copywriting, we can also help you edit your copies or proofread your English copies.

Avoid Costly Fines and Sanctions

DailyPosts writes within your brand and industry guidelines. When you don’t follow industry guidelines, it can hurt your brand, especially if you are in a sensitive niche and you are targeting customers in countries with well-laid out guidelines.

Your Brand’s Reputation Depends on Excellent Content

The reputation of your brand may suffer because of poorly written content. This is because most people may only come in contact with your written content. At that instance, your content is the sales person, brand manager, and customer service personnel. If the written content is good, you increase your chances of making sales and attracting new customers. If not, you may end up losing sales, and leaving a bad impression on the user that would affect the brand’s reputation.

Affordable English Copywriting

Our service is affordable and we always deliver the job on schedule. Once you contact us, we will discuss your needs and make a proposal to you. If you are not sure of the exact content service you need, you can also reach out to us and we will help you find the right mix of services that is guaranteed to deliver real growth to your business.

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Finding a qualified English writing agency that can construct a superior copy which captures your business and your voice without errors or deviations is an uphill task. You would have to kiss a lot of copywriting frogs, hoping one of them would turn into a prince.

Daily Posts is here to save you the stress and the hassle. We excel in English copywriting and we can deliver well-crafted copies written in different forms of the English language. Our content writing services will not only appeal to your intended audience but through exclusive content, will help boost your visibility in search engines.

What is English Copywriting?

The English language is the most acceptable language for conducting business. Because of this, most adverts and documents are written in English. For a wider reach, businesses and companies–both big and small–have their official copy written in the English language by expert copywriters.

English copywriting is not just about constructing copy using the English language, it is the ability to deliver premium content for different English-speaking markets, writing in a tone that suits its intended populace.

Types of English Copywriting

Because of the widespread acceptance of the English language as a means of communication globally, it has so many variations and differences unique to each group of people. These distinctions cut across different English speaking markets so much so that different nations have their different forms of English language from spellings to meanings, pronunciations, and even punctuations.

The most popular variations of English which have to be taken into consideration when writing copy are:

  • British English
  • American English
  • Australian English
  • Canadian English
  • New Zealand English
  • Irish English

When writing copy for a particular English-speaking audience, a copywriter has to consider the spellings, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, contractions, slangs and sometimes, pop culture references of that audience.

The two major types of English language in high demand for content writing services are British English and American English. All other variants have their roots from these two.

What Makes Great English Copywriting?

Before a piece written in the English language can be called great, there are parameters it has to fulfil:

Great English copy has to speak to its audience using its own variation of English. The distinctions should be noticed and felt in copy. This means that if copy is constructed for the Australian and American market, the readers should be able to discern which copy was written for the Australian audience or the American audience. They should not be interchangeable.

The fine subtleties involved in writing different variations of English for different geographical locations should be noted. What may seem like imperceptible differences to the untrained eye should be obvious distinctions to an English copywriter.

Great English copy should contain no grammatical and spelling errors. They are the most common mistakes encountered in copywriting. A lot of web users pay attention to the quality of spelling and grammar on company websites and to avoid embarrassing errors, a proficient English copywriter should be hired.

Facts about English Copywriting

  •          Over 20% of the earth’s population speak English, making English the language of choice when creating copy or article for the international market.
  •          Out of the 195 countries in the world, 67 nations use English as their lingua franca. Although most of its speakers are not native English speakers, the English language remains the most spoken language in the world. This makes English copywriters more in demand than copywriters of other languages.
  •          As universal as English is, when viewed from different cultural perspectives, it is full of dissimilarities. English copywriting takes all these dissimilarities into consideration–no matter how minute they may seem–when constructing copy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all English-speaking copywriters write copy in different forms of English?

No. Only a few copywriters understand the alterations and the nuances that come with shifting from writing for one English-speaking market to another. To avoid taking chances, contact Daily Posts for your superior English copywriting.

What forms of English copywriting can you do?

We can write and deliver premium copy to you in any form of English language you desire. We have constructed top-notch copy in different forms of English including British, American, New Zealand, Irish, Canadian and Australian English for our clients from all over the world.

Do copywriters need a degree in the English language?

No. A good grasp of the language is only a part of English copywriting. The ability to write compelling copy that grabs the attention of your audience is a skill that an English degree cannot provide. Grammar does not sell products.

Can you write copy for me even though I’m not in your country?

Yes. Daily Posts copywriting services cut across national boundaries. We work for clients all over the world and employ the best copywriters from different parts of the globe to give our copy a native touch. All our correspondence and orders are via phone or email so distance is not a barrier.

Get perfectly-written copies in English from native speakers and accomplished English writers from across the globe. We write English content for web, sales, advert, blog, landing page, PR, product description, and technical guide copies. You are guaranteed:

  • No misspellings

  • No grammar errors

  • No fluff or wasted words

  • Clear writing to convey meaning powerfully

  • The right tone to connect with your target audience

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English Copywriting

Copywriting all over the word is not much different, but over the years, DailyPosts has established itself as one of the best English copywriting services in the world. We cover not only the U.S. and the UK, but also specialize in writing copies that sell for people in Asia and other places where English is not the native language.

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