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Is email marketing still in the game?

Due to the prevalence of social media and its benefits to online marketing, a lot of people wrongfully assume that email marketing is dead. These days, digital marketers are increasingly looking at email marketing as an outdated practice that is not worth the investment.

This assumption is wrong. In as much as social media has done an awesome of creating marketing opportunities, it has also gotten saturated to the point that social media users are now desensitized to social media marketing. In fact, it has gotten to the point that most users don’t give marketing materials on social media more than a passing glance.

This situation has gone full circle. Now, consumers are interested in a more personal connection, something only emails can achieve. When people feel that a message is directed to them alone, they tend to pay closer attention. However, the success of your email campaign lies in your ability to capture the interest of your target in a few seconds from the headline alone. This is where our professional email copywriting services come in.

At Daily Posts, we have skilled email copywriters who can craft email content that will capture and hold the attention of your readers from the headline, through to the end of the message. Now you can create a more personal connection with your target audience.

What is good email copywriting?

Email copywriting is an effective way to compel people to take specific actions by promoting, marketing and eventually selling a brand, idea, product or service. Achieving these results can be rather overwhelming; this is why an email copywriter needs to be smart.

Email copywriting is not rocket science; it simply involves a series of fundamental steps that need to be taken in order to achieve the desired goals. The fundamental steps include crafting a catchy headline that will compel the reader to click on the email link; an engaging first paragraph that will convince the reader that reading further will be in their best interest, and a decisive message that resonates with the reader and has clear cut call to actions that tell them what to do.

If, despite your best efforts, your email campaign is not bringing in the expected results, you are likely doing something wrong. You need to understand that selling an idea, product or service in person is a completely different ball game from selling in writing. That you can sell snow to the Eskimos one-on-one does not mean you will be good at email copywriting.

Why not take advantage of our training, skills and experience? Let us work with you to create an email campaign that delivers results.

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It is all in the message

Eskimos one-on-one does not mean you will be good at email copywriting.

Why not take advantage of our training, skills and experience? Let us work with you to create an email campaign that delivers results.

Give us a call on 02380 970979 for more information.

Too many times, email campaigns go wrong. They are self-centred and heavy handed in their sales pitch. The last thing a person wants is to open his or her email inbox just to read more sales drivel. This is the problem with a lot of email campaigns and why they don’t enjoy an adequate read rate and click-through rate.

How you craft the content of your email message matters. Even though prospects know they are reading a sales letter, they appreciate the fact that you disguised it using an engaging, witty and smart approach. People see too many marketing materials every day – online, on billboards, on their phones, on social media; they just want the sanctity of their inboxes respected.

This is exactly what a professional copywriting service for email campaign will achieve: they will engage your audience from the very start, increase brand recognition, and place you squarely in the hearts and minds of your readers, so that when the time for sales is right, it will come through. Great email messages don’t just engage your audience; they inspire them to share with others, thereby expanding your reach.

If you need to create an email campaign with the characteristics mentioned above, you are on the right page. Our professional email copywriting service can help you create email messages that nurture rather than annoy.

Write emails that nurture and entice

The inbox is where you will find some very surprising things. In a typical email inbox, you will find cat photos, potential riches from princes in faraway lands, remedies for infertility and the most spammy of them all, enlargement pills offers. This has made a lot of people delete first and ask questions later when they come across a strange email in their inbox. Unfortunately, this delete-first habit has caused lots of businesses to miss out on viable prospects.

If you intend to achieve a successful email campaign, your strategy should focus on writing emails that nurture, engage and convert. Your email will have to strikingly stand out among the unsolicited mails and junk in order to receive the reader’s undivided attention. Unsurprisingly, this is not an easy feat to achieve.

At Daily Posts professional email copywriting service, we make sure that all our email messages are geared towards lead generation and conversion. Our emails are eye catching and fully A/B tested to ensure that they immediately command the attention of the intended reader, rise above the inbox noise, entice them into opening and boost your click-through rates.

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You’ve got MAIL

Even if you are a firm believer in the DIY approach, there are certain things you have to leave to the professionals. A professional email copywriter will better communicate the things you want to, and they will do it with better clarity, precision and resonance, in such a way that your potential customers are captured before they know it.

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What is email copywriting?

If you do business on the internet, you probably need to send emails once in a while. It could be email to your subscribers or email marketing to attract new prospects. Regardless of the type of emails you send in the course of doing business, you definitely want to send the type that would attract the right attention so as to meet your business goals. Email copywriting is when you write emails with the proper structure and content that make them irresistible to the readers.

Email copywriting is not just about the subject and the calls to action; it is about using the right language, writing style and format to capture the interest of your target audience right from when they click on the subject line. It is a very useful tool in marketing communications and can go a long way in helping you gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Types of email copywriting

Writing for emails is undoubtedly one of the most difficult writing jobs. Different audiences have a different way they respond to emails and a good copywriter is someone that can write well enough to appeal to a varied audience. The purpose of your email will determine the type of email copywriting you do. Are you looking to increase sales or do you just need to boost brand awareness? Your email marketing can fall into any of the following categories based on your business needs:

  • Newsletters
  • Lead nurturing emails
  • Transactional emails
  • Milestones emails
  • Reminder emails

Let’s face it, writing good email copy can be tough, especially in this era where everyone can get the information they need on social media. That is why you need expert email copywriters to get you started on the right track. Fortunately, you are on the right page to find one.

Need expertly written email copy? Call Daily Posts copywriting agency on 02380970979 to get started.

What makes great email copy?

If you do business on the internet, you will agree that writing the kind of emails that bring results can be quite difficult. A lot of hard work goes into impressing potential targets enough to click open the email and move them further to the point of clicking the call to action.

If you find that your email marketing is not doing as well as it should, chances are you are doing something wrong, and you will probably be interested in knowing how to write great email copy.

  • In the first place, great email copy starts from the subject line. This is actually the part that improves click-throughs.
  • Another attribute of good email copy is when the message content aligns properly with the subject line. If your subject line is a promise, that promise must be fulfilled in the message body.
  • The purpose of a good email is to get people to take action, this means using actionable language. If people are not taking the action you require of them in your emails, you are doing something wrong.
  • Get your call to actions right. Moving your readers further down the user journey means getting them to the place you want them to get to be, and it is your CTAs that would achieve this. Your CTAs must be clear, concise and unmistakable.

Of course, knowing what to do and doing what you know are two completely different things. This is why you should consider using a copywriting agency to point you in the right direction.

Wouldn’t you rather write to sell? Need email copy that sells? Call 02380970979 to get started.

Essential facts about email copywriting

  • You may not know it but properly crafted email copy converts 3 times better than social media.
  • Also, you are 6 times more likely to get a click-through from well crafted email copy than from a tweet or social media share.
  • Including an offer or incentive in the subject is a good way to improve your email click-through rate. In fact, more than 70% of email recipients will open an email just to check if there is anything on offer.
  • Emails deliver a high ROI and about 89% of internet marketers believe that emails generate the highest amount of leads for them.
  • For every £1 spent on email marketing, the average brand makes about £38 in profits. That is a huge ROI.
  • The subject line is the fastest way to get your email read or flagged as 69% of email recipients judge a message as spam based on its subject line alone.

Common questions asked in email copywriting

Are emails more effective than social media?

It may surprise you to know that emails remain a favourite form of marketing communication for a lot of people despite the prevalence of social media. There is that feeling of recognition people get when they receive a personalised email in their inbox. And that is not all, studies have shown that emails have a much higher ROI than social media with three times more conversion potential.

How important is personalisation in email marketing?

Personalisation plays a huge role in email click-through rate which is why it should come as no surprise that you should personalise your email copy for the recipient. In fact, studies have shown that using the recipient’s name in the subject line can increase the chances of your email being opened by almost 15%.

What is an email conversion rate?

The percentage of people who receive your emails and carry out the action in the CTA is known as the email conversion rate. While there are a lot of factors that contribute to the email conversion rate, your email copy will also play a huge role in how effective your CTA is.

There is a lot more to email copywriter than throwing words together and a professional copywriter will know best how to communicate your message in a way that would bring the results you desire.

If you are ready to supercharge your email marketing campaign, contact Daily Posts UK on 02380 970979.

You have a great product. You offer invaluable services. Now you have loads of traffic coming to your website. At this point, the fatal mistake you could make is to assume that you have it all wrapped up. How sure are you that your visitors will remember you after leaving your website or after doing that first transaction with your business?

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Daily Posts: Professional Email Copywriting Services

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For your business to grow, you have to do all you can to remain constantly in the hearts and minds of your customers. And there is no better way to do so than by keeping in touch via email.

Creating a strategic engagement-filled email campaign will help you remain relevant to your customers. Even though you may not sell to everyone on your email list, you will increase the chances that they think of you when they need the type of products or services that you offer. After all, lead generation is all about planting the seeds in the minds of people, nurturing them and watching them grow.

Utilise the power of email to grab the attention of your prospects and keep your brand constantly in their consciousness. And when you do it, do it right.

To get professional email copywriting that is relevant and unforgettable, use Daily Posts email copywriting service.

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