E-commerce Copywriting Services

E-commerce Copywriting Services

Daily Posts: E-commerce Copywriting Services that Drive Sales

Your E-commerce copy is perhaps the most important aspect of your website.  Great E-commerce copy serves four core functions:

  • Engages Your Prospects: It thrives on establishing the benefits of your product or service to your audience. No one would ever listen intently unless what you are selling can truly benefit them somehow.
  • Offers Clear Information: It presents features and benefits of your product or service in a way that is easy to read and understand. Don’t overstate your grammar skills on your E-commerce copy. Don’t be ambiguous or deceitful either, as this will only ruin your credibility.
  • Favours Conciseness: It doesn’t overplay or misuse words any more than necessary. The last thing you want your E-commerce copy to do is bore your audience or waste their time with unnecessary information or excessive phrasing.
  • Masterfully Persuades: It resonates with your audience, captures their emotions and compels them to take action. To achieve this, you require the services of a professional E-commerce copywriter.

That’s where Daily Posts comes in. We work with professional E-commerce copywriters that have years of experience in the industry. They have actually produced E-commerce copy that delivered great results and can work with you to entice your prospects into taking actions that maximise your sales.

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When You Work with Daily Posts to Craft Your E-commerce Copy, You Get: 

  • Flawless E-commerce Copy

In copywriting, there’s nothing more off-putting than a copy riddled with errors. Spelling and grammar mistakes suggest carelessness and incompetence, which only hints at how flawed your product or service might be. When you can’t invest ample time and money into producing flawless E-commerce copy, how can you expect consumers to invest their time and hard-earned cash in your product or service?

Always opt for for flawless E-commerce copy, as it is one way you can earn trust and credibility. The good news is that Daily Posts thrives on delivering flawless copywriting. Our E-commerce copywriting services are no exception. When you work with us to craft your E-commerce copy, we always aim for quality and will revise and edit your copy until we achieve the desired standard.

  • Clearly Detailed E-commerce Copy

In E-commerce copywriting, it pays to know when to state the obvious. This is especially true with elements such as price, payment methods, shipping, return policy, and product specifications. They ought to be clearly displayed within your E-commerce copy.


Because once a customer becomes confused or unsure about any of those elements, they are unlikely to purchase your product or service. In fact, a Forrester study suggests about 20% of consumers abandon their orders simply because shipping costs weren’t clearly defined.

At Daily Posts, we understand the importance of clarity – particularly in E-commerce copywriting – and our copywriters are experts in using precise, discerning language, as and when required. When you work with us, your E-commerce copy will contain the right details, portrayed with real clarity.

  • An Objective Eye and Voice for Your E-commerce Copy 

When rolling out new products, it’s easy for all the excitement to cloud your judgement and nudge you towards focusing on your products instead of your customers. It’s also easy to oversell your service when just a few strategic words will suffice.

This is why you need an objective eye that can view your product or service from the perspective of your customers, as well as an objective voice that can tell consumers about your product or service (and related benefits) without flavouring the copy in a way that cloys or is superficial.

Daily Posts can provide that objectivity. Sign up for our E-commerce copywriting service now.

  • E-commerce Copy that Resonates with Your Prospects

Benefits, benefits, benefits. Your E-commerce copy should exude them. People buy products because of how they might benefit them. It’s that simple. No one walks into a store and purchases something that is meaningless to them. There’s always a reason behind any purchase. You need to discover the reasons why consumers would purchase your product or service and then convey them to your prospects.

When you can tie an emotional or rational reason or benefit to your product, consumers will come flooding towards your brand. When you work with Daily Posts to craft your E-commerce copy, we’ll go the extra mile to discover and present the benefits of your product or service to your prospects.

  • We will study your product to determine the benefits it offers.
  • We will research the target audience to discover consumers those that require – or have an affinity with – the benefits that your product or service offers.
  • Then we will articulately imbue those benefits in your E-commerce copy to entice your target consumers to buy.

Create an account with Daily Posts today and let us make your E-commerce copy as engaging and compelling as possible.

  • E-commerce Copy Optimised for Search Engines

Studies show that over 80% of consumers use search engines to research products, services and brands before making purchase decisions.  This means that E-commerce websites that rank high on search engines will benefit more from organic search engine traffic. The good news is that your E-commerce site can leverage search engine traffic using Daily Posts’ E-commerce copywriting services.

At Daily Posts, we will research your audience to understand the keywords and phrases they use when searching online. Then we will seamlessly incorporate the relevant keywords in your E-commerce copy to offer your website a better chance of rising to the No. 1 position on search engine results (for those keywords). We also use other SEO tools and analytics to enhance your E-commerce page rankings.

Start bagging more sales with proper E-commerce copywriting. Sign up for Daily Posts E-commerce copywriting service today. Our professional E-commerce copywriters are great at what they do and will diligently work with you to produce E-commerce copy that drives sales.

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