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What is direct response copywriting? How is it different from indirect response content marketing? What makes direct response copywriting impactful and compelling, and what elements trigger an immediate reaction in the reader or prospect? These and more are questions people ask about direct response writing.


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To a lot of people, direct response writing is the same as other forms of copywriting. However, this is far from the truth. Direct response writing is a form of copywriting that spurs the reader into taking the desired action. The action may be to make an order, subscribe or sign up for a service, or take an action that leads to a sale.

Direct response writing gets the customer to make a buying decision immediately. It is all about now; this very minute. It leads the customer to a point where he or she decides to make the order immediately after reading the copy. Direct response marketing also adds an offer which serves to whet the appetite of the client and converts them from a fence-sitter to a loyal customer. The offer could be in the form of a huge discount, free delivery, coupons, or more enticing freebies.

You may be wondering, how exactly can direct response writing convince or compel a customer to take action?

Well, that is what this post will explain. The location with the highest direct response marketing and writing today is the internet via e-commerce. Direct response writing is still done in print and in other media but online markets are the highest consumers and audience for direct response writing.  At Daily Posts, direct response writing is what our copywriters specialise in, therefore, we will give you an insight into the techniques, tools and skills used by our copywriters to create effective direct response copywriting.

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Differences between Direct Response Writing and Other Forms of Copywriting

A common misconception is the assumption that direct response writing is the same as other forms of copywriting. Though there are few similarities between direct response writing and other known types of copywriting, they couldn’t be more different! Understanding the similarities as well as the differences between these different forms of copywriting will help you understand direct response writing better.

Direct Response Writing and Indirect Response Copywriting

In direct response writing, you know immediately if your copy is delivering results. This is different from indirect response writing. Indirect response writing is what is mainly seen on TV or radio adverts. The goal is to make the brand and product familiar to the customer so that they can remember the brand the next time they are looking for such a product.

On the other hand, direct response copywriting focuses on instant gratification. As the name implies, it seeks to obtain a direct and immediate reply from the reader. Its aim is for you to take advantage of the business or sales opportunity now. Not later, but now. For instance, if you run an ad about your plumbing company on the radio and TV, this is an indirect response copy. You may have planted your plumbing services in the minds of the listener but that does not guarantee they will remember you or seek out your services should they need them.

How is direct response writing different? Unlike the TV ad, a direct response copy seeks to elicit a response from the reader by employing a personal approach where the copy directly addresses the reader, appealing to his/her emotions and focusing on the reader and their point of view. An offer may even be added to further close the deal. In this case, it could be a 15% discount on instant plumbing services to first-time customers.

Direct Response Writing and Content Marketing

Because direct response copies are increasingly written online, some brands mistake direct response writing with content marketing. Whereas content marketing seeks to provide information, direct response writing has an immediate call to action. Both types of writing have their different uses and Daily Posts can help you with both.

Direct Response Writing and Professional Writing

Direct response writing is not about professional writing. Professional writing is usually boring and too formal, and you won’t get people to buy your product by boring them. Some companies often feel this direct response writing is not appropriate for their brand, but that is rarely the case. While a copy should be tailored to the audience (and we always do that), brands in practically every niche have successfully used direct response copy.

Tips for Writing Excellent Direct Response Copies

Excellent direct response copies use various copywriting techniques to trigger the emotional button of the target audience. They use headlines that force the target audience to pay attention. They use a strong and compelling sales copy to get readers to the point where they are taking out their credit card to make an order. The copy is simply a skilled salesman working on behalf of your brand.

Needless to say, this is not surprising. Everybody buys for emotional reasons and then supports it with logic. That is why direct response copies sell to the heart, then justify the sale to the brain.

Research is Key

For direct response writing to be successful, it requires extensive research. This is often overlooked but it is crucial to the success of the process. A good sales copy is rooted in an excellent understanding of the market for which it writes. The copywriter needs to extensively understand what they are selling and how to beat the competition.

What are the benefits of the product? Who are the competitors? How can they be overthrown and what differentiates my service from those of my rivals? All these questions need to be answered. The answers to these questions will shape the copy and make it relatable to the audience.

Understand your Audience

It is important to access and understand the mind of your target audience. Direct response copywriters generally have to find the underlying deeper benefits of your product or service. The benefits they search for are those that are important to the audience. They need to thoroughly understand the brand and the brand’s product to be able to find believable benefits they can link to the features. The copywriter learns how the audience communicates so he/she can write to the audience the way they speak, not in a way that seems professional.

In direct response writing, the only opinions that matter are those of your prospects and customers. The brand owner’s opinion doesn’t matter except if it aligns with the customer’s opinion, beliefs, and needs. Our direct response writers try to join the conversation already going on in your prospect’s mind.

The Offer

There is a rule of thumb in direct response writing: your copy is only as good as your offer. A very good offer will sell even if the rest of the copy is weak, while a weak offer will struggle even if the body of the copy is strong.

Think of making an offer to your prospect that is irresistible. Sweeten the deal and remove as much barrier to the sale as possible. The right offer may take a while to construct but the increase in response makes it worth the time. At Daily Posts, we work with our client to find the right offer after we have understood what the target audience cares about and their hot button emotional triggers.

The offer and the copy have to be unique. If you could easily swap another brand’s name and product to the direct response writing, the copy is probably weak. Your copy should be exciting and inspiring if you hope to spur people to action.

Why Do I Need Direct Response Writing?

As a business owner, you will come across many promotional strategies touted to be the best when it comes to bringing in clients. So, you may want to ask how direct response writing is different and why you have to invest in it. If you are, here are a few reasons why you need it.

Higher conversion rates

Direct response writing tries to craft an ad targeted at a particular demographic. In direct copywriting, the ad is not for everybody, rather for a specific segment or niche of the population. Because of this, the conversion rates are higher than those of indirect response writing.

Direct response marketing is the most effective and successful of all forms of advertising, producing higher sales and surpassing other traditional forms of advertising.

To test your growth rate

One of the major advantages of direct response writing is that it is testable, whereas other forms of copywriting are not. This means that with direct response writing, you can test variables and work out what influences the reader’s buying decision much quicker than you could with indirect response copy. As every seasoned copywriter knows, testing to see if your copy works is powerful and will help you improve.

The father of direct response writing, David Ogilvy, said: “Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.”

The true test of a direct response copy is the result. You only know if the copy is working or not once you put it to work, not after you are excited by the copy and accept it from us. At Daily Posts, we stand ready to step in and tweak the copy if the response is not above the industry average.

Creating unique business copies

Direct response writing can be valuable in a lot of industries and projects. You need good direct response copywriters to write:

  • Landing pages
  • Email copies
  • Sales letter
  • Video sales script
  • Brochure adverts
  • Press releases

While all of these copies require varying degrees of a hard sell, they all benefit from direct response techniques and will enable you to generate sales from copies traditionally meant for spreading information about your brand.

Branding your business

Companies in this age of the internet need to be competitive on every front to gain a business advantage. Direct response writing helps in this regard. It also helps position your brand as one that cares for its audience because the copy will show you understand their pain and challenges and you’re trying to make life better for them. You gain their trust, and they could be repeat customers for a long time.

Branding is part of what a good direct response copy does, which is why you need an experienced direct response writer to handle the process for you.


Frequently Asked Questions on Direct Response Writing

What is direct response writing?

Direct response writing is a sales approach based on action. Indirect response marketing or writing asks you to remember a product or service for future use, whereas direct response writing asks you to take action now.

Is direct response marketing an effective way to reach my target audience?

Yes, it is. You can target prospective buyers and advertise to them. Also, your growth rate is measurable and your market testable, so you can work with facts and not assumptions.

How do I know if it is working?

The edge direct response writing or marketing has over other forms of copywriting is that it is testable and measurable. Therefore, using simple financial analysis, you can know which web page, offer or advertising media produces the best inquires or generates the most conversions.

Can I write my direct response copy by myself?

Technically, yes, but it is not advisable. Writing a direct response copy that can attract the reader and compel them to take action comes with years of talent and expertise. It is a very delicate process and one mistake is enough to ruin your hard work and, even if that doesn’t happen, at the end of the day, it would not be the same as a professionally written copy. It is best you outsource it to experienced professionals like Daily Posts to get the best out of your direct response writing.

Why should I choose you?

At Daily Posts, we have an international team of hand-picked copywriters who are well-versed in the art and science of writing direct response copies which not only scores highly in search engines but engage readers and urges them to purchase the product or service immediately. We have tonnes of experience in crafting exceptional direct response copy for our clients all around the globe with brilliant success.

Daily Posts delivers a clear and direct response copy that helps clients launch successful marketing campaigns. We offer an affordable solution, and we are interested in building a long-term valuable relationship with our prospects. We are your partner for growth.

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