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How Effective is Direct Mail Copy Marketing?

In the era of the Internet, email has made inroads into marketing due to its cheap and quick nature. However, a good copy is still king in the business.There are several reasons why you need a mail copy service for bringing in prospectson board your business offering.

  • In direct mail marketing you own the environment and you are able to instruct the reader how to use it. In effect, you are sending a tastefully designed business flyer and telling the prospect, “Read me when your grocery list is empty.” The catch is that people read their mail when they are unwinding, and any post that ensures they maintain this state is usually a spin.

  • Using a direct mail ensures that you tell a compelling story of your business offering, which is most likely the only memorable understanding that the reader will take away.

  • Additionally, a self-mailer allows you to use language for effect. For instance you may want to cajole, frighten, argue with the reader, satirize a situation, or inspire them to take an action.

These possibilities become highly effective for nailing your to-do-lists during a campaign and packaging an irresistible offer, which altogether increase your rate of return.

So, whether you are looking to mail a “Thank You” postcard to your loyal customers, create a newsletter on product or service update for the coming year, or craft a compelling salespitch to seal new conversions, you can trust the Daily Posts team for a head start. Our writing company is composed of marketing professionals and highly skilled writers who are able to approach your direct marketing campaign from any angle.

Direct Mail Marketing Increases Response Rate

…and it isn’t dead because we are in the digital age. Rather, this traditional method continues to outperform digital means of direct marketing such as email and telemarketing on return rates. According to a market report on Ballantine, the Direct Mail Association (DMA) noted“the average response rate for direct mail marketing was 4.4% in 2012. This response rate includes both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) marketing. This is much greater compared to electronic mailing which garnered an average response rate of only 0.12% in the same year.”

Aside the use of responsive designs to embellish a standout direct mail copy, the research didn’t compromise on the quality of content.

The Daily Posts Way- Direct Mail Copy Solution

At Daily Posts, we follow a mix of creative and scientific methods when crafting each client’s unique message. The high quality of content at the end of the writing stage always sticks to focus, wrestles down the motivations of the target audience, and gets the customers and prospects to take the desired action. How exactly do we do this? We will like to use the following steps to show you how our professional copywriters craft each unique direct mail marketing copy.

  • Firstly, our marketing researchers will carry out a full survey of the trends in your niche as well as how other businesses are marketing their mail copy. This is useful in order to give us a clear plan and angle for the copy.

  • Then, with your copy brief we assign your project to one of our niche writers who has a long-existing knowledge of your business environment.

  • We understand that the headline is the first piece of text your target audience are going to read, so our writers will create not just a copy that merely meets the eye for a few seconds, but one that carefully combines needs and benefits.

  • From the first paragraph to the last, every piece of information is accurate, solution over need guaranteed, and trustworthy.

Why Choose Daily Posts’ Direct Mail Copy Services?

Our guarantee for high-quality copy for your direct mail campaign is supported by many decades of professionalism in the writing industry. We have provided copy services to thousands of high profile clients within the UK and across different markets. Every time we did, the result always outperformed the previous. We are a writing agency versed in crafting different writing projects, which includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Mini blogs for videos

  • Whole website content

  • Article refreshes

  • Marketing copywriting

  • Creative content for fiction

  • Magazine-grade content

  • Product reviews

  • Press release

Rest assured, every content we deliver has gone through the keen eye of our researchers, the creative and surgical penmanship of our writers (and niche writers), and the forensic dissection of our editors. This ensures that your copy is accurate, authoritative, correct in language, and audience-appropriate. What’s more, we always welcome revisions until you are satisfied with your work. However, you would hardly have cause to call for it as we make sure each written copy is screened before we hit the green button.

We like to indulge a little in what we call “client copy tagging” where we ask you to describe your copy in one positive word. Whatever that is, we try to make it happen.

Get Your Direct Mail Copy in Hours!

We have carefully explained why choosing Daily Posts UK for your direct mail copy will ensure that you hit the goal of your direct marketing campaign. What we didn’t tell you was how quick the solution is. It’s a couple hours to delivery. Our professional copywriters and bespoke virtual office smoothens out this process- giving you value for your money.

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What is Direct Mail Copy?

This is the reverse of TV ad copywriting. It employs emails, postcards, papers and other items like promotional products, and sends them to individuals, homes and businesses. It is also called direct response copywriting and it is used to encourage the reader to act as soon as she reads the piece of copy.

A direct mail copywriter creates persuasive content that is to be delivered through standard mail or electronically. Such content is crafted to express the intention of the writer or of the brand and is also meant to persuade the reader to act.

The actions a direct mail copywriter may expect the reader to take may include signing up for a newsletter or service, following a social media account, buying a product or testing one for free. Direct mail copywriting requires good writing skills and creativity to be successful.

Types of Direct Mail Copy

Here are some forms of direct mail marketing:

  • Coupons: This form of direct mail is particularly appealing to shoppers and has been shown to increase conversion because giving out coupons with attractive discounts gives a reader a reason to visit your business.
  • Samples: Giving out samples of a new product helps the buyer make a decision about buying your products. Free samples of a high quality product can be a determining factor in whether or not a customer buys the product.
  • Gift Cards: This provides the value of a promotional item or gift without the cost. Giving out gift cards to customers serves as a constant reminder to them about your brand.
  • Catalogues: These are shown to be the most read form of direct mail copy with over 42% of recipients reading them.
  • Announcements: Printed announcements are another form of direct mail, they keep your customer informed and updated.

What makes great direct mail copy?

Great direct mail copy has the power to achieve so much for a copywriter beyond brand awareness. There are several conditions that need to be observed in order to craft great copy.

Know your audience. This allows you to develop a piece suitable for your readers. One way of knowing and understanding your readers is through market research where you can learn of your consumer’s preferences.

After determining who your readers are, write a story that compels your reader to act. Avoid long pieces that go on and on without making a point, try as much as possible to craft copy that holds your readers’ interests. One way to achieve this is to write a story that creates a relationship with the readers, something your audience can identify with.

Another tip to writing great direct mail copy is that you have to explicitly state the benefits of your product or services. Remember that what a product does is different from the benefit it offers, your readers need to know that your product is capable of adding value to their lives.

Facts about direct mail copy

  • It’s been proven that direct mail is an effective way of getting new customers; 39% of consumers try a business for the first time because of a piece of direct mail copy they read.
  • Recipients of direct mail copy spend 28% more and purchase 28% more items than people who do not receive direct mail copy.
  • Because emails are easily ignored, direct mail copy sent via postal services is more effective in converting readers.
  • 23% of direct mail copy recipients visit the sender’s site or location.
  • Studies have shown that including a freebie in direct mail copy drives the reader to act more.
  • Direct mail is said to get the highest household response rate when compared with other forms of marketing.
  • There is 135% increase in the rate of response of a reader when a name is mentioned.


What is direct mail copy?

Direct mail copy is a type of copy used in outbound marketing where a brand takes its message and delivers it directly to its target audience.

What are the types of direct mail copy?

Direct mail copy exists in many forms such as coupons, postcards, samples, announcements, promotional items, catalogues, gift cards and appreciation gifts to customers.

Why does direct mail work?

Direct mail works because customers upon receiving any form of direct mail be it a coupon or a gift card feel the need to reciprocate the gesture and visit a brand’s location.

What are the benefits of direct mail?

Research has shown that 62% of recipients of any direct mail copy go ahead to make a purchase, thus proving that direct mail is effective. It also drives traffic to a brand’s website as customers whose decision has been influenced by copy will want to make a purchase.

What are the drawbacks of direct mail?

Unlike social media where you can share information in real time, direct mail can be time consuming as it takes a longer time period to reach your target audience. Direct mail is also costly unlike other marketing software or social media sites where you can communicate at little to no cost.

Why send mail that your audience will not bother to read? Sending direct mail to your potential customers can have great results if the content has been produced right. Direct mail copywriting is a specialty of ours at Daily Posts. Our world class copywriters will provide you with high quality copy that will attract, engage and convince your target audience.

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Go Beyond 2% Return Rate with Direct Mail Copy Service

As you read this copy on direct mail services, it’s high time that you asked yourself this question, “Is my writing agency creating copy that commands high response rate, or are they just chucking my advertising dollar into the recycle bin every marketing period?” Whatever your answer, you need a professional writing company to handle all of your direct marketing campaign messages.

A direct mail copy includes a diverse mix of advertising materials such as newsletters, brochures, catalogues, postcards, and sales letters. It is distinct from other kinds of marketing communication because it targets a specific audience groupand draws its vibe from three main pillars: audience, offering, and creativity. A direct mail campaign ensures that you create a mailing list and deliver powerful awareness or sales communication into the mail boxes of your target group.The use of colour may heighten the reception of any self-mailer, but even more appealing is the copy craftsmanship. For this reason, Daily Posts writing agency hacks oncreative penmanship to give your direct marketing campaign the bolster it deserves to perfectly clear all marketing hurdles to the finish in line where the customers will be waiting.

Why not go beyond the general 1/2 to 2 per cent rate of return your other writing agency may have told you?Find out how efficient our production model works.

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