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Direct Copywriting

What is Direct Copywriting from Daily Posts?

Direct copywriting crafted by Daily Posts’ writers serves the primary purpose of getting readers to respond directly to the copy as soon as they are done reading it. These direct responses can be in the form of:

  • Subscribing or signing up

  • Following on social media

  • Making a purchase

  • Downloading a freebie

Direct response copywriting compels the readers to take the actions you want of them by appealing to their emotions and addressing their fears, worries, immediate needs, and pain points. If you are in need of professionally-written direct copy that can accomplish this, then you have come to the right copywriting expert.

We can provide you with copy that delivers maximum online exposure and visibility to your website as well as promote your business. All these and the wording of the direct copy will be combined to move your customers to act. There’s also the added advantage of direct copy boosting your conversion rates, which will, in turn, boost your SEO rankings.

Simply provide us your requirements and specifications and our team of expert direct copywriters will immediately get to work crafting direct copy that engages your target audience through easily understandable language.

Get copy that persuades your prospective customers to take immediate action by calling us today on 02380 970979.

How Does Direct Copywriting Engage Customers?

While the aesthetics of your website go a long way in promoting your business’ image and engaging visitors, it is not enough. Quality content is the true key to engaging and compelling visitors to convert and take action.

Your visitors, who will eventually turn into customers, lie at the centre of your marketing success. You need to show these visitors through your website that you have what they want/need and that you can deliver it to their satisfaction. There’s no better way to accomplish this than through well-written copy that features relevant, interesting and compelling content that can move your visitors to buy or take any other action you want.

Direct copywriting strategically makes use of words to convince or drive your audience to make a decision on the spot. This decision will benefit your business either through a sale or subscription or engagement of services.

Our direct copywriters engage your audience by:

  • Developing testable copy that motivates your visitors to make on-the-spot decisions that are in line with your business goals

  • Using language that your visitors can easily understand and relate to

  • Optimising your online visibility and ensuring your business’ online relevance increases or, at least, stays intact

For experienced direct copywriters who can deliver, contact us today on 02380 970979.

Can Direct Copywriting Increase Conversion Rates and Sales?

Well-written content boosts your search engine ranking and visibility. But direct copy specifically boosts your conversion rates and sales. This is because of how potent the wording of well-crafted direct copy is at attracting customers to buy or sign up for a service.

By working with our direct copywriters, you will have copy that:

  • Takes into consideration your specific target audience and is specifically crafted to appeal to them

  • Engages your prospective customers with the most suitable tone of voice

  • Captures and drives visitors with gripping headlines and compelling ‘Calls-to-Action’

What Makes Direct Copywriting Effective?

Direct copywriting can only deliver on the desired results if it possesses the relevant features. Our writers ensure that your direct copy has this in the form of:

  • A Powerful and Snappy Headline that Readers Can’t Ignore

Without a potent headline, your visitors won’t even bother glancing at a copy much less read it all the way through. If direct response copywriting is going to be any good, it needs a creative and attractive headline that makes the reader want to keep going. The headline will inspire curiosity and spark the interest of the reader enough for him/her to want to see what more the copy has to say. The best headlines are simple and straight to the point yet say something exciting and provocative.

  • Long-Form Copy that Informs and Persuades

A variety of tests have proven that long-form direct copy is actually more effective than short form. One key reason for this is in order for copy to be persuasive, it clearly needs to provide the reader with enough information to convince him/her that the action about to be taken on your website is the right one. The more information that can be provided to a reader, the higher the likelihood of getting them to follow up on the desired action.

  • Irresistible Call to Action that Readers Can’t Help But RESPOND To

Call to Action (CTA) is the climax, the battle cry that rallies a reader to take the desired action or next step on your website. Without the CTA, the rest of your copy will likely not be enough to get your reader to perform the act you need to complete the transaction. CTA in direct copy gets your readers moving immediately towards exactly what you want them to do next.

  • Customer Focus is Key to Keeping Your Copy Relevant

Direct copywriting with a short-term effect will only yield limited return on investment. Thus, our copywriters ensure your direct copy stays relevant long term so that you can keep getting the results you want from your audience. We accomplish this by creating copy that is for your customers, not you. That is, the copy isn’t targeted at appealing to you, but at appealing to, and engaging, your customers.

  • Keep The Language Simple

Direct copy is pointless if your customers can’t even understand what it’s trying to say. This means copy needs to be written at the language level of your customers to inspire direct action. The more comprehensible and easy to read your direct copy is, the more people can be convinced by it.

Our writers will ensure your readers find your copy easy to read by avoiding over-complicated details and overuse of technical terms or excessive jargon. We will also keep the content points clear and logical, and present trustworthy content.

  • Inject a Sense of Urgency into the Copy

Urgency is key to driving a reader to take immediate action. It makes direct customer action inevitable. A sense of urgency can be created with the use of words and phrases that make them believe scarcity is imminent. Such as: “Hurry while offer lasts!” or “Only 3 left in stock”.

Why work with Daily Posts for your Direct Copy?

Our team of expert direct copy writers have the capability and skill to provide you the quantity and quality of creative and fresh copy that you need. This can be provided to not only ensure your website’s competitiveness and relevance, but also to engage and convert your visitors.

We will accomplish this by providing you direct copy that features relevant information and interesting content. All this will combine to make you an authority in your niche as well as boost your search engine rankings.

Place an order for direct copy with us today and rest easy knowing that it will feature the following as standard:

  • Be free of grammatical errors and misspelling, and also SEO-optimised to boost your search ranking and online visibility.

  • Increased conversion rates and boosted traffic to your website thanks to the high-quality and relevance of the copy.

  • Original content that will be exclusive to your website and for your use only.

Another benefit of working with us is our virtual office system that is easy to use and ensures that the quality of content you require is delivered within your stipulated time frame. We can deliver on your project regardless of its complexity, the number of words required, the niche, the target audience, or other relevant factors

Our services are available at extremely customer-friendly rates and signing up is easy and hassle free. You can be sure of direct copywriting that prompts immediate action when you choose Daily Posts.

For direct copy that fits right into your business strategy, sign up with us for an account now.

What is Direct Response Copywriting?

Direct response copywriting is a web content that making your reader buy the product being offered to them. Like most TV ads that work on a long-term basis, direct response copy works for the short term.

There are many articles on the internet but not all convert to sales. While they may have interesting content, they may lack the ingredients that make readers act. Direct response copywriters are special copywriters who trigger a response from an audience through copy.

Types of Copywriting

  • Social media
  • Direct mail
  • Press releases
  • Billboards

Social media copywriting involves the use of copy for social media advert to target the people who use such media. Facebook is a good example. Any content written to make a sale on the platform is copy. Other social outlets where copywriting can be used include Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on. They also have different styles.

Direct mail is often used by companies to inform their customers about new products. These emails are sent during festive periods or at a specific time of the year or month.

Press releases are contents about products, services or events scheduled to take place at a certain time.

Billboards use copywriting to create awareness about the products and services which a company is offering.

What makes great direct response copywriting?

  • Copy must evoke the emotions of the reader and address the target audience’s immediate needs such as worry, health challenges, fears, etc.
  • Carefully choose your words. Avoid the words that have been overused. If you want your copy to spur your reader to action, dare to be different!
  • Don’t forget the power of your call to action. It must be conspicuously displayed because the essence of your writing is for the audience to take action. Let it be powerful.
  • Customise the style of your copy according to the campaign you are writing for. If it is on the internet, craft it to suit online users, and if it is in the offline category, let it suit the ad type.
  • Address your audience individually, not as a group of people.
  • Create urgency and scarcity around the product being offered.
  • Let your audience know what they stand to benefit by purchasing the product.

Facts about copywriting

  • Direct response copywriting is a direct form of marketing used by marketers to persuade a potential buyer to make a purchase.
  • Content includes social media posts, case studies, videos, e-books/white papers, and infographics.
  • It is characterised by boldly a displayed call to action. While it gives details about the product, such copy also directs you to where you can buy the product.
  • 47% of buyers view at least 3–5 pieces of content before they contact a sales representative. Content marketing is the most effective way to generate organic leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is direct response copywriting?

This is a form of copywriting requires an immediate response from the readers of your copy. The contents should be tempting enough to make them want to try the product.

What is emotional direct response copywriting?

This form of writing appeals to the emotions of buyers rather than their sense of reasoning.

How do I know a professional direct response copywriter?

Professional direct response copywriters are distinguished from others by their years of experience, portfolio and track records.

For more information about direct response copywriting services and how we can help you achieve faster sales, call us now on 02380970979.

The power of your website’s content to convince and convert is key to it accomplishing your short and long-term goals. At Daily Posts, we are a team of professional copywriters who possess the skill, tools, and competence to provide you with exemplary copy that is tailored to accomplish whatever it is you want of it. One of the most commonly-requested services from our copywriting agency is our direct copywriting service.

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Direct Copywriting by Daily Posts

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Direct copywriting from our agency is crafted to easily convert your website visitors and keep your business far ahead of the competition. This is accomplished by ensuring the direct response copy produced by us possesses all the necessary features to ensure it is capable of compelling website visitors to act fast after reading the copy. We can provide you compelling and persuasive copy of the exact quality and quantity you require, regardless of the niche of your organisation.

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