Direct Copywriting

Direct Copywriting

Direct Copywriting by Daily Posts

Do you need professional copywriting for your website? In order to take full advantage of the exposure an online presence provides, you need web copy that promotes your business and moves your customers to act. Direct copywriting can boost your conversion rates and increase SEO rankings.

Daily Posts are a professional writing agency that specialise in direct copywriting. Our team of copywriters engage your target audience with language they can easily relate to. We produce web copy that not only familiarises website visitors with your brand, but persuades them to take immediate action.

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Engage your Customers with Direct Copywriting

A good looking website won’t do much to project your business identity and engage your prospects if it doesn’t contain quality content that attracts and compels. At the centre of your marketing success lies your customers. It is therefore essential to make sure your web copy contains well-written content that is relevant, interesting and compelling enough to move your audience to take action.

Direct copywriting involves the strategic use of web content to convince your audience to make on-the-spot decisions that benefit your business, whether it’s signing up for a newsletter, purchasing goods or engaging services.

As an experienced writing agency that understands the digital space, we approach direct copywriting by:

  • Communicating with your web visitors in language that they easily understand and can relate to
  • Boosting your online visibility and keeping your business relevant with fresh and creative content
  • Motivating your website visitors to act fast
  • Producing testable copy that motivates a quick response

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Direct Copywriting Increases your Conversion Rates and Delivers Sales

Although well-written content on your website may boost your search engine rankings, you need strategic copy to boost your conversion rates. Your web copy should be convincing enough to attract web visitors and draw customers to sign up for your services or make a purchase.

Our expert copywriters:

  • Produce content with your customers in mind
  • Engage customers with the right tone of voice
  • Motivate visitors with arresting headlines and compelling ‘Calls-to-Action’

As an experienced writing agency, we have a rich blend of SEO experts and professional writers that understand the psychology behind customer response. We are therefore able to guide your website visitors through the purchase funnel, by engaging them in language that projects their expectations.

Communicate your Business Message with Direct Copywriting

Your web copy should project your business identity and convey your message in a way that resonates with your online audience.

At Daily Posts, we keep your business relevant by creating a relationship between you and your audience, across online platforms. With quality web copy, we promote your business message and get your website visitors to relate with your brand on a personal level.

Why should Daily Posts handle your Direct Copywriting?

  • Well-written web copy boosts your SEO rankings if it is strategically crafted. Our copywriters produce content that boosts your online visibility, so that your target audience can easily find you.
  • Direct copywriting boosts your conversion rates and increases traffic to your website. This involves producing high quality web copy that is relevant to your audience, which takes time, consistency and commitment.

As a busy person, you need a professional writing agency to focus on this critical aspect of your business to achieve best results. At Daily Posts, we specialise in producing the right content for your website.

  • Our professional writers are trained to produce creative and fresh content to keep you relevant across your online platforms. When you regularly provide relevant information and interesting content, you attract visitors to your website and – with high citation rates on search engines -duly become an authority in your niche.
  • We are available to meet your copywriting demands, as your business expands and your content writing strategy changes. Simply request the content you need and trust that we will deliver without delay.
  • When you write your own web copy, you may have difficulty communicating from a customer’s perspective. We are an experienced writing agency, adept at producing customer-focused content and quality web copy. We understand customer expectations and approach direct copywriting with your business objectives in mind. This is why we go beyond simply producing good content, to producing material that will rank high on search engines, communicate with your audience (in language that they can relate to) and motivate them to take action.

Benefits of Direct Copywriting with Daily Posts

  • We are a writing agency with a rich mix of professional copywriters. We have diverse writers who cover various industries. No matter your business offering, there is a writer for you at Daily Posts.
  • We have a trusted and reliable mechanism for ensuring that content we produce is original and exclusive to you.
  • Our virtual office system guarantees we meet your deadlines and deliver high quality content without delay. You can be sure that we are working round-the-clock to deliver your project.
  • At Daily Posts, we deliver content that fits. We have a reliable communication channel that enables you to describe in detail the nature of your project, stating the number of words and topic niche etc. This enables us to deliver quality content in line with your specific requirements.
  • Signing up for our services is easy and stress-free.
  • We provide well-written and highly effective web copy at affordable rates.

Our Guarantee

  • We guarantee original and exclusive content
  • We are audience-focused in our approach, all the while keeping your business objective in mind
  • We deliver content that is free of grammatical and spelling errors
  • We deliver content that fits right into your broader business strategy

As a global company, we have professional copywriters that understand the digital space.  You can be sure of direct copywriting that prompts immediate action when you choose Daily Posts.

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Four Great Value Copywriting Levels

The best value written content you will find at each price point.

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SEO Copywriting

Need cheap copy that is good quality. We can provide you with your copy fast!


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Excellent web content

Content for web projects- New sites, blogs, guest posts, press releases and landing pages.

$0.05 per word

Premium Content

Extremely affordable - Premium quality. Well-researched content with superb flow.

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Special Project Content

Content for adverts, micro-copy and technical documents. For copy that takes a lot of time.