Digital Marketing Copywriter

Digital Marketing Copywriter

Digital Marketing Copywriter

When utilising digital technologies (the internet, display advertising, mobile phones and other digital platforms) to market your product or service, the need for a professional copywriter with expertise in digital marketing is essential. Neglecting this risks your digital marketing campaign under-performing – or worse still, falling apart.

When you hire a professional copywriter, they should be able to deliver copy that produces five major results in your digital marketing campaign, regardless of whether the campaign is focused on Search Engine Optimisation, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, Google search network, display advertising, or content marketing.

They are:

  • Grab the attention of your prospects.
  • Enhance your brand’s reputation.
  • Generate ample traffic.
  • Convert leads to sales.
  • Engender loyalty in your customer.

Daily Posts can deliver digital marketing copy that provides your business with all these benefits. We have the digital marketing expertise you need.

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What Skills Should a Digital Marketing Copywriter Possess?

There is a certain skill-set that a digital marketing copywriter ought to possess before you can consider the person a professional in that field.

  • Content Marketing

A competent digital marketing copywriter should be experienced in crafting useful, informative content for the web – content that can create a buzz, generate traffic (both through inbound links and search engines), drive engagement and lead to conversion. Such a copywriter must also have good research skills and a knack for accurately reporting facts. If they were previously a journalist, that’s a bonus.

Daily Posts’ digital marketing copywriters are professionals who have had years of training and experience in content marketing. They will go the extra mile to make your digital marketing copy enticing, informative, useful and engaging. With Daily Posts’ digital marketing copywriting services, high conversion is inevitable.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If a writer who claims to be a digital copywriter doesn’t possess proper SEO skills, then you have no business hiring them to craft your digital marketing copy. This is because organic search engine traffic is a major traffic source for most websites. In addition, Google alone processes over 5.5 billion searches per day and – on top of that – over 80% of online consumers rely on search engines for information before making purchase decisions. This makes SEO a digital marketing tool too powerful to ignore.

Therefore, the digital marketing copywriter you hire should have a proper understanding of how Google and other big search engines rank web pages. They need to be a master in the application of SEO tools and strategies like the use of proper keyword density, <h2> tags, italics, bold and so on.

At Daily Posts, our copywriters are experts in Search Engine Optimisation. In fact, being SEO savvy is one of our top recruitment criteria. When you collaborate with Daily Posts in digital marketing campaigns, you get digital marketing copy tailored for both your prospects and search engines. This is our way of ensuring your digital marketing copy pulls in ample organic search engine traffic to support your campaigns.

  • Social Media Marketing

Only a foolish businessperson would ignore the power of social media as a major source of website traffic. Social media is where consumers play, where they share their experiences (both the beautiful and the ugly), where they tell their friends about that great product they purchased yesterday, and where they communicate with and support brands they love. Neglecting social media is like ignoring a million-dollar opportunity.

Therefore, when hiring a copywriter for your digital marketing campaign, ensure they have the versatility to write for various social medial platforms, understand what prompts people to share content on social media and are willing to dedicate time to studying your audience. To do so will allow them to understand what people talk about on social media, before using the information to tailor content that is beneficial to that particular audience.

When the copywriting company you hire is Daily Posts, you get the assurance that your digital marketing copy will be a social media success.

  • Web Design

At first glance, this might not seem like a skill needed to become a proficient digital marketing copywriter. However, it is an essential skill. Why? Because the web is a digital marketing platform – the number one digital marketing platform in fact – and if a copywriter is going to write copy for your website, they need to have a fair idea of what it would look like once uploaded (to the site).

This implies that a professional digital marketing copywriter should be able to work hand-in-hand with you to produce your copy. The copywriter may suggest design elements like typefaces and colour schemes to use for the copy, as well as the arrangement of the copy on your web pages – and even the position of ‘Calls-to-Action’ on your web pages, for maximum impact.

Daily Posts have digital marketing copywriters on staff, who are also professional web designers. We can help you craft digital marketing copy that accentuates your designs.

  • Metric Analysis

A digital marketing copywriter also needs to have proper knowledge of metric analysis. This comes in handy when analysing the performance of website copy and also for discovering what does and doesn’t work. With this skill, a copywriter you hire (to improve your digital marketing copy) will be better equipped to craft copy that packages the necessary enhancements. That copywriter will also be able to monitor the performance of the new copy they have written, analyse engagement and conversion, utilise the tricks and strategies that work and discard those that don’t, in order to improve conversion.

Daily Posts understand the importance of metric analysis when it comes to crafting digital marketing copy that converts. When you hire us, you take advantage of digital marketing expertise honed through years of training and experience. With Daily Posts’ digital copywriting services, lead generation, engagement, credibility and conversion are guaranteed.

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