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The need for Creative Copywriters

Anti-plagiarism laws now cover content that is published/posted online. This means that unless you’re ready to face some stiff penalties, you have to produce your own content at all times.

This is where Daily Posts comes in. Our writing agency has been in the business of providing websites with original content for several years. Our team of creative copywriters are knowledgeable in many fields and carry out substantial research. This enables them to produce high quality original content that you can use to make your site stand out from the rest.

How our Creative Copywriters Can Develop Unique Content for You

To have unique content on your site, Daily Posts can provide many sources of original copy that you can publish without fear of legal action. When you have as many creative copywriters working for you as we do, original content is not difficult to come by. Some ways in which our writers produce unique content for you include:

  • In-depth Research: This is one of the harder ways of producing unique content, but is also by far the best. Doing your own research can enable you to be the first to post information that nobody else has on their site. This could give you a reputation as a trendsetter and will always bring people back to your site in search of new information.

  • Rewriting: Rewriting information from on another site is a little easier, but the downside is that you won’t be the first to say it. However, sometimes you’ve got to say “If it isn’t broken, why fix it?”

If you see something on another site that you’d like to have on yours, our creative writers can rewrite the content so that you end up with your own unique version. We can also rewrite the same story but give it a new twist/perspective to make it really original.

  • Client Interviews: As a client, you or your product can be an excellent source of unique content. Our copywriters can conduct brief interviews with you and glean information on you and your products or services. Our creative copywriters can then get to work, converting this information into original content for your site.

  • Analysing the Competition: This isn’t about stealing content from your competitors. It may just be about seeing what they are doing right. Also, by seeing how your competitors have positioned themselves, our creative writers can come up with fresh angles that will give you an advantage.

How You Can Benefit From Creative Copywriters?

Creative content on your site can be a major boost for your business. If you’re constantly producing creatively constructed copies, it’s very easy for your business to gain some traction. When you choose to work with Daily Posts, our professional writers will ensure you enjoy benefits such as:

  • Higher traffic: Content that is new and fresh will always have people coming your way in large numbers. Attracting as many people as possible to your site (where they can see your products) is never a bad thing.

  • Reputation: Reputations can last longer than a product or a business. When you gain a reputation as a trendsetter or a source of new information, you and your product will be discussed in places you didn’t think possible. This will ensure you have many visitors coming back to your site.

  • Social media attention: People on social media are always looking for something new to see or discuss. Creative copywriting is a sure way of attracting attention on social media, which is definitely a good thing. Your content could be shared on social media millions of times and this can do great things for traffic on your website.

Why You Should Come to us for Creative Copywriting

Many people may promise you creative copywriting, but how many of them can actually deliver? Daily Posts are able to deliver on this promise, because we work with a committed team of professional writers, composed of people from all over the world. This enables us to provide you with content that is truly unique, based on various perspectives.

Our writers are also equipped with many years of experience in creative copywriting, across many industries. You can enjoy all the benefits that this experience brings, including knowing what works.

Do you want content that may just go viral? Our creative copywriting team have a vast wealth of knowledge about current trends and can produce the kind of content that may be shared thousands of times on social media.

Creativity at Great Value

Daily Posts now allows you to enjoy the benefits of creative copywriting at a very low cost. Using our unique system, we can work with both large and small budgets, so you can afford to work with us. If you would like more information about our services, contact us on 02380 970979. You can also go directly to our website and register right now so you can start working with our creative team today.

Have you ever read product description for the first time and immediately fell in love with it? You would recall that it wasn’t because the product was that awesome but because the writing was captivating. That is the work of a creative copywriter.

A copywriter would try to sell you a product by using compelling catchphrases and adhering to traditional copywriting styles, but a creative copywriter applies creativity and originality to produce something different and awesome.

With millions of contents uploaded daily, this type of copywriting that can give you an edge over the competition.

How creative copywriters work their magic

Creative copywriters…

Think like mad men

These copywriters don’t think the way normal people do; they are creative. The only difference is that creative copywriters are not mad. They just think different.

This involves transforming a client’s ideas into a compelling story by answering every question he might have, understanding the target audience’s needs, recognising the unique selling proposition in a way that appeals to the audience and writing something that evokes their emotions.

Write like poets

Poetry is not like prose which is a bunch of words with meaning. Poetry is something more, with rhythm and deeply laced meanings that readers find appealing. Creative copywriters have learned to apply this in copywriting.

Great copywriting that makes an impact is often poetic. The use of rhymes, alliterations, metaphors, or any other poetic devices plays a key role in writing.

Write unimpeded

Creativity works well when it is not interrupted either by a need to correct an error or to make sure an idea is properly expressed. Writing as it comes sets a creative writer up for an ultimate experience.

When the first draft is done, corrections and editing can be done to remove errors.

What makes a great creative copywriter?

Ability to create something unique

Creative copywriters produce something new and different for each client in terms of style and voice. With the aid of research into the client's competition, the copywriter determines the best angle to draft copy that is not in any way similar to what already exists.

Ability to turn ideas into compelling copy

Creative copywriters transform simple ideas into compelling copy. They can paint a better picture, tell a convincing story, and sell even the least sought-after products–with words.

Ability to play with words and get away with it

Copywriting is a serious business but creative writers simplify it and make it even more appreciable.

Facts about creative copywriters

Creative copywriters rarely have formal training in copywriting or marketing, but they are good at writing great copy. Most of them are products of personal development through reading and applying this knowledge until it is perfected.

Creative copywriters are highly sought after (for obvious reasons).


What is the difference between copywriters and creative copywriters?

Copywriters write words to convince people to buy a product, creative copywriters write words in a unique and artistic style to convince people to make a purchase.

Does Daily Posts have creative copywriters?

Yes. We have creative copywriters ready to turn your prospects into profits. All you have to do is sign up, give us a brief, and we will do the rest.

In a nutshell

You need creative copywriters to help give your business the attention that can increase your leads and sales. Call us now on 02380 970979 to get started.

Businesses need to stay ahead of the competition by using intelligently-worded copy that ranks high on search engines and drives sales-ready leads to their website. At Daily Posts, we don’t just increase your web traffic, our creative copywriters inspire users to act and convert with compelling copy.

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Get Unique Content from our Creative Copywriters

Many websites are struggling to attract the attention of their target audience and yours may be amongst them. With so many websites online, it’s become difficult for visitors to differentiate one from the next.

If your website is going to be remembered for more than just a few seconds, it has to be unique. Daily Posts works with creative copywriters who specialise in providing websites with content that is unique and fresh to offer web visitors. Register with us today to enjoy your unique experience.

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