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What Is Creative Copywriting?

Creative copywriting is the tactful use of marketing and storytelling, not just for the intent of engaging an SEO robot but to create a distinct voice that works best for a brand and fosters brand awareness.

It captures the brand’s story and helps customers to connect with the brand and share its concepts, understand its products, and invest in the brand.

Through creative copywriting, brands can arm users with the information they need to make the right purchase decision.

Creative copywriting produces jingles and commercials for businesses.

Creative copywriters find words or phrases that connect with the audience at an emotional level.

Creativity That Will Get You Customers

A larger number of customers means a larger income for you and your business. It also means the establishment of your brand in a niche of its own.

At Daily Posts, we fully understand the importance of the growth of your business. We are the writing company to work with for all your copywriting needs. Hiring us will give you access to the best copywriters around the world.

Whatever your content needs, we can handle it – within your deadline and within your budget. Sign up with us now to set up an account and begin your storytelling journey to success!

Our Copywriters are Wordsmith Wizards!

It is not every day you come across a team of imaginative writers like ours. Any writer can put together content about your brand, but not every writer possesses  the skill and level of creativity needed to increase the stream of traffic to your site, keep the visitors visiting and convert them into paying customers. Our dedicated team of professional writers knows just how to do that, delivering original, fresh and innovative copy that wows every time.

Why You Need A Daily Posts Creative Copywriter

  • We take our time to source, select and hire the best writers around the world. It does not matter whether your target audience is in the UK or the US; our writers are so deft at handling the English language that you can be sure of only the very best content always.

  • Only creative minds such as the ones our writing agency offers you can give you web content that will define your business in an imaginative way and carve out a niche for it, setting your brand apart from and ahead of the competition.

  • Our writers pay special attention to the exact copywriting needs you specify and take the time to study the language and tone needed to attract your target audience. We are not a writing company that will churn out just some well written but run of the mill stuff. Our promise to you is creativity at its best.

  • Working with our copywriters is guaranteed to get you improved SEO rankings. By paying careful attention to what you want, what your brand deserves and what the competition has on offer, our writers will give you relevant, keyword-driven content that will make your ratings soar.

  • Good content is as much about improving your conversion rate as it is higher SEO rankings, if not more. Your business deserves writers who know how to produce content that will drive customers to your website immediately. Our top copywriters take the time to research in order to come up with content that not just wows, but also compels customers to go to your site and actually spend.

  • We are a writing agency that knows that once we have helped direct traffic to your site, we need to ensure your converts stay loyal to your brand. Our copywriters do this by providing you with content on a regular basis. Your customers will always have something interesting to read. Our innovative copywriters will have them eagerly clicking on your website every day, to see what’s new.

  • You will be able to rest, assured that even though the flow of content will be regular and consistent, it will also always be up-to-date, well researched and refreshing. We take from you the burden of having to constantly think up new ideas on how to keep your website appealing and unique.

  • Our professional writers will work with you to provide you with web copy that will create a lasting bond between you and your customers. By employing copywriting skill of the highest standard to produce content appropriate for your email newsletters and followership across all social media platforms etc., you can be sure of a customer base that will stay loyal to you for the long haul.

Think Writing Company with Super Copywriters, Think Daily Posts

We offer you

  • An easy sign-up process

  • Comprehensive process of communicating your briefs

  • Friendly customer support from a team dedicated to ensuring you get all the help you need

  • Brilliant writers – the best around the world, who receive regular and relevant training to make sure we only ever give you web content of the highest quality.

  • Access to thousands of reputable web partners, guaranteeing your brand greater exposure and authenticity

  • Commitment to delivering top quality original content in hours

We’re available to serve you 24/7. CALL NOW to speak to a member of our team and find out more!  02380 970979

Creative Copywriters, Contented Clients!

“Daily Posts copywriters just have to be the best and most creative in the world. Man! What hiring them has done for my business is simply awesome!”

“The writers at Daily Posts have handled several projects for me. Their imaginative copy has given my brand an identity all its own. I recommend them to anyone looking for new ways to boost their business.”

Daily Posts is one writing agency that won’t ever turn you away and we never miss your deadline, no matter the volume of work you hand us.

Our copywriting services cover guest posts, industry articles, product descriptions, press releases, on-site blogs… You name it! Our ingenious copywriterswill handle it for you. Click here for more information on what we can do for you.

Your business deserves a creative touch that is beyond the ordinary. We are the writing company you need to partner to achieve your goals. Just tell us what you want and our writers’ creative juices will begin to flow.

So let’s get started!


Other types of copywriting

  • Technical copywriting: This is used in-depth industry guides and whitepapers. It promotes the company’s findings or how a product can be best used. It is not sales-oriented. It requires in-depth knowledge of a subject or a considerable level of research.
  • Marketing copywriting: Marketing copywriting involves the creation of advertisements that address the needs of consumers through the use of trends in the marketplace. Marketing copywriters prepare the text used in billboards, emails, and online ads.
  • Content copywriting: It focuses on a particular subject. Content copywriting is written in the form of newsletters, blogs, and how-to articles.

What makes a great creative copywriter?

The responsibility of a creative copywriter is to find ideas that can easily influence marketing communications. Besides having the ability to provide the words that market a product or service, a creative copywriter also develops imaginative, original, and attention-grabbing copy on how to sell products and services, whether on the internet or in print.

  • Strategic thinking: A great copywriter knows how to provide information in an interesting way. It is all about innovative, outside-the-box thinking. Every brand has to set its product and services apart from competitors in the market, and this is where the creative copywriter comes in.
  • Artistic: The key to a powerful ad is the idea behind it. Creative copywriters often work closely with the art department, where designers generate visual depictions of the persuasive punch lines they have created. However, the best creative concepts do not have to be visual. As Jim Durfee rightly affirmed, “a strong idea simply presented is far more efficacious than a weak idea strongly presented.” Creative copywriters think visually to create a strong concept.
  • Impressive editorial skills: The best creative copy is devoid of puns and clichés, and gets to the point quickly–with a great intro, an inspiring ending, and an informative body. A great creative copywriter is not afraid to recognise when to dispose of bad work and start again. She reads copy repeatedly to offer the best-finished work.

Facts about creative copywriting

  • Web copy and web content are entirely different things
    People often talk about web content and web copy as if they are the same. They serve two distinct purposes, although they complement each other. Web copy is used to persuade and to make a sale. Web content is used to attract and engage an audience, provide them the information they are looking for, and pave the way through the user journey to an eventual purchase.
  • Compelling copy is:
    Well researched
    Uses active voice
    Clean and concise
    Attention-grabbing and compelling
    Free of errors

Every copy has a question it is trying to answer, a need it seeks to fill. It knows what the audience wants and how to connect with them at an emotional level.

FAQs about creative copywriting

  • What’s the difference between a creative writer and a creative copywriter?

Creative copywriters take a guided approach in the execution of a task. A creative copywriter needs a highly recommended plan to write a creative brief that falls within the confines of the client’s specifications. A creative writer has the freedom to let her imagination run wild as she writes a short story, a poem, or a novel, but a creative copywriter can only be as free as the client’s brief specifies.

  • Where can I find a creative copywriter in the UK?

Daily Posts is a worldwide professional copywriting agency that can meet your need where professional copywriting services are concerned–including newsletters, blog posts, social media content, and landing pages. We understand the importance of delivering great copy that gives minimal or non-existent bounce rate and great opportunities for search engine ranking.

Call us today on 02380 970979.

  • What does becoming a copywriter entail?

Copywriting involves the use of text and other media like videos and photos to promote a brand, product, or service. If you have great writing skills, consider a path in copywriting. Copywriters earn between £20,000 and £90, 000 a year depending on their skill level and experience.

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Does Your Web Content Need Some Spice? We Have Just the Creative Copywriter to Provide It

A creative copywriter who can project your brand in exciting new ways is the difference between a business website that draws visitors and one that actually creates a loyal customer base.

There are many options out there when it comes to the business and services you offer. You need to be sure that your web content is handled by a writing agency that can provide you with the kind of professional writers who will stand you out from the crowd and ensure your site becomes a conversion success in next to no time.

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