Corporate Copywriter

Corporate Copywriter

Daily Posts corporate copywriters are creative sellers and trendsetters at heart. They see themselves as salespersons and marketers and count their success not in how poetic the final delivery is, but how much sales the copy pulled in and the percentage of the readers it converted.

We Push Sales Over the Line With Words

For our writing agency, corporate copywriting is about staying true to your brand, while crafting copies that turn skeptics to advocates and prospects into customers. We pride ourselves for distilling complex data and abstract messages into a clear and distinct message that is persuasive.

Also, we believe that you should contact us todayif it will help boost your revenue and profit to usea copy that will hook your audience, attract leads, and persuade and convert the lead to a customer.

Our copywriters have decades of experience doing just that and we guarantee that we will do the same thing for you.

It doesn’t matter if your focus is on business to business or business to consumers, our audience-focused copy will help you sell your product and service professionally.

Not Choosing the Right Corporate Copywriter Can be Disastrous

There are a lot of writing agencies and self-styled copywriters who claim that they offer corporate copywriting. However, the consequences of choosing copywriters that don’t understand restrictions in certain industries can be disastrous.

Brands with an image to protect, cannot afford to be cavalier with their corporate copies. They have to ensure that they only trust professional writers or writing companies who understand what is at stake. Also, those who have a track record of producing successful copies within ethical restrictions in the UK.

Our professional corporate copywriters welcome the challenge of producing high-converting copies under any restriction in your industry.

Understanding Your Audience

Our approach to corporate copywriting is to first understand your audiencethoroughly. We study the buyer persona of your target audience and understand their dreams, problem, and challenges. We try to figure out what keeps them up at night. We also try to find their view on similar product and services and understand their objections.

How We Produce Winning Corporate Sales Copies

Only after a comprehensive study of your audience, do we begin formulating a unique selling proposition (USP) that will appeal to them. We come up with an offer that is difficult to resist and write a copy that appeals to their heart and connect with them emotionally. We then supply as much proof as is needed to show that the features support the benefits we have already sold them on.

At times, this might mean making your product simpler than it really is, while at other times, technical jargons and raw data might be needed- especially if the target audience is a B2B business where technical staff, such as engineers or IT personnel, make the buying decision. How simple or technical the copy is, can be dictated by the makeup of a large segment of the audience.

Enhancing Your Brand Values

Another edge you gain by using Daily Posts corporate copywriters is that we understand the need to project brand values and image with each copy we write. We also understand the importance of maintaining the brand’s tone, voice, and writing style. Your brand image is like your personality and inconsistencies make customers and clients uneasy.

If it’s not consistent, it may also affect other products and services you offer. So trusting us with your corporate copy is also a smart move for your branding efforts. You don’t need a copywriter that thinks outside the box, but someone who is capable of doing stellar work within your brand’s box.

Doing all these in a measured tone and not coming off as overly aggressive is the secret of our corporate copywriting success.

The various corporate copies Daily Posts specialize in include:

  • Sales Page Copies: The sales page copy may be online or offline but regardless of where, the same quality is guaranteed.
  • Brochure Copies: Our corporate brochure copies go beyond just informing customers about a product or service and persuade them to buy or order the product or service.
  • Landing Pages: Our landing pages help convert visitors to leads in your sales funnel.
  • Direct Mail Corporate Copies: Direct mail copy is not dead yet. In fact, recently, we have noticed conversions are beginning to rise.
  • Technical Sales Copies: Sometimes you need the right writer to convert the complex white papers and technical data into a persuasive piece of prose that weaves the benefit, features, and data into one seamless persuasive voice.
  • Press Release Corporate Copies: For small businesses in small local areas, a well-written press release may be the difference between gaining free press coverage and not.
  • Product Description Copies: Product description doesn’t have to be dry and boring. With the right copy, it can be exciting and intriguing.

All these fields represent aspects where a good sales copy will make a difference. The advantage of having us handle all your messaging and texts for your brand is that it stays consistent.

You don’t have to be a big company to worry about branding. In fact, it has nothing to do with size but everything to do with skill and focus. Understanding and memorizing detailed brand guidelines require skill and experience.

You Get a Team of Corporate Copywriters

We work as a team. Our editors go through all drafts prepared by our copywriters to ensure that they meet the required quality we expect and enforce. The corporate copy editors ensure that the piece meets brand specifications and respects industry restrictions. They also cross-check facts and figures and correct any mistakes.

The value of a team in this respect is immeasurable. Sometimes you need a new pair of eyes to make a copy better. Also, for an urgent large-scale project, our team is better positioned to handle such orders efficiently.

We can deliver every aspect of the job in-house, even if it involves designing and layout. Design helps to enhance the purpose of a copy and highlights some vital points. However, if you have an in-house design team, we are happy to work with them.

Premium Quality at Affordable Price

A good corporate copywriting project shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Companies often need to stretch their advertising budget to make the most out of it. Daily Posts corporate copywriting service is affordable. We pride our self in delivering premium quality at affordable prices because we have carefully streamlined and made our service very efficient without compromising on quality.

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