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Do you need a copywriter who can efficiently tackle even the most difficult jobs? Are you in search of a copywriter who knows your brand and stays within the recognised parameters? Do you want corporate copies that are creative, persuasive and customer-centric? A corporate copywriter who can - using carefully crafted words - help build your brand image, capture your audience's attention, convey the benefits of your brand packages, as well as drive sales?


James Cummings on Content and Copywriting

James Cummings, CEO, explains a little about our content and copywriting services. If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your content requirements then get in touch with James today, or setup an account now to work with us in our online virtual office.

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Daily Posts can help. Our corporate copywriters are creative sellers and trendsetters at heart. They see themselves as salespeople and marketers, measuring their success not in how poetic the final delivery is, but by how many sales the copy achieved and the percentage of the readers it converted.

Many copywriters are afraid of working with big corporations; they often think of the values, history and products the company has and consider it too much work. They prefer to work with smaller companies and startups who pose less of a challenge.

Not us. Daily Posts copywriters are always looking for new opportunities to grow and prove our mettle. When most people hear the words ‘corporate copywriting’, they imagine technical copies, bereft of personality and littered with jargon. As a forward-thinking company that wants to grow and meet consumer demands, we will provide direct, engaging conversations that interest your reader and tells a compelling brand story.

It is possible for a corporation to tell their story, find their plot and connect with their audience, just as a smaller company would. We cut through the noise, jargon and empty words that ultimately fail by rejuvenating your copies with fresh content to evoke emotions in your audience.

When looking for a corporate copywriter, you need someone whose expertise you can trust – a brand that understands your core values, key message and brand voice. You need a seasoned team of copywriters that can develop content for your audience from an individualised perspective.

What is Corporate Copywriting?

Corporate copywriting is essentially writing for business purposes. It conveys the goals and values of a company to the audience in a way they can relate to. In the world of copywriting, corporate writing is seen as uninteresting and almost invisible. Any content written for a business – such as press releases, white papers, newsletters and website copies – fall under the banner of corporate copywriting.

We can handle business communication content for your internal staff, such as newsletters and in-house magazines or external content such as eBooks, on-site blog posts or guest posts for the general public.

Whether you’re looking to sell a product, promote a cause or notify the public about an important update, we’ll get your message across effectively. By harnessing the power of our corporate copywriters, you’re tapping into the power of highly persuasive copy. We turn boring, dry facts (that would normally put your readers to sleep) into engaging stories.

Our strategy is to begin with an enticing headline, create viral content and optimise it for search. We’ve polished our SEO copywriting skills to ensure every copy we create delivers the results you want.

We Push Sales Over the Line with Words

For our writing agency, corporate copywriting is about staying true to your brand, whilst crafting copies that turn sceptics into advocates and prospects into customers. We pride ourselves on distilling complex data and abstract messages into a clear and distinct message that’s persuasive.

Contact us today to help boost your revenue and profit; we’ll craft copy that will hook your audience, attract leads, as well as persuade and convert leads into customers.

Our copywriters have decades of experience doing just that and we guarantee we’ll do exactly the same for you.

It doesn’t matter if your focus is on business to business or business to consumers, our audience-focused copy will help you sell your products and services to professionals.

Do you want this type of corporate copy for your brand? Contact us today on 02380 970 979 (UK) or (646) 679-7971 (US) and we’ll provide high-quality copies that fit your brand’s unique voice.

Not Choosing the Right Corporate Copywriter Can be Disastrous

There are many writing agencies and self-styled copywriters who claim they offer corporate copywriting. However, the consequences of choosing copywriters that don’t understand restrictions in certain industries can be disastrous.

Brands with an image to protect can’t afford to be cavalier with their corporate copies. They have to ensure they only trust professional writers or writing companies who understand exactly what’s at stake, as well as those who have a track record of producing successful copies within ethical restrictions.

Our professional corporate copywriters welcome the challenge of producing highly-converting copies under any restrictions in your industry.

How are Daily Posts Corporate Copies Different from the rest?

The secret of every great copy is to find your plot – the unique feature of your product that other similar products don’t have. We take your unique selling point and tell a gripping story about it. On your own, it can be difficult finding your most unique offering, but with our help, you’ll soon figure it out.

We study the buyer persona of your target audience and understand their dreams, problems and challenges. We figure out what keeps them up at night and look to find their views on similar products and services, understanding their objections.

We are brand ambassadors who create consistent online and offline content for your brand. We make sure your emails, banner ads, web pages and blog posts resonate with your readers and align with your brand. We know your product and sales goals.

How We Produce Winning Corporate Sales Copies

Only after a comprehensive study of your audience do we begin formulating a unique selling proposition (USP) that will appeal to your target audience. We come up with an offer that’s difficult to resist and write copy which appeals to their heart and connects with them emotionally. Next, we supply as much proof as needed to demonstrate how the features support the benefits we’ve already showed them.

At times, this might mean making your product simpler than it really is, while at others, technical jargon and raw data might be needed – especially if the target audience is a B2B business where technical staff (such as engineers or IT personnel) make the buying decisions. How simple or technical the copy is can be dictated by the makeup of a large segment of the audience.

Creative Copywriting that delivers new customers and increases brand loyalty

Getting your creative juices flowing sometimes requires a little push. We think outside of the box to offer a fresh perspective. By thinking differently from the rest of the competition, we help develop a brand voice that makes you more alive and relatable to your audience. We take all the features of your product and turn them into life-changing benefits.

Have you got a press release you want optimising for SEO? We’ll create a relevant piece that’s concise, but illuminating. Are you creating a brochure for your customers and need help with the copywriting? Our corporate writers will create tag-lines and informative brochures that effectively communicate what you offer. Are you looking to generate high-quality SEO copies for your company website? Daily Posts corporate copywriters will get the job done efficiently.

The various Corporate Copies in which Daily Posts specialise include:

Sales Page Copies: Sales page copies can be online or offline, but the same quality is guaranteed regardless.

Brochure Copies: Our corporate brochure copies go beyond just informing customers about a product or service; they persuade them to make a purchase as well.

Landing Pages: Our landing pages help convert visitors into leads via your sales funnel.

Direct Mail Corporate Copies: Direct mail copy isn’t dead yet. In fact, only recently, we’ve noticed that conversions are beginning to rise.

Technical Sales Copies: Sometimes, you’ll need a writer to convert complex white papers and technical data into a persuasive piece of prose that weaves the benefits, features, and data into one seamless voice.

Press Release Corporate Copies: For small businesses in local areas, a well-written press release can be the difference between gaining free press coverage or not.

Product Description Copies: Product descriptions don’t have to be dry and boring. With the right copy, they can be exciting and intriguing.

All these fields represent aspects where a good sales copy will make the difference. The advantage of Daily Posts handling all your messaging and texts for your brand is that they stay consistent.

You don’t have to be a large corporation to benefit from our corporate writing, as even smaller businesses can enjoy the same services. Our content drives targeted traffic to your website and achieves success for your brand.

It has nothing to do with size, but everything to do with skill and focus. Understanding and memorising detailed brand guidelines requires skill and experience.

What is the Daily Posts formula for effective Corporate Copy

  • Understand your brand’s voice and create compelling copy that promotes it
  • Create a timetable for sustained content that feeds both your online and offline digital strategy
  • Find the diamond in the rough ideas that no one has thought of and offer them to your audience
  • Conduct exhaustive research to back up an argument with facts and statistics
  • Run every piece of content through competent editors to ensure your corporate website copies are error-free and concise

You’ll get a team of Corporate Copywriters

We work as a team. Our editors pore over all drafts prepared by our copywriters to ensure they meet the required quality we expect and enforce. Corporate copy editors make sure each piece meets brand specifications and respects industry restrictions. They also cross-check facts and figures, as well as correcting any mistakes.

The value of a team in this respect is immeasurable; sometimes, you need a new pair of eyes to improve copy. Also, for an urgent large-scale project, our team is better positioned to handle such orders efficiently.

We can deliver every aspect of the job in-house – even if this involves designing and layout. Design helps to enhance the purpose of a copy and highlights some vital points. However, if you have an in-house design team, we are more than happy to work with them.

Premium Quality at Affordable Prices

A good corporate copywriting project shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Companies often need to stretch their advertising budget to make the most out of it. Daily Posts corporate copywriting service is affordable. We pride ourselves on delivering premium quality at affordable prices, because we have carefully streamlined our service without compromising on quality.

It’s not romantic, but we’ve got the disciplined focus to create brand-centric content

You’ve captured the attention of your audience with copy most readers might find boring at first sight. We’ll use your brand voice to attract an audience most likely to convert and hold their attention long enough to tell them about the benefits of your product or service.

The best corporate copies consistently promote your brand without fanfare and get your ideal audience to become a repeat client or customer. Doing all these in a measured tone and not appearing overly aggressive is the secret of our corporate copywriting success.


Do you want this type of corporate copy for your brand? Contact us today on 02380 970 979 (UK) or (646) 679-7971 (US) and we’ll provide high-quality copies that fit your brand’s unique voice.