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Many businesses respond to these challenges by commissioning mass content production, constantly overhauling their copy, or purchasing expensive SEO services, or all of the above. But, if not done properly and by the right people, you will:

  • Continue in a content overhauling cycle or just give up.

  • Waste resources by investing in average, generic copywriting that will not provide return on investment.

  • Risk damaging the reputation of your business by producing poor quality copy or constantly changing your message.

  • Risk hurting your SEO efforts as SEO service providers rely mostly on practices like keyword stuffing and code manipulation. Google algorithms now penalize such tactics, or ignore them at best.

Don’t you want to finally get it right? Don’t you want to go above average and stop advertising for your competitors? Don’t you want copywriting that drives the kind of conversion you need? Are you ready to announce yourself to your target customers?

Then sign up with DailyPosts now. DailyPosts is a team of professional copywriters that have the passion, experience, expertise and professionalism to help you succeed on the highly competitive internet. We will work closely with you to understand your business, company sector and target customers, and help you:

  • Boost your search engine ranking immediately by producing and distributing engaging copy created naturally around keywords that are relevant to your business.

  • Turn researchers and casual visitors into customers by producing well-researched, carefully crafted value copy that your target customers cannot resist.

  • Immediately increase your visitor average time-on-site by 70 percent by producing engaging value copy.

  • Elevate your company from just another company in your niche to a peerless industry authority by producing thoroughly researched original copy, often with industry insider knowledge.

  • Produce copy in clear, concise, and flawless English that enhances your credibility and ability to communicate effectively with your readers.


DailyPosts is Your One-Stop Solution for Any Kind of Copywriting Service

We produce any copy that will increase your reach and make you sell immediately. Some of our copywriting services include:

  • Web Copywriting – Turn your website into a powerful sales tool through exceptional copy that compels and converts with DailyPosts web copywriting services.

  • Sales and Landing Page Copywriting – Optimize your sales copy for immediate sales, lead generation and conversion with DailyPosts sales copywriting service.

  • Advertisement Copywriting – Stop being ignored. Convert more readers with a few powerful advertisement words today.

  • PR Copywriting – Turn your company news, story, and events into compelling selling points that convert with our PR copywriting services.

  • Email Marketing Copywriting – Optimize your most powerful marketing tool by creating irresistible emails and email templates that get your audience taking the actions you want.

  • Blog Post and Guest Post Copywriting – Establish yourself as a prime industry authority. Let DailyPosts help you create and distribute high-quality, original, factual, and engaging blog articles that immediately boost your inbound traffic by more than 30%.

At DailyPosts We Have the Elaborate Setup to Deliver, No Matter Your Requirements

Enjoy the confidence in knowing that the success of your business is in the hands of people that take copywriting seriously. We have an elaborate strategy for producing business copy, and we have the personnel to match:

  • Large team with great diversity: We have a large network of copywriters from several countries in the world, and with different personal and professional backgrounds.

Some have been (or still are) medical experts, engineers, ICT professionals, beauty specialists, caregivers, psychologists, HR experts, and many more. This means that:

  • There is almost always someone with the relevant insider knowledge to connect with your target customers as well as help you become a respected industry authority.

  • We have the capacity to deliver on projects of any size within your desired timeframe.

  • Because we are big enough, we do not outsource. This ensures accountability and control, as well as cost savings to you.

  • We train to deliver: With DailyPosts, you are not dealing with amateurs who merely have the passion and flair for writing. You are dealing with highly and constantly trained copywriters. Through our secured virtual office, our copywriters from across the world participate in frequent trainings and evaluations to ensure that we achieve and maintain perfection in copywriting.

You want this guarantee on your investment.

  • We Are Flexible Copywriters: We are experts in using the right language to match the type of copy, industry, and target audience.

Do you require writing for a B2B or B2C business? Do you require web copy, sales copy, social media copy or press release copy? Are you targeting a highly objective and analytical audience or an impulsive and emotional one?

The language and tone you use in any of these scenarios can be the difference between success and failure. We have the expertise to produce copy in the language and tone that connects with your target audience and converts them.

We know what your customers want and so we create the right value proposition. We understand how they think and so we speak to them in the right language. We are committed to helping you succeed today. Create your DailyPosts client account now and get started on a sure path to online success.

Copywriting is the art of developing written content such as articles, emails or messages that inspire potential clients to perform a specific action. It is a very important tool used in marketing communications to increase brand reach and sell products.

In advertising, copywriting is used to create direct response adverts for media like television, telemarketing, radio jingles, billboard advertising and online ads. The content produced, known as copy, can then be converted to the desired form to be used for the chosen media.

At Daily Posts, we develop quality copy which is guaranteed to increase a conversion rate. We have professional copywriters who are trained to craft copy using brand voice which promotes better public relations and increased customer loyalty. For your copywriting services, contact us today on 02380970979.

Types of Copywriting

There are many forms of copywriting, which are dependent on the advertising media, message to be relayed, length of copy, and industry. These are grouped into five main types of copywriting

  • Marketing or Sales Copywriting

This type of writing requires good persuasion and creative ability as the copywriter needs to convince the customer to buy a product or service. Depending on the audience, copy can be long or short. Daily Posts' copywriters focus on presenting to the client the benefits of the product and enough information which will wear away his objections. This, with our top-rated persuasion skills, is guaranteed to increase conversion.

  • Technical Copywriting

This type of writing, in contrast to sales copywriting, requires a basic knowledge in a particular field as it often addresses readers who are experts in the field. Fields such as the health sector and tech industry utilise technical copywriting to sell ideas or information to the public. Our technical copywriters are trained to carry out heavy research about a client's niche and deliver content using the client's brand voice. This will place the client as an authority in the field.

  • Creative Copywriting

This is the most familiar type of copywriting. It includes copy for radio and television jingles, commercials, company bylines, amongst others. It requires creating unique and memorable content which will not only increase brand awareness but also build customer loyalty. We have creative copywriters who use direct response writing to craft content that will resonate with the reader long after reading the ad.

  • SEO Copywriting

This focuses on the visibility of an article. It is used in online advertising to increase website traffic and web page ranking. It involves using appropriate keywords to create content which will show up in search engine results for relevant queries. At Daily Posts, all our web contents are search engine optimised and guaranteed to build organic traffic which will increase the rate of conversion.

  • Web Content Copywriting

This is involves writing promotional content for the internet, such as web landing pages, blog posts, social media ads, email copy, and online product descriptions, among others. At Daily Posts, we use a blend of technical copywriting, sales copywriting and SEO copywriting to develop content which is guaranteed to reduce bounce rate and increase sales.

Important Facts to Know about Copywriting

  • Know your audience and build a relationship with them. This will help you chose the right topic, one which will be appealing to your audience. Keep copy engaging and convincing.
  • Let your potential customers know what they stand to benefit from the products or services. Features are valued but benefits are more important to the consumer. Capture their interest with the benefits, and then provide the details.
  • In copywriting, the tone is very important. A copywriter relies only on his words to win  customers over. Avoid using jargons; use simple terms in brief sentences and paragraphs instead.
  • Great copy attracts and keeps the attention of the reader using irresistible headlines. According to statistics, 7 out of 10 readers do not get past the headlines. Powerful headlines that highlight benefits or fear and the promise of a solution are evidence of good copywriting.
  • The call to action is the next important part of  copy after the headlines. The CTA determines if the reader will perform the desired action. The flow of the piece is meant to build up and point towards the CTA. A clear and compelling CTA is one of the markers of good copywriting.
  • Most copywriting needs require technical copywriters. Daily Posts has effective copywriters who deliver the best of content and web copy. With adequate research and proper writing tone/style, we create content guaranteed to keep your audience intrigued and boost the conversion rate. Contact us on 02380970979 today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a copywriter?

Copywriting is all about quality, creativity and conversion. While you may consider it economically wise to develop your content and adverts yourself, hiring a professional copywriter is sure to boost the conversion rate and sales which means a higher ROI for you.

How much does it cost to hire a copywriter?

The cost of copywriting services depends on the type of copy requested and the expertise of the copywriter. Freelance copywriters charge by the hour with costs running into thousands of dollars. However, with copywriting agencies, you can get excellent copy at better and affordable rates. At Daily Posts, our rates start at $0.02 per word depending on the package you choose.

Where can I hire a copywriter?

Daily Posts is a copywriting agency with nearly a decade of providing copywriting services across the globe. To find out why top firms prefer partnering with us, and for quality web copy guaranteed to convert, contact us today on

Copywriting is producing copy that sells a product, service and sometimes a person. This copy must be visible to your target customers and must be compelling enough to get them to take the required business action.

As an e-business or a traditional business with an online presence, you may have already realized that having the kind of success you desire is difficult. To begin to enjoy the business benefits that the internet presents, you must:

  • Get seen by your customers: Only about 11 percent of websites in the world have relevant visibility on the top search engine, Google. Of the visible web, the top three results for each search amass 60% of the organic clicks on the average.

  • Get the customers you reach to engage with you and buy from you: Unless you alone are offering a very important but totally different product, you face hordes of competition online. How do you stand out? How do you consistently convince your target customers that you are better than the rest?

Also, although about 90 percent of purchases start with an online research, 86% of this population still go to offline business to buy a product or enlist a service where possible.

This means that you face competition from both online and offline businesses, and most websites are actually marketing for their competitors.

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