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Copywriting Work

Copywriting Work at DailyPosts

At DailyPosts writing agency, we have a range of services that can give your online presence a positive boost.

Some of our copywriting work includes:

Web Copywriting

Our writers provide solutions for online editorial publications and are experienced in writing for different industries. Your landing page needs to be relevant to the products your online ads promote in order to rank favourably on Google. Professionally written landing pages can drive more reader engagement and motivate them to act accordingly.

At DailyPosts, we engage smart and innovative methods to guide our writing process. This means that we produce high-quality content for our clients. We produce copy for any niche including property, tech, finance, art and even floor-sanding. The goal of every work we produce is to enhance the relationship between our clients and their readers/customers.

We have the experience, passion for writing and extensive lexicon to fill our clients pages with informative language and engaging imagery.

SEO Copywriting

Our SEO optimisation services, delivered within web copywriting work is directed at the right combination of brand-relevant keywords and engaging content. By interlacing well-researched and specific keywords into your content, we can impact your ranking across major search engines.

When professionally and artfully executed into your website, well-written copy will influence your search engine rankings positively and also improve the customer experience with your company.

We produce neat and compelling SEO copy for:

  • On-site content- main copy and interface design

  • Press releases- usually a great source of material for websites, newspapers, and other media

  • Guest posts, blogs and online editorials

  • Advertising and branding services on the Web

 Advertising Web Copywriting Work

Every online business has sales pages geared to promote their products. If your sales pages are written with the right compelling language, your engagement and sales will be significantly low. We have put a lot of research into identifying effective techniques for advertising copywriting. Watch your sales pages rank high on search engines and increase your site’s conversion rates.

Our research into optimising advertising content and call-to-action statements have been justified by the positive outcome on the websites of existing clients. In addition to CTA, features such as headlines and keywords are important areas we also manipulate to get good results.

DailyPosts Copyediting

Copywriting is not the only service we provide- after producing content for our clients, our work is passed onto our copyeditors for a final onceover. You can also submit content pieces you want us to fine tune for your website.

Typographical errors and bad grammar have the potential to reduce the impact of your powerful communication. Our writing company will proof-read and copyedit your web content to make sure your online presence is error-free, concise and professional.

A message doesn’t have to relent on its quality to get good ratings on search engines, our copyeditors are trained to identify errors that may have been overlooked. With qualifications ranging from traditional to modern editing, our copyeditors will guarantee an error-free content worthy of brand authority in the marketplace.

Don’t spend time you could use to develop your business strategy on copywriting work. Let DailyPosts’ professional writers do it for you. Your copy will be better offin the care of a specialist.

Why Hire Professional Copywriters?

Professional copywriters do it better:It is a simple fact that professionals do it better. Having spent time and resources developing effective ways to produce content that works, most professionals have a structure that optimises web copywriting for great results.

At DailyPosts, we have a fail-proof system that guides our creative process. From task selection to crafting and polishing, there is a structure that ensures we produce well-written copy that persuades.

Professional copywriters are creative: Of course, you may be creative too, but creativity is something that must be honed regularly, not now and then. Professional copywriters are tasked to be creative almost every hour, keeping them fresh and ready to deliver on a regular basis.

DailyPosts writers imbibe creativity into their professional work every day. Our clients are guaranteed creative content.

 Professional copywriters are knowledgeable: We spend a significant part of our time on research and studying the industry of our clients. This keeps us in touch with new trends and relevant information. We weave these facts into your content to enhance its credibility and authority. Good quality content has the potential to make your brand an industry leader among its peers.

The DailyPost Copywriting Work Promise

Some writing agencies tend to reuse a particular piece of content for another project. This has the potential to affect search engine rankings, not to mention dilute the client’s credibility.

At DailyPosts, we promise 100% original content that’s exclusive to you. Our clients own their content and we don’t reproduce it anywhere. Fresh content and plagiarism-free- that’s the DailyPost promise.

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Copywriting is much more than stringing a couple of words together to make meaning, it persuades people to become consumers, and occasional users to become loyalists.

Copywriters pay close attention to different aspects that contribute to the quality of copy.

Research and organisation

Copywriters use research to equip themselves to deliver great copy. Research includes understanding the client and her goals, understanding the target audience, and the market itself. Here’s a breakdown:

Target audience. The copywriter is interested in the people who buy or use the product he is writing copy for, how old they are, where they stay, how to get to them, and so on. Knowing who buys or would want to buy a product gives the copywriter an idea as to what kind of copy would speak to such people.

Copywriters also want to know why they buy such products. Understanding the “why” informs what benefits to mention and what values to promote.

The copywriter uses this information to craft a compelling piece to win the target audience over.

Competition. This helps the copywriter draft great copy. He would need to know who the competition is and how they market their products, how they convert, their pricing and services, and trends in their business. He uses the information to get a good angle to write copy that stands out from the crowd and appeals more to consumers.

Client vs competition. Having examined the competition to understand their modus operandi, copywriters then do a comparative analysis to see how their client measures up to the competition’s standard. Some of the parameters used to check this are:

  • Product
  • Advantages
  • Uniqueness
  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Ordering
  • Refunds
  • Warranties
  • Customer service

Resources. To ensure copy is rich and compelling, a copywriter would want to know if there are testimonials by people who have already used the product, awards the client has won for excellence, a company or product story, and web pages with existing information about the client.

The writing process

With most of the copywriting work already done during research, what's left is to make magic using words. The copywriter would have these at the back of his mind:

Voice. It is recommended to communicate with readers using the second person perspective. The reason is, the buyer is obviously the second person in the conversation and so it would be appropriate to say "you" instead of “he” or "they."

The tone of the voice would also be conversational. Some copywriters make the mistake of using keywords to a fault and it sounds like they are communicating with search engines rather than human beings. It reduces the value of copy.

Headlines. The headline should be interesting, create some kind of anticipation, offer a solution to a problem, ask a thought-provoking question, or even feature a call-to-action.

Writing style. Then there is the style, data obtained from research can determine this. It could be a replica of the brand voice or something else that suits the product, the location, or the target audience. It could also just follow particular styles such as, humour, empathy, problem and solution centred, short witty sentences, or imageries.

The writing. This is where the copywriter’s creativity and research findings take centre-stage. He uses simple and relatable words, words that are carefully selected to induce reader response.

He also draws from resources to enhance copy, and highlights the selling points of the client. In all, copy is able to endear the readers to the client, build trust, and motivate them to take action.

Review. Reviewing involves editing and proofreading, it makes the piece even better. Showing copy to others for a second opinion often helps a great deal too.

At Daily Posts, we would love to show you just how much value we can add to your brand.

Give us a call today on 02380 970979.

Whatever the goal of your content; start conversations, call your business or generate sales, your copywriting work must be produced to achieve this objective. DailyPosts writing agency ensures its final projects pass the test for immediate response before final submission. When copy is conversion oriented, then the work is complete.

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DailyPosts: Copywriting Work

Affordable and Effective Copywriting

The message delivered by copywriting is the first voice a potential buyer will associate to your business or brand. This voice will remain with them throughout the period of their experience with your brand. Therefore, it should be as clear and succinct as it is powerful and inspiring.

DailyPosts is a professional writing company that provides written content and similar services for business to communicate with their target audience and build relationships. The quality of content you produce says a lot about your business and the way it is run. We can use quality copy to build a likable personality around your company.

If you are interested in discussing further, contact us today on 02380 970979

At DailyPosts, we offer copywriting work such as SEO copywriting, website copywriting, advertising copywriting and copyediting. Our team of experienced and skilled copywriters can transform your business’ online presence, and make it more appealing to your potential customers. We have the ability to produce articulate content that inspires action for your online sales pages.

Your business can benefit from well-written copy, starting today. Sign up here to open an account with us.

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