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Web Copywriters Help You Sell More

Web copywriters know how to do just this. They understand the psychology of the buying process. They acknowledge that the prospect default mode is to object to a sale. They are keenly aware what prospects don’t want to be sold, but they also know how to break through the wall of objection and guide them to the sale using persuasive copy – at least Daily Post web copywriters know how to do this anyhow.

Your Copy Can Be the Difference

Your copy matters on the web. It is your salesperson, your customer service personnel, your brand and everything in between. It is what represents you online and the only thing that has to convince your customer about the product, your brand value and how trustworthy you are. If you don’t get it right, you shouldn’t expect many sales.

It’s also vital that your copies are search engine optimised- whether it’s sales letters, video sales script, articles or product descriptions. Your web copywriter should not just know how to sell, but how to get your content to rank high in SERP.

You can get lots of free traffic from search engines if you get your web copywriting right. If you target the right keywords and long-tail keywords, you could even bring in high-converting traffic that is easier to convert to sales. This means that good copy and search engine optimisation work together on the web.

Web Copywriting that Gets it Right from the Beginning

There is little room for error when it comes to web copywriting. There is so much competition for your readers’ attention online. At times you have only a few seconds to captivate the attention of your prospect, so a poor headline could kill all the effort you put into good copy. The bottom line is that smart brands can’t afford to take any chances.

Web Copies that Convert Consistently

That is why these brands trust Daily Posts to handle their copy. We have shown over the years that our copies convert consistently. We have been producing copies that get the desired results for years – even in the toughest of industries.

Our copies have enabled brands to expand and be more profitable. Also, we have helped brands rank for competitive keywords, as well as those keywords we discovered that were under-tapped. Our copywriters have been writing copy for decades (even before the advent of the internet) and have successfully incorporated the best of SEO into their work over the years.

The reason we have been successful is because we devote sufficient time into understanding and knowing the buyer persona of the audience we intend to target with our copy. We try to understand the demographics, their fears and dreams, as well as the kind of language they use. It’s from this research that we are able to understand what turns a prospect away and what inspires and motivates them.

Optimising Correctly

Customers feel a brand is more personable when it uses the language they use. Little things like using the same adjectives can make a difference and make your brand relatable. We also understand the terminologies they use in describing your product. Unfortunately, some companies spend a lot of time optimising for a product name that is usually the official name, but not what the majority of the customers refer to it as.  A good customer analysis helps in this regard and helps you to optimise properly.


The next step for our web copywriters is to come up with a unique selling proposition for your product or service. It’s highly unlikely that you will be introducing something revolutionary or new in the market, but that doesn’t mean you can’t position your product or service uniquely, in a way that resonates with your prospects.

It also requires a good understanding of your competitors. Daily Posts’ copywriters research your competitors and try to find out what they are already doing and where their weak points are. We also search for what we could do better or what we could capitalise on. This process is vital and sets us apart from other copywriters, enabling us to get the results we have become known for.

It’s easy to see why sentences in our web copies are designed to let the customer understand what is in it for them and why it’s different from others. It explains the benefits. The sentences are crystal clear and aim to guide the reader beyond their objections. It sells to their heart and offers as much proof as is necessary to back up the claims.

Our Copywriting Firm Respects Your Brand Guidelines

We also ensure that we stay within your brand guidelines and industry restriction when writing copies for the web. Violating industry restrictions on the web can be disastrous for your brand and you’ll need a web copywriter that understands this and is still able to create excellent copies under such restrictions.

Our web copywriters can handle different types of web copies. Also, our team can handle all sizes of projects quickly and efficiently.

Our editors pore over every copy to ensure that each one meets the quality benchmark we set and that every fact and figure quoted is accurate. We also ensure that the copy is free from grammatical errors and is clear and concise, whilst also adhering to all instructions you set.

100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Whilst we are rarely asked by our clients to revise a copy, we attend to any revision request urgently. There is no limit to how many revisions you can request and the only important thing is that you are 100% satisfied with the work.

Reach out to us today and let our web copywriters help you write web copy that will boost your online revenue.

What is web copywriting?

Web copywriting involves writing copy for webs different areas. The web is just one of them, and if you’re an aspiring copywriter, the online environment is a growing one that accommodates all and sundry.

A copywriter uses copy to sell products to end users. Business owners use the service of copywriting agencies who handle the written content on their websites.

Types of web copywriting

Long web copywriting

Long web copywriting focuses on the goal of persuading a reader to take the desired action at the end of the written piece.

Short web copywriting

Copy is short and engaging. A superb example of this is the headlines.

Informative web copywriting

Informative web copywriting is not sales oriented. It is a way of introducing a product to a reader.

Direct web copywriting

Direct web copywriting aims at a target audience and introduces a product to them, stating its features and benefits.

Indirect web copywriting

Indirect web copywriting is used by affiliate marketers and referral programmes.

What makes great web copywriting?

Great web copywriting is web-based. It targets the online audience and uses certain words that make copy engaging. Good copy should captivate the reader and make her read the content to the end.

A great copywriter knows how to carefully place keywords in copy. Content must have relevant keywords and phrases that online buyers use during search queries. This will make them easily find your copy in the search engine results.

A web copywriter understands the audience she is writing for. She should consider what their needs are and how the product will meet their needs.

Facts about web Copywriting

  • Online readers spend only 37 seconds to read online contents. That is why we make our copywriting engaging and compelling enough to secure their trust and interest.
  • A piece of detailed information and long-form content generate 9 times more leads than short articles. We encourage clients to give all needed information to be included in requested copy because the longer it is, the more information it will contain.
  • 45% of copywriters say that blogging is a great medium to make products accessible to end users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between web content and web copywriting?

Web copywriting is the art of writing web content.

How can you identify competent web copywriter?

They are professionals ready to listen to your business details and guide you on how you can attain success. They explain the nitty-gritty of the internet business to those who are new to online business and help them overcome the challenges they face. They also offer quality writing service.

How much do copywriters charge their client?

This varies from one writer to another. Individual freelance writers charge less than agencies but don't settle for less because of a tight budget.

For more information about our web copywriting services, call us on 02380970979.

Websites with well-written copy have the power to attract more traffic and convert visitors into paying customers. At Daily Posts copywriting agency, we infuse high-ranking industry keywords into your content to make your web pages more competitive on search engines. Our copywriting web masters may just be what your site needs.

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Copywriting for the web is a hard-earned skill. Writing clearly and correctly is difficult in itself, but writing in a way that gets people to take out their credit card and buy something is even more demanding.  If you need copywriters that will help you to do just that, sign up for an account immediately to get started.

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