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It’s well known that organisations who do their copywriting in-house experience some challenges with steady content supply and professional quality. This is especially common with businesses that are not marketing orientated. It takes time to craft the right message for your website and you could spend valuable hours stuck on trying to achieve the perfect landing page structure.


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How effective is your web content strategy? Are you attracting as much traffic as you would like? Partnering with a professional copywriting agency will do wonders for your website.

SEO copywriting is the art of writing copy that ranks highly on search engines. Devoting your resources to writing compelling copy is the best way to improve your search rankings. Attempting other practices, especially relating to the copy on your website, will often attract penalties that are counterproductive. However, SEO copywriting is really more of a science than an art. It involves the optimisation of web copy by targeting certain keywords and placing them in the right quantity. With some level of experience, one can do this in-house. By doing so, you would be significantly reducing the amount of money spent on advertisement and promotion.

However, search engines have shown that what really decides a page’s ranking is outside the technical part of the page. It is the ability to craft engaging and compelling copy that readers find relevant to their queries, builds authority and drives sales. This kind of copy performs exceptionally well, which makes others want to promote it through linking or sharing on social media. Google has developed its ranking algorithm to take into account how other sites describe your content while linking to it. What this means is that you need to improve on your copywriting now more than ever. This is where a well-equipped and experienced copywriting agency would be of immense help to you when it comes to boosting your search rankings.

By working with a professional writing agency, you not only get access to quality content, but will learn some copywriting tips and tricks to drive your brand towards online success. With Daily Posts, you are guaranteed a significant improvement on all page rankings.

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Daily Posts is a copywriting agency that works with businesses across various niches to give them an edge over their online competitors. We do this by supplying them with a fresh stream of content on a regular basis. By updating their website with valuable information, they are able to generate more traffic and convert sales-ready leads.

In addition to providing compelling copy, we also give advice to our clients to assist them in maintaining their website as a relevant source of information for customers. If your site is not seeing as many visits or conversions as it used to, your copy may not be as convincing as you wanted it to be. It could also be that the methods you have been applying are no longer effective.

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Copywriting Tips and Tricks to Boost your Ranking in 2018

A good content marketing strategy is important for a website to perform effectively. One of the key factors of a successful online business is its search engine ranking. To increase web traffic volume and generate leads for businesses, there are a few tricks you need to try:

Keyword placement

When a customer needs a service, one of the first things they do online is to type certain ‘keywords’ into the search engine field. The results that are then displayed determine which business website they’ll visit. As a service with an online presence, it’s vital to influence the results of these searches to benefit your own website.

To do so, our team at Daily Posts continually research keywords specific to certain industries to identify those that rank favourably. After collating them, we insert these high-ranking keywords into the original content we write for our clients. The result is a jump in their previous Google SERP ranking positions. While we are targeting strong keywords, we also pay attention to ones you could also be using to rank higher.

We consider which keywords have high search volumes and, at the same time, consider how competitive they are. Focusing on just the high-ranking ones might leave you with keywords everyone is getting in one. It is also important to target locations too in your copy. That way, your local SEO will be significantly enhanced.


Linking is one way to improve the trustworthiness of your website. It involves receiving backlinks from high-domain authorities. It’s like being recommended by a popular celebrity to someone you’ve never met. Of course, that ‘recommendation’ makes it easier for both of you to get along. So, how do you get a trustworthy site (such as The Economist, as an example) to link to you?

One way is to improve the quality of your website and attract more people to your webpages is good copy. The more original and high-quality your web content, the more organic visitors it will attract. When you build and maintain an authority status in your niche, other quality websites will be willing to identify with your content. However, this does not happen overnight and requires consistency.

Another copywriting trick is to write a quality guest post for an influential site and have them backlink to your webpage. However, ensure you do this the right way, as a black hat technique can earn you a Google penalty if discovered. Therefore, you have to find ways to make the links appear natural in your copy and guest posts.

One way to do this is to incorporate data, graphics, charts, and so on, in your copy to back up your points. Then you can go ahead and link them to authority websites. Not only will it serve as a friendly connection with other sites who have created quality content in your niche but will also improve the value of your content and satisfy your readers.

Copywriting tips and tricks for sale pages

From searches and other external web channels, your ad copy links visitors back to an adjoining web page for further engagement and conversion. This entry point is important, because if the incoming visitor does not find what they are searching for, they’ll leave to visit other websites. There are numerous simple ways to avoid increased bounce rate through your web copy.

Overcome buyers’ objection

When people land on your sales page, you want them to find it interesting. More so, interesting enough to inspire them to take the next step (buy, call your business line, register etc.). Customers usually don’t express their objections. Instead, they leave your website the moment they see any barriers. Some potential buyer objections include questions such as:

Is this website trustworthy?

Will I like this product when it arrives?

How is this service better than that of the previous site?

At Daily Posts, it is the job of our copywriters to help customers overcome these objections, so they don’t bounce off with uncertainty. We write landing/sales pages that:

Are easy to read and understand (no technical jargon)

Are devoid of typos and grammatical mistakes

Engage customers by supplying interesting information

Convince buyers the product is right for them

Motivate action

Use proven headline formulas

Writing a headline seems pretty easy and straightforward. It is, however, quite difficult crafting a headline that is click-worthy without resorting to click-baiting. But, with a good one, you will be able to drive considerable traffic to your website in a short period. The right headline will portray your copy in a strong light. When writing your headlines, use numbers and lists. Your readers want to know they can get through your content in two or three minutes. Using numbers to enumerate the points in your copy suggests that it is comprehensive.

Question-like headlines also help, as they inspire your audience to click and learn the answers when they are ignorant of them. While developing your headline, avoid overused words like “Things”. These words suggest a lazily-done copy. Instead, use adjectives that will both optimise for search and warm the reader up for a click.


More tips for your sales-page copywriting include:

  • Use lots of white space.
  • Making your content persuasive with clever writing.
  • Use bullet points to list items.
  • Write shorter sentences and paragraph blocks.

Copywriting Tips and Tricks for Conversion

Generally, you should write your copy with conversion in view. There are a couple of tricks that are sure to provide you with the needed result.

Use statistics

When it comes to convincing people, numbers do wonders. This shouldn’t be surprising since number don’t lie. They show you the present and the past placed side by side, which is what you are hoping to achieve. In your copy, you need to emphasise the difficulty your prospective customer is experiencing and how your product or service will alleviate that. Statistics make it easy to make them realise that.  It makes the promises outlined in your copy appear more tangible and backed up by data.


Sometimes, a satisfied customer’s experience might just be enough to tip a yet-undecided customer towards completing a purchase. To make it real, have the customers submit (in their own words) a description about how they felt when using your product.

Powerful ‘Call-to-Action’ statements

‘Call to Action’ statements direct customers towards the desired action you want them to take. Place your CTAs in visible locations around your website and have cues pointing towards them. This is to grab the attention of your visitors and make them act.

Why Hire a Professional Copywriting Service?

Despite all these tips, there’s only so much you can do to get your brand where you want. A professional touch is the perfect way to solidify your online authority.

You need a Daily Posts professional to:

  • Save you from arduous long hours crafting copy
  • Get quality content on tap, any time you want
  • Save money and resources
  • Enrich your writing with professionalism and creativity.


Do you use any keyword tools?

We do. We understand the role keywords play in boosting your site ranking. Therefore, we conduct extensive research into the keywords vital to your area. This allows us to cover the variations of strong keywords, especially in industries with technical keywords. Part of how we work around this is by studying your business so that we have a better understanding of your customers/market behaviour.

At what stage do I start considering my website copy?

The best time to start planning for your web copy and making arrangements for it is the minute you begin considering your website design. This ensures your site becomes active and starts benefiting from SEO the minute it launches. It is important that your copy is ready when all the technical development on your site is complete.

How long will my copy take?

We will first ask you when your deadline is. It would also be easier if you include it in the brief. However, as long as your work is not last minute, you are guaranteed to have your assignment ready before your deadline. At Daily Posts, we pride ourselves on not only meeting deadlines, but being able to complete your task before, so that you have enough time to go through it and see if it meets your tastes. If you do not have any deadline, we will still let you know when it will be done and keep you abreast of the progress.

Can’t I just pay for a high ranking?

We recommend against that. The main focus of search engines like Google is content that will generate more traffic for them. Their results have to be relevant to the user. The more relevant a search engine’s results are to the user’s queries, the better the search engine. Although a search engine like Google has paid results, they are usually not as relevant to a user’s search as the organic ones. We recommend you follow the natural method, which is developing copy that helps boost your search rankings.


These tips and tricks will not boost your search rankings immediately, but they are sure to significantly reduce your bounce rates. If you have been having issues in that area, this would be the first indication that these methods are working. You would also be increasing the level of engagement on your site and help move you up to Google’s first page.

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