Copywriting Tips and Techniques

Copywriting Tips and Techniques

Effective copy remains king when it comes to conversion. The recent proliferation of adverts means that they need to be better in order to capture the reader’s attention, let alone get them to buy something.  Given that billions of dollars are spent on advertising each year, the importance of writing adverts that convert is even more profound.

Writing Effective Adverts is a Science

Writing effective copies that get prospects to take the desired action is not rocket science. However, it’s more science than art. There is a step by step process for achieving just that – and if you follow it, you will write copy that converts.

Diligent Research

Research is the bedrock of excellent copywriting. Know as much as you can about your target customer. Research and find out their habits, motivation, frustrations, as well as their pain-points and hopes. The demographic information of your target audience is also important. Find out the reason they buy your product. Find out the reason they stick to a certain brand. Determine their frustrations with a similar product and what they like about it.

You Need to be Relatable

During the process, learn how they communicate. For instance, using the same adjectives and superlatives as your prospects will make your copy more relatable. Using the same anecdotes or analogies they are likely to use will also make your brand personable. It makes the prospect feel truly understood and that you have their best interests at heart.

Tap into the Right Emotions

People buy things for emotional reasons, then justify it with logic. This means that you have to tap into the emotions of your prospect for copy to be ultimately effective. Consider making the USP about the emotional benefits of your product. Between fear and benefits, fear is the most motivating emotion. For example, people are more likely to buy a product or service that teaches them how to avoid divorce and prevent their spouse from cheating, than one that teaches them how to have a healthy relationship.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t target other positive emotions such as joy, pride and self-respect. In fact, the more emotions you target, the better.

You Win or Lose with the USP

Choose a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that commands the attention of your prospect. You want something that deeply resonates with your readers and makes a benefit-oriented promise. The USP is by far the most important element of your copy. A very strong USP or offer can sell a product, even if the rest of the copy is weak. On the other hand, a strong copy won’t do much if the offer is weak. Find ways to make ensure you are making a very strong offer that is difficult to resist.

Remind the Prospect of What is at Stake

Another important tip is to make your prospect feel their current pain. Describe their current frustration. The better you make the prospect remember and picture their pain, the more likely you will convince the reader to buy your product or service.

Can You Walk the Talk?

It’s easy to make promises, but remember you won’t convince anyone if you don’t show evidence or proof that what you promise is obtainable. Provide as much as proof as is needed to prove your point. To do this, you need to know every little fact about the product you want to sell and the features it has.

If you research well, you could find dozens of such facts or features. Not all of them will be positive or translate to a deep benefit for your prospects, but some will. For instance, does the weight of the product make it stronger and more protective, or does the lightness make it easy to carry? Does the colour of the product appear stylish, attractive and feminine or does the colour and sturdiness of a product denote strength, independence, and intelligence?

Whatever the state of the product, you can translate the feature into a believable benefit if you give it some thought. The benefit you should emphasise is the benefit the audience cares about. There is no need to stress how a product will make someone more beautiful, when that person values independence and intelligence over beauty. Your product probably has features you could translate into benefits the prospect really cares about.

That doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to one benefit.  For example, you can talk about beauty, strength and intelligence, but a better understanding of the audience will probably tell you which deserves more emphasis, or at least the one you should lead with.

Why Should Your Audience Trust You?

Also, provide social proof and other industry certifications and awards where applicable. Let them know you are qualified to do what you do and let them know why they should choose you over other qualified competitors.

Customers often experience ‘Buyer’s remorse’ even before they pay for a product. If the prospect feels the product purchase is rational and useful, they will soon become a repeat customer.

Be Mentally Prepared

If you do not have a copywriting file that contains an effective sales letter written for a number of industries, you need to start building one now. The tips covered here do work. However, it’s easier said than done and it won’t come smoothly at first. It requires a bit of inspiration and creativity too, but if you stay ‘on task’ and use the tips listed here, you can create a persuasive letter that will deliver results.

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