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Copywriting That Sells

What is Copywriting that Sells?

Copywriting has a unique goal compared with other forms of writing. It is marketing-oriented.

It aims to make the user take action that eventually benefits the business.

This kind of copywriting is copywriting that sells.

 It sells if it is able to drive real business results.

 Copywriting that sells has the ability to transform a company’s fortune online.

The benefits include an increase in conversion, revenue, and profit; enhanced brand popularity, amongst others.

Since business is mostly about making money, copywriting that sells helps you generate leads and retain customers.

It is beyond beautiful words on a page.

 It is about words that get the job done effectively.

It is exactly the kind of copywriting that Daily Posts crafts for its clients worldwide – copywriting that wins business for the long term.

Types of Copywriting that Sells

Not all copy on the internet sells. The types of copywriting that sells include:

Storytelling: Telling a story introduces the reader to your offering, how it solves their problem, triggers their imagination and connects with their emotions.

Speak to the reader: Understand the readers and tailor your copy to them. There are words that they use, according to marketing genius Eugene Schwartz. Use those words.

Testimonials: Community or social proof tells the reader you can be trusted.

Repetition: Repeating key points several times in copy makes them memorable.

Facts or Stats: Facts or statistics lend credibility to your copywriting efforts. They help persuade readers to make a purchase.

What makes great Copywriting that Sells

Copywriting that sells is a combination of many factors. These factors often work hand-in-hand to ensure the success of any copywriting effort.

  • Screaming Headlines: Your headline has to lure readers to take the desired action. You may need to test to find what works. Headlines may tell a story, make a promise, or ask a question.
  • Appeal to Emotions: Your goal is to get the reader to take action. While statistics justify your position, make your readers feel something. They are more likely to recall how they feel than how they think.
  • Use of Power Words: Words such as proven, free, limited, now multiply the impact of your writing. Use them to transmit a sense of urgency, sell exclusivity, and draw readers to your call to action.
  • Sell Benefits: Copy has to be more about the audience than about your product. Always ask: “What’s in it for them?”
  • Ask “Yes” Questions: The more questions you ask that get a yes from them, the more likely you will get a yes on subsequent questions.

Facts about Copywriting that Sells

  • Adding social proof to your copywriting arsenal can increase conversions by 20%.
  • Giving people a reason to take action can increase agreement from 60% to 90%.
  • Getting creative and direct with the words in your call to action can up conversions by 14.79%.
  • Provocative email headlines like “Hell yeah” can increase the open rate by 23.88%.
  • People scan web pages in an F-pattern. This means they always read the first word on a line, often read the second word, and hardly ever read the third word on a line.


Are there experts who specialise in Copywriting that Sells?

Yes. The professional team at Daily Posts does exactly the same thing for businesses around the world, with resounding results. You can get in touch today.

Do I need to provide any information?

Yes. Your project brief will serve as a guide and reference over the course of the project.

Would copywriting that sells help my search rankings?

You can count on it. The outcome of the copywriting process will appeal to the reader and search engines.

How long will the resulting copy work?

Well-written copy lasts for a long time. Our writers at Daily Posts anticipate eventualities and will write your copy to stay fresh and relevant for a long time.

Can I track the process?

Absolutely. You will have access to our virtual office to monitor the progress of your work.

If you are ready to take your website copy to the next level and get tangible business results, call Daily Posts today on 02380 970979.


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