Copywriting Techniques

Copywriting Techniques

8 Modern Copywriting Techniques to Instantly Connect with Your Audience 

Everyday copywriting style will read fairly well and interest some of your target audience. However, great copywriting – crafted with some subtle, modern techniques – will spark the right attention across a wide spectrum of the target market. Also, it will generate the desired response and action from them.

That’s what makes the difference between good copy and great copy – and the clear distinction between content from a regular writing company and the best value writing agency in the world, Daily Posts.

At Daily Posts, our copywriters are carefully selected and trained to guarantee that clients across various industries and technical fields receive a stream of high quality and compelling copies, that rank on the first page of Google searches with high conversion rates.

When you sign up with us, you are sure of masterfully written content that employs a special blend of subtle and modern copywriting techniques that make your copies appealing and persuasive.

What are the techniques that ensure your copy is not dull or boring, but instead brings it to life? These are subtle techniques, artfully infused within the copy, that add extra shine and pizzazz to hold the reader’s attention.

1. Sell the rewards, not the features

The natural impulse when trying to make a sale – or in this case, writing marketing content – is to consistently highlight the features of a brand or product and stress how unique they are.

However, it’s essential to tell a potential buyer (in layman’s terms) how a particular product works and how it solves their problem, makes them feel better or gives them a higher sense of esteem.

The benefits and features of a product might seem almost the same, but be sure to recognise the subtle differences and don’t mix them up. Talk about the features in the copy, but focus more on the benefits to the reader.

2. Trigger a sense of scarcity

So, you’ve identified the unique selling proposition (USP) to the reader and successfully communicated the rewards they’ll gain from using the product or patronising the service. What next? Spark a sense of scarcity that creates urgency in them.

Spotlight what makes the product superior to what the competition offers and make the reader feel the advertised product is in limited supply. This way, the reader will be encouraged to patronise the product or service now, rather than putting off any action until later.

3. Subtly and sparsely apply rhyming techniques

Poets have mastered the technique of rhyme for centuries and have captivated our imagination in doing so. Rhymes are musical and pleasant to the ear. It adds a smooth, almost playful element and helps to better store a message in the memory.

Readers also tend to think of rhyming lines and words as more accurate and truthful.

For example, a line like “Here are ways to minimise risks and maximise benefits” reads better and more easily than: “Here are ways to reduce your risk and increase your profits.”

Another example is “The thinnest, smartest and fastest gadget” compared to “The gadget is the best in terms of speed, thinness and smartness.”

Great copywriters know how to intelligently pepper their writing to stress important points and make the copy read more smoothly and memorably, without necessarily sounding poetic.

4. Use the psychology of repetition to grab attention

Closely related to the art of rhyming scheme (in arresting the eye and holding attention), is the proven advert technique of repetition. This technique is simple and its effect powerful, grabbing and holding the reader’s interest.

For example: “We offer 100% quality guarantee. No compromises. No excuses. No funny business.”

Clever use of repetition also helps to break up otherwise long, tedious sentences, as well as stress important points in the copy.”

5. Create pleasant imageries in the reader’s mind

What makes the best-selling novels captivate readers? Beside the great plots and storylines, the powerful use of imagery holds the reader in suspense and keeps them going page after page.

Creating images in the mind of the reader is a compelling art that mesmerises and sustains interest until they fully digest the message, with high likelihood of buying the product. After all, they say a picture paints a thousand words.

So, with limited words, paint pleasant pictures in the mind of the reader that resonate with their desires. They help you communicate the message better and make the copy more appealing to people.

However, be careful not to run riot with this technique. Ensure the images you paint are completely relevant or associated with the product or point you’re trying to make.

6. List with numbers and bullet points

The usefulness of bullet points and numbered lists will never go out of fashion. They are ideal  for isolating key points in the message and summarising lots of information.

It’s an excellent tool to describe the unique features of a product and helps to make the points stick in the memory of the reader, compared to lengthy descriptions embedded in paragraphs. Readers love bullet points and numbered listings, as their eyes naturally navigate to them quicker and more easily.

7. Use a strong Post Script (PS) or Call to Action (CTA)

Never close the copy without a strong Post Script or Call to Action. A well crafted Post Script or Call to Action could be the single factor in helping a hesitant reader to make up their mind and ‘buy now’.

8. Preferably write in first person

Big brands that feature in the Fortune 500 catalogue may do well without personalised copies, but content for smaller businesses needs to sound more personal to the prospective client, with copies written in the first person.

Producing great copy on an ongoing basis is an art that stems from years of training, experience and a culture of quality, with keen attention to detail. At Daily Posts, all of our writers are highly skilled and committed to client requirements and deadlines. They have perfected modern copywriting techniques that make copies stand out, appeal and be persuasive.

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