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Which Copywriting Service Site Is Best For You?

When it comes to picking a copywriting site, it is all about you and what you need. If your copy requirements are specific, then you might want to produce the content, and only get a partner to hone it into a better form. Copywriters can often benefit from plenty of input from you.

In many cases though, some basic info from you will be enough for a copywriter to understand what you need, and produce a quality written product.The best site for you will create excellent copy for you, but will also be easy to work with. Here are some things you should look for when searching for a copywriting site:

Is there an open channel of communication?

A limited working relationship never helps anyone. A good working relationship is vital to getting good results. A good working relationship will mean that the copywriting site you end up choosing will constantly seek to understand your needs, be excited to work on your projects, listen and pay attention to you and be committed to giving you the quality service you pay for. Without this relationship, you cannot work well with any service.

At Daily Posts, we provide open lines of communication through Skype, by phone, by email, and through our virtual office video conferencing systems.

What do I need from a copywriting service?

Are you looking for a creative copywriter that can create the taglines, headlines and adverts that will get your brand noticed? Do you need marketing copywriting that will directly touch your customers through emails, product descriptions and so much more? Do you need a copywriter that has an understanding of SEO and can work on your content to make it search engine friendly? Are you looking to get some technical information out there without boring your readers? Are you looking for a service to revamp your micro-copy? Whatever it is you need, you need to clearly identify it and spell it out as it will be key in helping you produce effective briefs, and work with a service effectively.

How transparent is this service site?

You need to know what you are getting if you sign up for an account with a site. What exactly is the package you are being offered? What services can you get from it and are the services in line with your needs? Does the package suit your business niche? You might be looking to get legal copy written but find that the topics are beyond the research abilities and technical prowess of the writers working for the service. How easy is it for you to track and review the content being created?

Can they work within your budget? Price is always important. You need to get the best value content possible for your money. You will probably also need a service that offers different levels of content be it an SEO copy, an authority content on LinkedIn or a magazine content.

Have they worked for someone you know?

Good old word-of-mouth referrals never go out of style. If a friend or colleague referred you to the copywriter, they are likely genuine. A referral from a trusted or verifiable source is worth more than a dozen unknown commendations online. Therefore, in the course of searching for a reputable copywriting site for your writing projects, prioritise referrals from known and reliable people like your business allies, colleagues or friends.

How good is their sample copy?

Here is a relatively unknown fact: Studies have shown that 74% of web users pay attention to the quality of spelling and grammar on websites while 59% of them will avoid doing business with a company that made obvious spelling or grammar errors. Incredible, right?

Now that you know this, before you commit to a copywriting site, request for sample copies of work they have done for former clients. If they do not agree to give you sample copies, do not hire them. You have to know the quality of the service you are getting. If they do, carefully peruse their content.

As you go over their copy, appraise its structure, the tone in which the copy is written and if it matches the brand, if they make minor errors like using British English and American English interchangeably, and major errors like grammatical mistakes. The quality of their work should vouch for their competence and if you find their work to be inferior, you do not have to commit to them.

Why You Should Use a Writing Agency

A good writing agency can be a one-stop shop for all your copy needs. With agencies like Daily Posts, you can get content written for you across every sector and in any niche. At Daily Posts, we have a solid combination of skills, procedures, training and recruitment. We have spent the last 5 years growing steadily whilst we develop processes that work.

Our copywriting agency takes the burden of managing writers off you and provides you with a scalable content production team. The agency will manage the entire process of getting your copy to you, ensuring you are getting high quality and relevant content.

Here are more reasons to get a copywriting agency rather than write it yourself:

Speedy delivery: In the hands of an amateur, copywriting can be a long and tedious task. If the work you’re doing is time-conscious, professional writers such as copywriters can produce the content you want in a much shorter time, allowing you to concentrate on other things.

Credible and bias-free content: Of course, we know your product or service is excellent, but it would sound like you were tooting your own horn should you write it. You may in your enthusiasm oversell your product or paint it to be too good to be true. Having an outsider, preferably, a professional copywriter write your copy gives it a fresh perspective and explains it from a reader’s point of view. A copywriter has the benefit of not being associated with your product or company. This makes it easier for them to develop an honest sales copy for a customer since they have no bias.

Guaranteed results: When you work with a seasoned copywriting site, you are assured of seeing results. There is a significant difference between a copy written by a professional copywriter and that written by a random person. Your business will definitely not remain the same after you work with a reputable copywriting agency like Daily Posts.

Why Daily Posts?

Daily Posts is a writing company with clients and staff all over the world. We are a new kind of writing company, bringing a virtual office and a great team together. We focus on training our staff and ensuring that our teams have the knowledge and skills to complete your content jobs. We are extremely selective in the people that we bring on board. We have over 250 applications for every one that we take on.

Still in doubt as to why we would make a great fit? Here are more reasons:

We do it all

Our copywriters are highly skilled, experienced, quality focused writers. The Daily Posts copywriting service provides blog posts, website copy, press releases, email/newsletter content, reviews, technical guides, guest posts, and landing pages.

Higher conversion rate

Our copywriters focus on conversion in the content they create for you. They study and understand your target audience and with that knowledge create content that addresses their specific needs and desires in a way that appeals to them. Working with our copywriters is a sure way to increase your conversion rates and help you generate more customers out of your website visitors.

Well-versed in different fields

Every Daily Posts’ copywriter can write in multiple styles and can produce different types of content. Each writer works across different sectors, so they will bring the knowledge they have acquired in their numerous tasks to make your copy better. Our large-salaried team provides you with access to a vast pool of subject matter experts. We also have freelancers, whom we call upon for specialist projects.

SEO-rich content

Our copywriters create search engine friendly content. If you have a website that is not performing well in the search engines, our content analysts can put in place plans for greater search engine exposure. The higher your search engine rankings, the easier it is to build your brand and convert prospects into customers.

Easy and convenient process

It only takes two minutes to set up an account with Daily Posts. After you have signed up, our team will verify and activate your account; you can then submit a copy order. Your account has a dashboard from which you can work and interact with us. You can track and review the content being produced, make payments, request edits, and have a text or video conversation with your account manager.

We have made the process of ordering your content very simple and convenient; you can use any of our 13 briefing templates to explain to us the exact content you need, or you can bulk upload requirements from an excel file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge by the hour?

No, we don’t. Rather, we have a package plan in place for our clients which is conducive for their varying budgets and writing demands. We do not want you to lose out so we keep our copywriting services rates transparent and simple.

How long will it take before I have my copy?

We try to deliver our orders as quickly as possible. Daily Posts is a copywriting agency which means that we have a group of skilled writers who can take up your work and start the outline immediately. Despite this, the length of time may vary depending on the magnitude of your project and how much research it requires to make sure it is a top-notch copy. As we do not like to prioritise speed over quality, we may take a little time to write, re-write, edit and deliver these types of copy.

Is it a one-man work?

No. At Daily Posts, we have a team of seasoned copywriters who work in different fields and are still versatile enough to handle diverse business copies. We have hundreds of highly skilled copywriters in our employ and also some freelance copywriters on our payroll for special cases.

They all passed through rigorous tests and training to become the top content writers and copywriters in the business and they can deliver any copy at any time.

Can you do SEO?

Yes, we are quite adept at SEO and use it for most of our web-based copies. We incorporate keywords into our copies in a way that is organic and we employ a lot of SEO-friendly strategies, leading to our clients’ web pages ranking high in search engine searches.

Choosing a copywriting service site is totally about you and what you need. Sign up to become a Daily Posts client today so we can give your business the boost it needs to grow. Call us on 02380 970979 let us get started.

What are Copywriting Sites?

Copywriting sites are copywriting agencies.

There is a growing number around the world and one common denominator is their use of the internet as a primary outlet.

They offer the same basic service of copywriting.

 Some are, however, more streamlined in their operations than others.

 The best copywriting websites typically go for the best talent wherever they are.

Business is dynamic and for brands looking to enhance profits, brand reputation, and authority, Daily Posts is a partner worth having.

The writer team at Daily Posts is full of seasoned professionals.

Distributed globally, they are available to work on your projects at all times no matter how complex your brief is.

Types of Copywriting Sites

Copywriting sites can be generic, taking on varied projects.

Others specify their specialisation or niche.

 Typical niches include:

  • Financial services copywriting
  • Education copywriting
  • IT and technical copywriting
  • B2B copywriting
  • Sports copywriting
  • Travel copywriting
  • Digital marketing copywriting
  • Healthcare and medical copywriting
  • Fashion and lifestyle copywriting
  • Food copywriting
  • Retail and e-commerce copywriting
  • Recruitment copywriting

Whether you are in the US, UK, New Zealand, or Australia, Daily Posts has writers with competence in any area of copywriting. You can get started today by signing up here or calling 02380 970979.

What makes a great copywriting site?

A great copywriting site must be able to provide massive quantities of excellent-quality copy in little time.

Daily Posts has personnel that can produce excellent copy, giving companies and individuals the opportunity to focus on other areas of their businesses while giving them a marketing edge in their industry.

A great copywriting site’s work will positively impact traffic, increase sales, enhance conversions, and optimise your website.

This only happens with engaging and compelling content.

 In terms of the copy itself, it must be:

  • easily readable
  • structured with sentences, paragraphs, and subheadings that can be scanned
  • devoid of difficult jargon
  • replete with good grammar


Copy produced by a great copywriting site should engage readers enough to make them buyers.

Great services should not cost an arm and a leg. Great prices for great value should remain the mantra of copywriting sites.

Daily Posts can offer you such service as guest posts, blog articles, press releases, landing pages, SEO copywriting, among others.

You can get started by signing up here or calling 02380 970979.


Facts about copywriting sites

  • 90% of marketers use custom content to generate leads and sales.
  • 25% of the average marketing budget is dedicated to custom content.
  • Among senior marketers, 69% allocate their digital marketing funds to website content, development and performance optimisation.
  • 60% of senior marketers stated that they plan to increase their budgets to implement growth tactics via blogs, online articles, forums, and email marketing campaigns.
  • 56% of B2B marketers with no strategy are creating more content than they did 12 months ago.
  • 58% of marketers use search engine marketing, making it the most-used paid method of promoting and distributing content.
  • Most B2B marketers bemoan a lack of credible content professionals and copywriters to deliver on their brand goals.


Can you write for my sector?

Our writers are trained to write for different sectors and they do so excellently.

We also have specialist writers who handle project types in industries ranging from finance and healthcare to travel, education, and lifestyle.

I have different versions of my site for different regions. Can your writers handle that?

Our writers are professionals who work from different parts of the world. Your project will get the first-class touch it deserves.

If you want premium quality content that connects with your target audience in your brand voice, you can talk to us at Daily Posts on  02380 970979 or sign up here today.

If you are here, then you already know the importance of getting a good copy but are probably wondering how to find the best place to get a good copy. How do you identify a good copywriter in a market dominated by amateurs, and article writers? How do you know which writing company is the best one for your needs, or if you should even partner with a writing company in the first place? There are many websites out there that provide copywriting services, how do you choose one? 

Setup Your Account

Which Copywriting Service Site is Best for You?

When looking for a copywriting site or service, look beyond the big promises and find writing professionals that aim to understand your business and your content strategy. Comprehensive research into your audience profile is a must, but the truth is not many companies will take even this basic step.

At Daily Posts, we get closer to your audience so that your content speaks directly to them. Our expert copywriters know what to say and how to say it to have your customers eating out of your hands and struggling to get a piece of whatever business or service you are selling. Over the years, we have delivered remarkably outstanding copies to help our various clients with their businesses.

We have worked with different industries ranging from investment banking to real estate, and the educational sector. We believe strongly in the power of research and dedicate a significant part of our writing process to gaining insight into news and trends in your industry. Contact us today; let us help you grow your business through quality copywriting.

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