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Copywriting Services Rates

Understanding the Rates

We are going to level with you; it is hard to place a definite figure on copywriting service rates because most copywriters or copywriting companies do not openly advertise their prices. You may not be able to find the exact rates online but you can at least understand how copywriters and copywriting companies generate their prices.

Copywriting rates are typically fixed as hourly, word, day, job/copy, per 100 words and page rates. You could also get a fixed monthly retainer fee for large and regular volumes of copy. There is a huge amount of time involved in creating successful and fascinating copy so don’t be discouraged by the prices. One thing we can promise you is that at Daily Posts, no matter your budget, you can have copy written and delivered to you.

Monthly retainer

The monthly retainer is best used when there is a large volume of content to produce and the work is going to last for a long period or is ongoing. It works well for the copywriter who gets a regular income and for the client who can get as much work as possible done by the copywriter within the specified time frame.

The per-word rate

The ‘per-word’ rate simply means if your content is 576 and the rate is 1 pound per word, you will be billed 576 pounds for copy. Sometimes the price per word reduces if the client is ordering a large word volume.

The hundred or thousand word bundle rate

With the ‘100 words rate’, you are billed for every one hundred words of content you get and this will help you in planning your budget.

The hourly rate

The hourly rate means that you will pay the copywriter for every hour of work spent on your project. The estimated number of hours it will take to complete the job should have been stated before work commences.

The daily rate

The daily rate is similar to the hourly rate. In this you will pay the copywriter for every day spent working on your content. This is more suitable for large projects.

The per-copy rate

The ‘per-job/copy’ rate is a fixed amount attached to the whole content of the piece you are going to get. If you are giving the copywriter 5 jobs, you will know how much your entire bill will be, using the cost for one job as your baseline.

The per page rate

The ‘per page’ rate usually is used for website copy and works well with websites that have many pages. However, some pages could take more effort than other pages and some may be lengthier than others.

Factors That Determine or Affect the Rates of Copywriting Services

In most cases, your copywriting needs directly influence how much you will be charged. Look at it this way, when you buy ice cream, if you want plain old vanilla flavour with no additives, you pay less. However, when you order for strawberry, coffee and rum flavour with all the sprinklings, you definitely pay for more, though on the upside, you are getting one super amazing ice cream. Likewise, if you want plain old copywriting with no additives, you pay less but when you have other needs, pricing is going to be on the higher end of the spectrum.

There are a number of things that affect how much copywriting service rates go for. They include:

Type of copy needed

The type of copy you want greatly determines how much it will cost. Every copy is not the same. Some types of copy are more difficult to craft than others. For example, you could pay 50 pounds for a page of quality magazine copy and pay 30 pounds for a page of outreach post. When it comes to web-based copy, the amount charged for writing landing pages and direct response mail is quite different.

Therefore, do not feel cheated if a friend pays less than you did for copy of say 2000 words in a copywriting agency. Chances are they were totally different types of copy.

SEO copy

Generally, if copy is going to be optimised for search engines, the rates are likely to be higher. This is because copywriting agencies take out time to do keyword research using keyword tools in order to find out what keywords they should use for your copy. If they have access to your analytics, they can target topics based on the popularity of your past web pages in order to find out which is best suited for your new copy.

When writing SEO copy, the copywriter has to find out:

Everything about your intended market

  • Which keywords to use

  • Whether your intended market actually searches for your products and services, using those same keywords

  • Whether the keyword would be impossible to rank either because it is too popular, or rarely ever used.

  • Which keywords your website is ranking for at the moment

  • Which keywords your competition is ranking for

  • Which keywords have a higher and more tested and trusted rate of conversion

  • If your site has technical glitches that affect its SEO strategies

All these have to be taken into consideration before your copy can be properly optimised for search engines and this is obviously more challenging than just writing copy which does not require SEO, like print copies. Therefore, copy which needs to be optimised ends up costing more.


Even though some copywriting agencies offer this as a bonus, if you want to have the copywriter publish your work directly on your website and handle the posting and the promotion, you may have to cough up an extra sum of money.

Research involved

The more research your copy needs the higher it will cost you. It is good for your business to have content that is up to date and relevant at all times. Some types of copy need a lot of research information while others need less intense research.

Quality needed

The quality of content differs just as content types differ greatly. A blog post and a press release have different quality levels that are appropriate for them. If you want a piece that includes authority links and expert opinions, it would be of higher quality than the one that is just plain information. In addition, quality also has to do with grammar and structure. A copywriter that can provide you quality on this end is likely to charge more than the one that cannot.

Time frame of delivery

If you need your work urgently, be ready to pay the price involved. The shorter the time frame for the delivery of your pieces, the more stressful it is for content to be generated.

Copywriter’s experience

Sometimes, an experienced copywriter charges you the same thing a less experienced copywriter will charge for the same job. It may be that the more experienced one can produce the content without much effort as compared with the less experienced. Generally, the higher the experience of the copywriter or copywriting agency, the higher the cost.

Daily Posts’ Rates

At Daily Posts, our copywriting rates are all about you; we seek to make things convenient for you. We want you to get the best copywriting service rates. We work with our client’s budget and always deliver great content no matter the budget size.

Now here’s the shocker; we charge from 2 pounds to up to 15 pounds for every 100 words. Incredible, right? We know!

Our clients are in control of the entire pricing process because it is dependent on their budgets and they can choose the type of content that fits their budgets. All of them have so far been pleased with our pricing as they are able to get that fine balance between their budget and quality content.

The truth is you can probably find someone on the Internet who would charge a lower price for their copywriting services. However, how genuine are they? Do you know their clients? Do not rush when you see lower copywriting rates dangling before you. Though you may want to save some bucks, it is more important you get a professional and equally successful copy. Check out the track record of the freelancer or agency so as to avoid disappointments or simply Sign up to Daily Posts to enjoy great rates.

Getting copywriting services should not become a headache. To get high-quality content at rates convenient for you, set up an account with us. It will not take you more than a couple of minutes to get this done. It is a simple and straightforward process which you can access here. Our customer support system reviews, verifies and activates your account. Upon activation you can login to place, review and receive orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you charge by the hour?

We have a package plan in place for our clients, which is conducive for their varying budgets and writing demands. We do not want our clients to lose out or feel cheated so we keep our copywriting service rates transparent and simple.

Why should I pay so much just for you to write something?

At Daily Posts, we not only write, we organise your business in a way that incites action. So in essence, you are not only paying for the writing but for the promotional and advertising skills which we guarantee will generate a return. Consider it a partnership and a business investment which will pay off in due course.

How do we communicate if we are not in the same country?

We are in the digital age where distance is no barrier to quality service. Most of our clients reside in different countries and it has never posed a barrier. Once you sign up with us, we communicate via emails, phone calls and Skype till your project is fully completed. Our clients are based in different parts of the world, including the UK, USA, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia.

Is it a one-man work?

No. At Daily Posts, we have a team of seasoned copywriters who work in different fields and are still versatile enough to handle diverse business copy. We have hundreds of highly skilled copywriters in our employ who passed through rigorous tests and training to become the top content writers and copywriters in the business, and they can deliver any copy at any time.

Can you do SEO?

Yes, we are adept at SEO and use it for most of our work. We incorporate keywords into our copy in a way that is organic and we employ a lot of SEO-friendly strategies leading to our clients’ web pages ranking high in search engine searches.

From your account, you can communicate with us as well as review the work being done on your content. Besides reaching out to us through your dashboard, you might need to get in touch with us urgently. You can call us on 02380 970979

It is the goal of every business to see its marketing efforts translate to a proportional increase in conversions and sales. As a copywriting agency, it is our aim to makethat dream a reality.

We make copy that thrives in any marketand achieves good return on investment. What probably makes us the ideal choice for your copywriting requirements is that the value we provide matcheswhat is paid, or perhaps even more.

You can trust us the same way scores of satisfied customers have trusted us to make blogs, landing pages, guest posts, press releases, and so on.

Our rates and the value we bring to the table

What would you like us to do for you? Is it SEO copy, or web content? We are ready to deliver nothing short of quality.

Our rates:

For SEO copywriting: Did you know you can get your web pages to rank high in search engines and increase visibility on the internet by using optimised content? We can do that for you at a cheap price of $0.02 per word.

For excellent web content: Irregular blog posts can reduce the relevance of your blog, let us help you keep your content flowing. Our web content includes guest posts, landing pages, and press releases. Our best writers will be at your beck and call for just $0.03 per word.

For premium content: So, you want a well-researched content of premium quality. That would cost $0.05 per word.

For special project content: We produce advert, micro-copy and technical documents. You give us the green light and we'll get you results for just $0.08 per word.

How our copywriting services rates stand out

At DailyPosts, we are all about making our clients happy and that means making copy that sells your products.

Some more reasons why we are your best pick:

More value for a fair price: We believe in adding value, because that's what makes all the difference, and we do it at affordable rates. You won't have to break the bank to get great copy, we have got you covered.

Better than freelance or doing it yourself: On the one hand, freelance copywriters will charge you higher than we do, and you can't really be sure of the quality they produce.

On the other hand, choosing to do it yourself is daunting considering you have other aspects of your business that require your attention as well. Leave it to us to handle it for you.

Testimonials say it all: You will find these on our website, people showing appreciation for the great work we've done. They have experiences they can't help but share, we hope you will be next in line to share yours soon. Start by signing up now.

Facts about our copywriting services

The following are what we do for our clients as part of our copywriting services:

Provide you with a virtual office: From the moment you choose us you get a virtual office from where you can communicate with us. We receive these in real-time and get experienced copywriters working tomeetyour deadlines. You can also use this tool to share any concerns or feedback.

You get priority status: We have a policy here at DailyPosts to give top-notch customer service, and that includes prioritising every client. It doesn't matter if you want SEO copy or a special content, we give our best service to all.

The majority of our customers are satisfied: We believe in making lasting impressions, good ones that improve the businesses of our clients. Little wonderthey are more than willing to drop testimonials about the great work we do.

Frequently asked questions

Why use our copywriting services?

If you are the type of brand that needs to employ the services of top copywriting agencies, we are an ideal choice. We have what it takes to take your business to the next level.

What should I expect from DailyPosts copywriting services?

Expect the best! We are always on a row to expand the frontiers of copywriting services and place our customers at the top of the food chain. We are driven and committed.

Do I get a refund in case I don't like copy?

Yes, you do, but it is rarely the case for clients to not like our copy.

We can't wait to help you produce marketing copy that will improve your business. Give us a call now on 02380 970979and let’s get started.

If you are reading this page, you are likely a business owner or marketing executive trying to find out what copywriting rates are like so you can get the best rates for your copywriting job. It is difficult to attach a one-size-fits-all price to copywriting, as it covers every sector and has different and unique services and styles attached to it.

Setup Your Account

Getting the Best Copywriting Services Rates

Creating content for copy takes creativity, skill, talent, and effort. How do you put a price on these things? One thing you should know is that good content does not come cheap. The second thing is, there are different types of copywriting services and each comes with a different price package. The amount you are charged for a landing page is different from how much you have to pay for a brochure, a sales letter or a case study.

That is why we compiled a comprehensive outline of Daily Posts’ wide range of best value copywriting services, order process, copy rates and discounts where applicable. Consider this a detailed guideline on deciding and selecting the order type or a combination tailored to your specific business or personal branding needs, while offering you the best values.

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