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DailyPosts is a copywriting agency that puts its clients at the centre of its operations. We have a pricing system that gives clients total control over their content marketing budget. By charging per 100 words, we are able to offer high-quality content and good copywriting service prices for our clients.


DailyPosts UK: Copywriting Services atAffordable Prices

At DailyPosts UK, we are a professional writing agency that provides quality copywriting services at affordable prices to give our clients a competitive edge in their industry.

Do you have problems with site traffic or conversion rates? A professionally written sales page or ad copy can be the difference you need to get good results. We have a talented team of writers with experience in producing creative and compelling content.

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Your brand deserves to be sold with a strong message that connects you to your potential customers. From products description to excellent service delivery, your website needs copy that tells your brand story in a compelling and articulate manner.

DailyPosts copywriters deliver clearly worded content for any type of service you provide. Our clients come from different sectors ranging from corporate to non-corporate ventures. We have written copy for financial institutions, real estate companies, tech magazines, travel businesses and even hairdressing outfits. We have the most prolific set of writers on our team who are passionate about research and content production.

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Professional web copywriting services at competitive prices

Many businesses shy away from professional writing companies because of the impression thatthey are expensive. We don’t doubt that some agencies charge high prices for content that isn’t commensurate in quality. At DailyPosts, we have a fair pricing system that gives you control over your budget. You get quality copywriting services at an affordable price.

Our web copywriting services include web copy, product description, articles for blogs and magazines, case studies, sales pages, press releases and so on. Your business needs the right words to communicate its message to the target audience. A poorly written sales page could lead to a high bounce rate and poor search engine rankings.

As professionals with good knowledge of consumer online behaviour and search engine ranking, we buttress our clients’ messaging with powerful language and SEO friendly keywords. Your website is like a shop window and we make your words the salespersons by making it:

  • Easy to understand
  • Engage readers
  • Overcome their objections
  • Provide answers to customers’ inquiries
  • Convince people about the authenticity of your products
  • Necessitate action to call, buy, signup, or register

The DailyPosts way is about using the best writing techniques to give your business a strong online presence.

SEO-friendly copywriting services at affordable prices

Website copy can enhance your brand’s online visibility by improving its search engine rankings. Google ranks web pages according to high click-through rate, relevant content and the structure of the landing page. With the right content and relevant keywords, we make your website a hot spot for visiting customers and potential leads.

We write ad copy that matches the landing page they link to, so customers are given the exact services they searched for. As more people click-through your landing page, Google algorithms (and other major search engines) recognise the popularity and boost its ranking the next time your site comes up in a search query.

Landing pages with quality content engage web visitors for longer periods, increasing its engagement rate. High engagement rates translate to content relevance and increased SEO relevance. Besides the implications in search, a high number of site visits indicate increased chances of conversion. What’s more, you have access to all these copy services at good rates.

Increased Conversion: Copywriting Services at inexpensive prices

It’s not just enough to record high site visits and engagement rates. Your website must be designed to convert customers too. We use tested words, turn of phrase and your target audiences’ language to compel next level action.

At DailyPosts, we believe every website has a goal. Whether it’s to make them watch a video, signup for a service, download an item or purchase a product, we have experts with persuasive writing skills who can make it happen.

Our business gives great value for money at inexpensive prices for copywriting services. You can create website sales opportunities which translate to return on investment.

Good copy can convert potential leads into sales-ready customers. It can also tilt customer preferences in your favour using the right language. Our copywriters and editors do this without compromising your business personality and tone of voice.

Why hire a professional copywriting service?

Besides our affordable prices, DailyPosts Copywriting services provide additional benefits to your business.

  • Increases brand recognition

Consumer trust is built on brand recognition and familiarity. As your online presence grows so does your authority status. People are more willing to do business with you when your brand has high authority. By supplying your website with a steady flow of quality content, we increase its influence over other service providers.

  • Leverage promotional content

Websites with regular page updates can take advantage of different promotional platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and WordPress to drive its message directly to its audiences. A steady flow of rich content increases its authority across various social networks.

  • Communicate your business professionally

We can help communicate the features and benefits of your business in the best way for your customers. Every service has an angle for connecting with its relevant stakeholders, and at DailyPosts we find that connection for your business. Our content educates, engages and encourages customers to act.

Our copywriting services price system

At DailyPosts, we have a fair pricing system where clients pick the price point they want for their budget. There are a flexible range of options (per 100 words) to choose from. This enables clients to make the most of their content requirements. You pick a price and we assign a copywriter in the same range and niche of the topic.

All our content is original, high-quality and reasonably priced. We assure you total exclusivity for the work we provide.

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