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Copywriting SEO

Daily Posts: SEO Copywriting for Maximum Organic Lead Generation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has experienced many changes over the years. So much so, there are those who believe SEO copywriting no longer matters. Though Google made some major adjustments to its algorithm, the tweaks only served to invalidate black-hat SEO and not SEO itself. This also highlighted quality and gave professionals who mean business the key to online success.

SEO copywriting still matters. There is no doubt about that and it’s more evident as the years go by. Search Engine Optimisation is essential to the success of every website, both new and old. It’s about rising to the top of search results and maintaining that position. It’s about pulling in as much organic traffic as possible to your website.

Consider the fact that over 80% of consumers rely on the internet for information when considering making a purchase. The natural way to glean that information is to probe search engines. Additionally, consider that Google alone processes over 5.5 billion searches every day, and imagine the number of collective searches the other search engines process.

This reveals the immense opportunity that Search Engine Optimisation offers. It improves your website’s visibility to Google’s 5.5 billion daily searches. Daily Posts can help you write and optimise your website copy for better search engine ranking.

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Daily Posts Approach to Crafting an SEO Copywriting Service that Puts Your Website Out There

Daily Posts have a vast pool of professional SEO copywriters. They understand what it takes to stand out from the crowd of websites struggling to attain the #1 position on Google search (for relevant keywords). These copywriters have been rigorously tested, trained and have years of experience delivering quality SEO copies that incite lasting traffic spikes.

To produce your SEO copies, we first identify the SEO techniques that can bring the desired results. Subsequently, we dedicate ample resources to enhancing and executing those techniques.

  • Generate Organic Leads with Daily Posts’ SEO Copywriting

The major focus of SEO copywriting is to help pull organic search engine traffic to your website. This means producing website content using proper SEO strategies, tools and analytics in a bid to place your site at the top spot on search engine results for relevant keywords. Daily Posts has the expertise and resources to help you deliver such content.

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  • Daily Posts Delivers SEO Copies that Engage

SEO copywriting is not all about crafting copies that pull in leads. It’s also about engaging those leads. Better engagement can translate to high conversation rates. Also, when people land on your webpage (from search engines) and linger for a while, your search engine ranking improves. This means that engagement is a sign of credibility and Google is not blind to this.

At Daily Posts, our SEO strategies always involve researching your niche and potential audience to understand what they are interested in and what keywords they use on Google search, in forums, social media and so on. Then we use that information to write and optimise your web content. This ensures that what your website content says is what organic leads from search engines wants to hear.

  • An SEO Copywriting Service with Keyword Integration that Pays Off

Many people think SEO is about stuffing web content with keywords. The truth is that Google doesn’t really care about the number of times keywords appear in your content. Instead, Google focuses on Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI).

LSI is all about incorporating words that are closely related to your keywords, including synonyms. This is how Google can better understand what your webpage is about. Google can then tell that the subject matter of your web content is ceiling ‘fans’ for example, and not entertainment industry ‘fans’.

At Daily Posts, we understand the proper integration of words (related or similar to your keywords) in your SEO copy makes all the difference. Our SEO copywriters will seamlessly implement that integration to give you SEO copies that will pull leads to your site any time people search your keywords or related words on search engines.

In addition, we understand that your brand name is also a keyword – and one for which your site ought to rank #1. That’s why we will also efficiently incorporate that in your SEO copy.

  • SEO Copywriting Service that Assures Quality

Bill Gates once said that content is king. Now Google is saying it too. No matter how well ‘key-worded’ your website copy is, if your content is lacking in quality, then your SEO efforts will inevitably result in failure. This is because Google’s algorithm can change at any time. Every other ranking factor could disappear, but the one thing that stays constant is quality.

The motive behind Google’s algorithm is ‘value delivery’. Google needs to refer search engine users to relevant quality content. The use of keywords and other ranking factors is simply to ensure Google is directing users to the right resource. Therefore, in the end, quality content is the ultimate SEO strategy.

In addition, internet users can discern quality when they stumble upon it. This means that when your website is garnished with quality content, leads from search engines will most likely stay longer on your webpages. They become engaged and may even covert to customers.

Daily Posts understands the importance of quality. That’s why we employ professional SEO copywriters with the training and practical experience needed to produce SEO copies that are fresh and compelling.

Do you want more organic search engine leads? Do you want improved engagement? Do you want better conversion rates? Who doesn’t?

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